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Create Charts And Infographics

Published on April 21st, 2020

The increasingly widespread use of infographics allows us to approach information of the most varied type in a very graphic and schematic way.

They are not only an attractive way to present a topic and enrich any publication, but also a powerful weapon to generate engagements with readers.

For their part, the graphs provide credibility when presenting data and allow them to be shown more visually, facilitating readers’ understanding.

Today we are going to see a web-based tool with which you can easily create your charts and infographics like a real expert, without having to use complex design programs. It is the popular tool, DesignCap Infographic Maker.

Overview Of DesignCap

DesignCap - Create Charts And Infographics

Piktochart is one of the most popular tools when it comes to creating all kinds of infographics, charts, presentations, reports, maps, social media arts, etc.

It allows you to use the unlimited graphic elements, in addition to being able to choose from more than a million images and icons to integrate into them.

Without a doubt, you will be truly amazed when you see how easy it is to create infographics, charts, and interactive maps with this tool.

All you need to do is choose what you need. And click it to add it to your design and do some customization with more clicks.

The Main Features

  • It offers thousands of templates of different types, such as presentations, social media banners, reports, charts, flyers, infographics, etc. You can also make a design start from a blank template.
  • There are more than 1,000,000 HD photos, even if you can upload your own.
  • Like stock photos, it provides millions of icons under its database.
  • There are many other elements like preset text styles, modules, charts, and backgrounds available.
  • You can customize your design flexibly with the handy editing tools at your disposal.
  • It allows you to save it to desktop and its cloud service or share the design anywhere you want.

How Does It Work?

DesignCap meets all your expectations for creating graphic design with its thousands of professional templates and a vast number of other graphics.

Only in three steps, choose a template> edit design> export, you can make a fantastic design according to your needs.

Choose A Template

DesignCap Create Charts And Infographics

All the design templates are classified very fine, and there are categories and sub-categories to allow you to choose templates more quickly according to your needs.

Like the wide usage of charts, you can see the sub-categories such as bar, column, pie, line, map, table, etc. Surely, you are able to find one to your liking.

Personalize Your Design

Personalize your design

After you click into the template, you can replace the default graphics with others using the stock photos or upload your own.

Then you can crop, rotate, resize the photo, apply photo effect, change the opacity, brightness, and other properties.

When adding charts into your design, you can import data directly from file formats like XLS, XLSX, and CSV.

In terms of the text object, users have the option to adjust the text size, color, alignment, style, spacing, etc. You opt to get a quick adjustment by using the hundreds of preset text styles.

In addition to graphics and texts, you are free to group/ ungroup any elements and adjust their layers and positions.

You can also duplicate or delete any object to meet your needs. For the presentation design, you can play it for the full screen in the app.

Export Your Creation

When you have finished the beautiful image, click “Download” in the upper right corner and change the file name and select the format (JPG / PNG / PDF) and size (small / medium / large / XL), to save it on your computer.

And you can save a presentation as PPTX format as well. This is very useful for workers and students who have PPT reports or various business needs! Keeping the design as a project is also accessible in DesignCap.


After reading the article, you can now create great graphics using DesignCap and make use of fantastic infographics, charts, and maps in your articles or to share on your social networks to engage more fans.

If what you need is a little inspiration to start creating your designs from scratch, nothing better than taking a tour of DesignCap’s Template section, where you will find countless examples, which will facilitate this task.