5 Ways To Ensure Employee Retention

Ensure Employee Retention

July 25th, 2022   |   Updated on August 25th, 2022

In a constantly advancing and quick-paced market, it is basic for organizations to comprehend the reason why a few employees shift to other organizations and why a few decide to stay — for the generating output or increasing success rate, but also to hold top ability.

Organizations must focus on understanding what employees prefer, figuring out the monetary effect on the employees, and overseeing and further developing employee retention.

Employee retention is characterized as an organization’s capacity to prevent staff turnover, or the number of individuals who find employment elsewhere in a specific period, either willfully or without their will. Increasing employee retention directly affects business execution and achievement.

For example, an employee who contributes maximum with their hard work and has good market experience and knowledge.

You would not want to let go of such an employee, rather would offer them rewards or increased salary to retain them within your organization.

If they are provided with a payroll higher than you, you might also want to give more than what other organizations are offering for retaining such employees. This is called employee retention.

Although employee retention is truly based upon the talent, experience, knowledge, and something unique that an employee offers to the organization leading to increased success.

Employee retention is not a concept based upon favoritism or nepotism. Employee retention has become a very important concept in the market because nobody wants to lose their precious employees offering them excellent output.

We have enlisted a few ways an HR can ensure quality employee retention to let you retain your precious employees.

1. Flexible Working Hours

With the pandemic lockdown, the old 9-to-5 has become a thing of the past and work-from-home culture is taking over the traditional working culture.

Employees can now choose to be at home and yet work through incorporated telecommunications and online meetings. But, this does not mean that we forget that there is still a work-life balance to be maintained.

Just because an employee is at home does not necessarily mean they can work day and night with short deadlines.

Respecting their hours and time will not only lead to happier and satisfied employees, but it will also make the employees more productive in the hours they give to the job.

Encourage them to take time and make boundaries between their work and their personal life. It gives them a sense of relief that their organization is considering workers’ personal boundaries.

2. Create A Collaborative And Engaging Work Environment

Collaborative learning boosts spirits and pushes employees to work harder. Maintaining a collaborative environment in the workplace will lead to a very productive atmosphere for the whole organization.

If the working environment is engaging in healthy discussions and the team is interactive it naturally makes for a better workflow.

It is essential that your employees feel connected to the team or organization because it is the team they have to work with so it is essential to have harmonious terms with them so they can understand each other better.

This gives employees a sense of belief that their opinions, options, work style, and choices are all valid and appreciated in the workplace, which brings the employees validation.

Creating team-building activities through various team events together generates comfort around the team and work as well which also adds to better collaboration.

And if the employees are happy, comfortable, feel connected to, and appreciated at the workplace they are more likely to retain the space.

3. Offer Personal Development Courses

Monetary benefit matters in employment, but now people seek more than money. They seek and crave growth and development themselves to boost their confidence.

Everyone wants to grow and improve, learn new skills, and undertake as many courses as possible that help them enhance their skills, and develop more capabilities.

And so, employee training and development programs through offline or online learning methods are crucial elements that should be offered by organizations.

When you offer the employees additional training for your employee growth, they feel happy that their organization is going out of its way to help them grow.

We suggest you use online learning methods like learning management systems when conveying training programs or learning content.

An efficient learning management system like Adobe Connect Training helps provide efficient training programs and courses for employees with ease.

These programs can be individually customized for all employees after evaluating their skills so that they can all improve.

This is also a great way to train the employees in role-specific skills that help bring improved performance to the business.

4. Motivate Your Employees

Offering your employees a basic salary and incentives sometimes may not be just enough, employees crave being recognized for achievements and all the hard work.

Many companies offer strategic reward systems to encourage employees to work harder. Sometimes, constant positive feedback, acknowledging hard work, and appreciating the employees for going out of the way brings better motivation to the employees to do even better.

This helps ensure continued employee engagement and brings better acknowledgment to the teams’ talent.

To keep your employees motivated you can offer your employees certain rewards like arranging a trip for your workers, so they can go have a nice vacation and when they return with a restored and fresh mental state, they can restart their work effectively and efficiently.

5. Smooth Onboarding

Each newly added team member struggles a bit to get comfortable with the organization they are going to be working with. New employees have certain expectations of the organization and many questions.

Your onboarding cycle ought to show new employees about the gig as well as about the organization’s culture and how they can contribute to its flourishment.

Try not to hold back on this basic initial step. The training and support you give from the very beginning, whether face-to-face or online, can establish the vibe for your workspace.

A smooth onboarding plan (and here is a sample onboarding plan) ensures that all the questions of your new employees are answered and they believe they have made a fine choice by joining this organization.

Since onboarding is the first relationship-building stage between any organization and a new employee, ensuring it goes smoothly motivates employees to do their best.


Employee retention is an important aspect irrespective of whether you look at it from a moral perspective or a cost perspective.

Retaining your employees will make your employees feel good and confident about themselves and the organization, making them believe they should work to bring the best to the organization.

If you look at employee retention from a cost perspective, employee retention can save you money. It doesn’t matter whether you hire one person or a group of people, it is going to cost you the same amount of money and effort going through all the procedures. Hence, you must maintain a healthy environment to retain your employees.

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