External Hard Drive Recovery: Why Mac Is The Best Operating System For You To Lost Data

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Published on November 12th, 2018

Corrupted data recovery, both in Windows and in Mac, is becoming a staple in this age. People have developed the skills and the tools to extract lost data from both operating systems, making it a good thing for people whose data are missing thanks to a broken or a corrupted hard drive.

While the more intricate things of the data recovery are still amiss in the minds of the common folks, the basics are easily digestible. All you got to do is to click on a prompt of a data recovery program and the algorithm and the codes will do its things for you. No matter if you are using Mac or Windows, the processes are all the same.

Is Deleted Data Gone For Good

It is a bit easier for you to recover data in your Mac than Windows, however, hence the title of this article. Sure, the two of them got the same programs, the same process, and the same result, but Mac got a bit of an edge when it comes to external hard drive recovery. Today’s article will talk about those edges that Mac got in comparison to Windows. Without further wasting any more of your time, here is the first edge Mac has:

Mac got a nice built-in program called Time Machine


Mac users will surely know about this program called Time Machine. This program is definitely the program that will help Mac users in recovering their lost data.

Basically, this program can create a sort of an ‘image’ of your computer the moment you use it. This ‘image’ will then be a backup if you ever found yourself losing some of your data to corruption or to accidental deletion. With it’s easy to use interface, Time Machine is surely a program that every Mac user should love to have. Should also be the first thing that Mac owners use when they first boot their Mac-based computers.

Time Machine, however, cannot do anything if your hard drive is broken. Say that you accidentally spilt your Arabica coffee on your external hard drive when you are using it. There is a chance that your hard drive will be short-circuited, and it would not turn on again. If that is the case, then nothing short of visiting a drive reparation shop can save the data contained within the broken hard disk.


Apple’s policy on programs


While this does not have a direct effect on your effort to recover files from external hard drives, this can definitely be a big help for a Mac data recovery process. You see, Apple is not the kind of company that Microsoft is. While Microsoft is an open company, allowing many app developers to create applications for their Windows, Apple is a bit tight with their application policy.

To have your applications be available to download for Apple devices, your app needs to undergo several testing’s before it can even be considered for the App Store. Only after the higher-ups at Apple decide that your app is good that your application will be released on their store.

You know what this means? Because Apple will only allow the best programs to enter the store, this would mean that every app you downloaded off the store will only be the most compatible app for Mac. This, obviously, includes all the best data recovery programs available for Mac.

Because of that very reason, finding a good program or application for Mac data recovery is significantly easier than when you are looking for a data recovery program in Windows. You should not also worry about getting any virus because the app store is the safest place to download your things.


Overally, Mac has the easiest operating system in the world

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The MacOS is specifically designed to be the easiest operating system in the world. Everything is readily available at your convenience and you do not need to do a whole bunch of stuff to get things working with Mac. Unlike Windows (or, even worse, Linux), a computer running a MacOS will be very convenient for the users.

All of the programs are easily usable and many MacOS programs are not a RAM-hogger, meaning you do not need to have an awesome setup if you are planning to use MacOS.

People said that if the operating system is easy to use, its extension (the programs) will be easy to use as well. Nothing proves this better than recovering files from external hard drives in Mac.

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All of the programs are tried and tested by the professionals at Apple, and all of the programs are designed to give the best customer experience ever. Some people call the MacOS a fool’s OS, but there was nothing foolish with wanting to have things the easy way, right?

Those three are the reasons why recovering lost data in Mac is easier than recovering data in Windows or Linux. Be mindful, however, that MacOS based gadgets are not an all-good gadget to have. Everything in the world got its merits and drawbacks, and this here is just one of MacOS’ good things.