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15 Dating Tips from Bollywood Flicks To Refresh Your Relationship

Dating Tips From Bollywood movies

September 27th, 2017   |   Updated on June 6th, 2020

Bollywood is the Mecca for love and relationships. Now, yes we know they have a knack for getting quite cheesy and exaggeration but if you look closer, they do give you some very simple yet very effective ideas to strengthen your bond with your sweetheart.

These are some really beautiful ways you can refresh your relationship and spend some quality time, and so differently with him/her.

1. Have a gol gappa or any other silly food competition. Try challenging him to fill your mouth with grapes. The one with most number of grape fruit stuffed in mouth will be the winner! Puke and you lose!

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2. Take an afternoon nap, or what they seriously love in Spain… Siesta! It will re-energize you, refresh you and definitely bring you closer… After all you will be the one who heard him snore even in the day time!

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3. Spend some time grooming each other. Sure, why not. You love each other looking hot right? Besides, it’s cute and loving and sexy.


4. Go and explore the nature on your bicycles… Coo together among the early birds and feel both healthy, afresh and loved!


5. Go Fishing. No kidding… Even if you don’t live in a city with a waterside…Check your local tourism spots, there may be a lake / pond where you can actually enjoy fishing. Given you do like the sport…

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6. Mock wrestle. Cutest way to connect. Just look at these adorable(s).


7. Enjoy chai on terrace in peace. ‘Just you, me, two cups chai and Marie…’ Or Parle G. Whatever you may fancy.

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8. Rake your neighborhood for that ultimate plate of butter soaked pav bhaji or moong daal ke pakode and pudine ki chutney! Mmm… enjoy… rain or no rain.

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9. Go to a local fair and spend time on giant wheels and eating cotton candy or exploring a bioscope. May sound down market but it sure can be a lot of fun.


10. Go around the town walking aimlessly and have knick knacks to refresh and have cute little fights over… mangola or barf ka gola…Anyone?


11. Do chores around the house together. Nothing like winning your SO’s heart by helping her. Besides, it gives you more time together, cuts off total time on cleaning and boring stuff and leaves more time for the fun things…


12. Lay a sheet, get a food basket and have a small picnic … just the two of you. It need not be a famous park, we know thullas and uncle-aunties are just on the lookout of a good opportunity to run you over… so be it your terrace. As long as you guys have some peace.

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13. Or cook together at home and have a nice cozy dinner all by yourself… far from the maddening crowd.


14. And if any of you has a penchant for music, what better way to make your loved one feel all tingly with a sweet and melodious love songs!


15. Or just go out for a long long bike ride. Maybe on the beautiful outskirts of the city and feel the fresh air enliven your spirits!