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18 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

Last Minute Diy Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

June 14th, 2018   |   Updated on October 26th, 2020

With Father’s Day just around the corner. As a reminder, it’s coming up this Sunday, June 17!

Buying your dad a gift is challenging task. Maybe, your dad already has everything he needs, and is so hard to shop for! We think, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve pulled together all those last-minute Father’s Day gifts on Amazon for every type of father.

Still, there’s just enough time to get in these 18 last-minute Father’s Day gifts!


1. Baby Saddle Shoulder Strap System

Survive a day at the amusement park without killing your back from carrying junior everywhere with the baby saddle shoulder strap system. This supporting system provides a comfortable spot for your offspring to relax and enjoy the view while your hands remain free.

Product Review: We LOVE this carrier. My daughter goes up and down often as we hike. Yes, it’s designed best for a flat chest. But for us it’s perfect. It allows my daughter to be comfortable and my husband to go hands free. My daughter often falls asleep up there when she gets so comfy. Get One…Price is $92


2. Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

In the show Man vs. Wild, Bear is put in extreme situations with little tools to survive the wilderness except his survival skills. You, however, are not Bear Grylls, so come prepared with this ultimate survival kit that includes everything you’ll need if things go south.

Product Review: Of all the survival kits I’ve had, this one is my favorite! What can I say…its a Gerber Bear Grylls!! The tool quality is much better than most, and the kit is pretty complete. I like the clear zip bag it comes in, very easy to see what you want and very accessible, offering some protection from the elements.. I like Gerber products and this one doesn’t disappoint. Available Here…Price is $44.90


3.Beer Spinning Chilling Tool

Warm beer sucks. So get your beer cooler than a polar bear’s toe nail with the beer spinning chilling tool. This innovative device spins the can at high speeds and uses convection to rapidly cool down your disgusting warm beer in under a minute.

Product Review:This this is beyond awesome. It works great, and it gives you a cold drink in a short amount of time. It is a cool thing to talk about or bring to a BBQ where ice is limited. If you like to hang out outside on hot days, you should own this. Batteries last a long time and both longnecks and cans work in the fitted top. Caution: do not use on an open can/bottle. Get One…Price is $29.99


4. No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

Quit straining your neck when you backup your car with this rear view mirror that has no blind spots. This panoramic mirror is designed to give you a complete view of your rear surroundings, and makes a great gift idea for people who drive for a living.

Product Review:I drive a 2012 Honda Odyssey; it’s a long car. I am able to see through the windows of the 2nd and 3rd rows of seats, and of coruse, the actual rear “lid” window – no more blind spots. Insallation is quick. The mirrow has an excellent spring-loaded system and easily snaps in place and does not cover any important buttons or sensors on the car’s original mirror. The mirror gives a sharp picture; and while it is very wide, it looks natural and attractive. Get One…Price is $49.95


5. iPhone Leather Book Case

The BookBook iPhone leather book case is a stylish two in one iPhone cover and wallet that perfectly stores your phone, credit cards, ID, and small bills. Made from genuine leather, this iPhone case makes a cool gift for iPhone users who like organization.

Product Review:I get so many compliments on this little case. It is very cute. I love that it has the clear area for photo ID as well as three more slots. That’s difficult to find! I have transitioned from carrying a purse to carrying this as my phone and wallet. It is fantastic! Available Here…Price is $33.33


6. Diamond-Cut Scotch Whiskey Glasses

Bring an air of elegance to happy hour by serving your favorite whiskies in these diamond-cut Scotch whiskey glasses. These old fashioned styled glasses are machine crafted to perfection and come in a stunning red box with a silver crest embossed on the front.

Product Review:The glasses (2 sets) came in the mail and I was surprised when I found that each set comes in their own fancy box. The boxes are great for storage or just setting on a shelf and look great and open and close with magnets so they will last a long time. The glasses are sturdy and have a good weight. Not too heavy and not too light. The design is my favorite part. With your drink of choice and the right lighting, they just come alive with color and sparkle. Available Here…Price is $24.99

7. Manly Diaper Bag

diaper Bag



With the manly diaper bag at your disposal, you can take care of your your baby while on the go without losing any man points. This masculine diaper bad looks just like a tool belt and features a multitude of conveniently placed pockets to assist you with your little rugrat.

Product Review:*update* my husband threw a fit about me purchasing a separate baby bag for him. We nearly got into an argument until he actually saw it. He smiled and sighed, “okay, okay, I like it” ???? It’s not at all what a man expects when you say you’re going to get him a baby bag. He was set on just using a Walmart bag! I can definitely say this bag is journeyman roofer and husband approved. Get One…Price is $53.55


8. Bartending Tools Kit

Equip your home bar to handle any request that comes your way with the bartending tools kit. Comprised of 13 separate stainless steel pieces, you’ll have everything necessary to whip up complex and exotic cocktails just like the pros.

