How To Become A Great Web Application Developer : Comparison Django Vs Rails

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January 14th, 2019   |   Updated on January 19th, 2019

Today, the Internet plays a big role in our lives. We can do almost everything through the Internet. However, for better functioning of websites, web developers should work hard.

Every day many new websites appear in the open source access. The web development is a very interesting thing that requires using many tools. That is why web developers always search for tools that will simplify the process.

In fact, the Python programming language is the easiest among others. There are different platforms for building websites. You may have heard something about Django and Rails. But still, what is the difference between them?


Django Web Development

Comparison Django Vs Rails

In fact, Django is one of the best frameworks to build websites. That is why it is not going to be a surprise that you have heard a lot about Django web development with Python.

Basically, Python is one of the best ObjectOrientedProgramming languages that have been created and supported by the worldwide community of OpenSourceDevelopers. This programming language is popular due to its simplicity.

In accordance with the python development companies, it is very easy to learn and use.

As for the Django framework, it is very easy and fast. Nowadays, many web developers prefer this framework for building websites. In general, it was elaborated to fasten the work of web developers. So, with the help of it, they can take the app from the concept faster.

Also, this framework helps to avoid possible mistakes. As a result, it makes the Python programming language simpler to grasp and increases the web developers’ productivity.


Rails Web Development

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Speaking about Rails, it is also a good framework for building websites. This framework is realized on Ruby and was elaborated by David Heinemeier Hansson. It also has characteristics of dynamically typed syntax and object oriented programming.

Basically, it corresponds to the model view controller framework that simplifies the usage of xml and json for the data exchange and Javascript/css/html/c++ for the user interface. In any way, Rails is more widespread than Django.

Django Advantages

  • Python is the easiest programming language;
  • The syntax is a bit tighter;
  • Python web developers are more widespread and are easier to hire;
  • It has a small number of idiosyncrasies;
  • It involves batteries;
  • This framework is faster;
  • Your projects will pass simpler and faster;
  • It is one of the best tools for building websites;
  • It is easier to understand the code;
  • There are stronger middleware layers out of the box;
  • It has good security and authentication options;
  • It is more powerful.


Django Disadvantages

  • It can be overkill for little projects;
  • It isn’t asynchronous by the default;
  • This framework has a monolithic structure;
  • The update moves very slow;
  • All the parts get unfold together.


Rails Advantages

  • It can spin up new projects faster;
  • Ruby is the most flexible programming language among others;
  • It is easier to unfold;
  • It requires writing fewer codes;
  • It seems to be simpler.


Rails Disadvantages

  • It is not too hard to make a technical debt;
  • It has lesser options;
  • It is very flexible (you can reach the goal in many ways, but still, it can take much time);
  • There is too much unnecessary code;
  • It can take much time to pass new projects to the new team;
  • There can be various hardships due to the big amount of code and sometimes it is too hard to figure out the problem.


Actually, both frameworks are very effective and widespread all across the world. Both of them are flexible and have unique features. Web development is a rather deep sphere.

So, both Django and Rails platforms can be better and useful in different cases. However, Django seems to be easier in most cases. But still, it fits only for Python programming language. Some web developers prefer other languages and that is why they think that Rails platform is better.

In any way, both of them have positive and negative sides. So, you should choose the most suitable for your project.