5 Reasons You Should Definitely Consider Dating A Vaper

Vaping Is Not As Harmless

February 20th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Vaping is a rising trend that everyone is adopting, especially the youth. Besides being considered healthier to conventional cigarette smoking, vaping is also pretty cool.

Vaping Is Not As Harmless

With its popularity growing by the day, you might just wonder what dating a vapor feels like. Interestingly vapers, are the best to date. Some of the reasons you should definitely consider dating a vaper include:


1. No Worry About Odor

One of the greatest downsides of cigars is the odor. Smokers usually have a strong body odor and bad breath. With vapers however, this is nothing to worry about. Vaping juice like Cuttwood Unicorn Milk is typically made of a small percentage of nicotine and considerable amounts of flavors. Rather than the smell of smoke therefore, all you get is a sweet aromatic scent of both herbs and flavor included in the vaping juice. There is also no combustion involved in vaping which reflects on the soft and clean hands. Kissing your date is thus as exciting as it could ever be.

2. They Are Health Conscious

Nothing is as comforting as knowing you are dating a health-conscious person. With them, you know that both your health interests are a priority. Unlike smoking, vaping is known to be healthy. There are hardly any long-term health complications that result from vaping. A person that is brave and concerned enough to opt for a healthier option is certainly a catch. They understand their purpose and need to stay alive and healthy longer. It is easier to enjoy fun and healthy activities with someone who takes measures to ensure that they stay in good shape.

3. They Are Confident

Vaping Vs Smoking

Despite its popularity, vaping is considered by some people to be an alternative for people that are too weak to handle a good old-fashioned smoke. It therefore takes a lot of courage to actually vape in public. A vaper who is not afraid to indulge in public is someone worth holding on to. The simple fact that they believe vaping is healthy and or cool gives them the courage to do it in public, without fear of judgement. Confidence is attractive, and this is a definite show of it.

4. Trendy

A partner that keeps up to date with trends is a keeper. Vaping is without a doubt one of the newest and most trending industries globally. You are likely to find it very interesting someone that is trendy. There spirit of adventure and courage to take on new things is something you will find very productive in the relationship.

5. They Don’t Leave A Mess

Unlike cigarette smoking, vaping is quite neat as it doesn’t expel ashes. Smoking a lot of cigarettes in a room also leaves smoke stains on the walls and ceiling. With a vaper however, this is nothing to worry about. As there is no combustion involved in vaping, no ashes are given out. The vaper doesn’t even need an ash tray to keep the house clean. The vapor is also neat in the sense that it hardly leaves any stains on the ceilings and walls.

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