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12 Things To Keep In Mind When Dating A Girl Who is “A Party Freak”

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September 25th, 2017   |   Updated on June 6th, 2020

She is a queer and unique person who definitely has some very different ways of life. When the others tuck themselves into their beds, she revs up her car’s engine to join her league in a night of incessant dance and booze.

So, if your girlfriend is this girl, congratulations, you are already in a world of a party hopper’s crazy, fun and night less days.

Like every relationship, a relationship with a party animal too is full of turns and twists, and often unusual ones too.

You can learn to get accustomed to your girl’s colorful and loud lifestyle the hard way from experience or you can read the following list and help yourself to fit in and make your relationship with her, a success.

1. Keep up the pace with her.

If you are not the party type person and yet she is dating you, she must really like you for your laid back charm. But that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. You must still try to be outgoing for her.


2. Don’t ever be judgemental.

Just because you return home right at 8pm, while she chooses to stay up late partying with her friends, doesn’t imply you are better.

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3. Let her be.

Of course it doesn’t need to be only you trying to fit in her crazy night schedules; she too must make compromises and amendments in her lifestyle for your sake but trying to change her for your own selfishness is not good either.


4. It’s okay if she gets late for your date sometimes.

A party hopper has her calender overstuffed so forgetting your date or getting late for it sometimes is on the menu.

Save yourself the disappointment and headache by checking in with her at least 30 minutes before a date.


5. Learn to take things lightly.

Okay so your serious and sophisticated charm is what’s gotten her hooked on to you but still you should try to loosen up and realize how lucky you are to have such a fun and lively girl by your side.

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6. Don’t be jealous.

It’s stupid, prejudiced and only a total waste of time. Just because she has a bunch of friends dancing with her, is comfortable around opposite sex and shares a laugh or two with them doesn’t make her guilty of cheating on you.

So, give that green face a rest and learn to be more trusting.


7. Give her space.

She is open to have you party hard with her. But there would be times she may just want to be surrounded with her friends and enjoy the night. Respect her feelings.

If you love your space, love to be left alone to sleep, watch tv, read, go hiking or whatever, she’s got that right too.


8. If you got a problem with her, speak up.

Unless she’s a psychic who can read your thoughts, you need to let her know if something’s bothering you, whether it be her calling you in the wee hours of morning and waking you up or leaving her phone anywhere missing your calls all the time.


9. Don’t be embarrassed if she isn’t.

If she pukes on a stranger or sings terrible song in front of the crowd and still enjoys it, be happy for her.

It’s rare to find someone who can laugh at oneself. Don’t feel embarrassed, instead take a cue from her and join the fun.

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10. Take pride in your girl for what she is.

She could be really bad at being punctual but she does has some great skills that are admirable.

Say, breaking ice with strangers like they never were any, organizing top notch parties or her mastery over making your hangover vanish in a jiffy.


11. It’s easy to please her.

A night in a club with her, some mixed tape of great techno music or just a kegerator with chilled beer to enjoy with you… And she’ll be happy.


12. Dates could never be any easier.

She is a party hopper so all you need is to take her to some great pub with fantastic music and food.

But even apart from that you can always give it a thoughtful and personalized touch by taking her on long drive with peppy music to accompany you, discover crowds and new clubs or go to music festivals together.

Also, don’t forget to take her on traditional dates sometimes as well. She’ll appreciate it.