Product Review:This is an outstanding novice bartending kit. Before I bought this kit, the most complicated cocktail I had ever made was a whiskey and coke. This was largely because, a) I had never been interested in making mixed drinks, and b) I lacked the tools to make them if I was so inclined. After purchasing this extremely cheap kit, I started practicing making a variety of drinks, and thanks to the help of this kit, mastered a number of them. This kit can easily handle drinks like the amaretto sour (uses egg whites) to Mai Tais (minus the mint). Get One…Price is $24.89


9. Multi-Tool Collar Stays

Start dressing like the dapper international man of mystery you always envisioned being by accenting your formal wear with the multi-tool collar stays. These titanium stays fit all types of shirt spreads and come equipped with a multitude of useful tools.

Product Review:20150323 – The advertised pictures clearly show encarved rulers. However, the two pairs I’ve just received do not have any marks on them. The material is sturdy and light. They are even in a nice metal case looking like a business card holder. But I am very disappointed that I don’t see the ruler feature that I was looking forward to use often. Vender Exuvius! Make this right and earn your five stars!!! Available Here…Price is $45


10. Flexible Flashlight

Tackle a wide variety of jobs with this flexible flashlight that can be adjusted to provide adequate lighting in countless environments or situations. The flexible flashlight – known as the Gorillatorch – features magnetic feet and flexing legs, so it can be setup anywhere.

Product Review:I just received the Gorillatorch and have been testing it. In the short time I have tested it, I have found it to be an excellent idea with a good implementation.Available Here…Price is $29.99


11. The Bed Fan

If you’re constantly uncovering yourself from the bed sheets because you can’t maintain a cool temperature then you need a bed fan. This bed fan will quietly disperse hot air under the sheets and keep you cool all night long so you can get a good night’s rest.

Product Review:I bought this for my father who is a hot sleeper… on a temperpedic bed… in Leeward side, Hawaii. Yes, the combination of the 3 is not ideal. My dad is like me, in the fact that I like to sleep with covers on me, even if I’m hot. Paying the higher cost of electricity to run the a/c, or having the fan blowing at your face and arms isn’t the answer. Available Here…Price is $79.99


12. Smartphone Heads Up Display System

Improve your driving experience by ushering your vehicle into the digital age with the smartphone heads up display system. This revolutionary accessory fits discreetly on the dashboard and works with almost any smartphone to provide real time driving information.

Product Review: i saw this product advertised on Fancy which is an app that follows trendy and new products. I thought this would be an awesome product. Everything was packaged really nicely and was really easy to set up. I had a hard time getting the base to stick to my dash board, but with a little persistence I ended up getting it to work. I have an android and found that my older model phone didn’t connect well with the apps that Hudway Glass works with. Get One…Price is $49.00


13. Modular Shower Station

Introduce some order to the mess that is your bathroom with the modular shower station. This station is the ultimate in bathroom accessories, it boasts a sturdy rust-proof metal frame, four sets of shelves, and hangs conveniently from the shower head.

Product Review: We purchased this shower caddy to replace an older one that had gotten a little gross looking, and which had the typical design that hangs directly below the shower head. I wanted something that would leave that space clear in order to hook up an automatic shower cleaner (you know the one I mean). This works perfectly for that, but it’s also just overall a great piece.  Get One…Price is $62.88


14. Motorized Tie Rack

tie rack


Keep every tie in your vast collection perfectly organized and always at hand with the motorized tie rack. This tie rack takes up minimal space in the closet yet has the capacity to organize up to 72 ties and 8 belts which you can control with a simple 2 button system.

Product Review:I bought this as a gift but was a little concerned about some of the negative reviews regarding installation. The recipient LOVES it since he was only looking to replace the tie rack (also made by Sharper Image) that he had already gotten many excellent years of use out of. Available Here…Price is $49.99

15. Whiskey Stones


Say goodbye to watered down cocktails once and for all by cooling them with the whiskey stones. By adding a couple of these stones to your drink, you’ll be able to keep it icy cold for long periods of time without having to worry about constantly refilling with ice.

Product Review:What a great gift idea! I got these as a present and at first I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say they are not only a great conversation starter but useful as well! I use them for my coffee and boy do they get hot! I nearly burned myself the first time I used them but it was worth it. I was very suprised it kept the coffee as hot as it did for as long as it did. My husband likes them to keep his cocktails cold. Easy to through in the freezer and have them ready for company. Highly recommend for someone who likes to host. Available Here…Price is $24.50


16. Carbon Fiber Wallet

Keep your cash and ID safe from the outside world by placing them in the RFID blocking carbon fiber wallet. The introduction of CF-Lex technology allows carbon fiber to be bent and reformed into this sleek and ultra durable wallet that is three times stronger than steel.

Product Review:It is well constructed, attractive and very cool…but it is stiff and the pockets are too tight for typical card sizes and don’t look to be a type of material that will stretch over time. So I can only effectively use two of the three pockets on each side or it is choc-a-block and hard to get any one of them out. I may end up switching back to my leather wallet because of this issue. So, all-in-all, I got a decent product at a great price (I got it when it was on sale) but wish the interior design was less rough and tight and more stretchy and forgiving. The one good thing out of this…I am carrying a lot less in my wallet now! Available Here…Price is $85.00


17. Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar

This carbon fiber acoustic electric guitar delivers premium sound whether you’re rocking onstage or jamming in the park. This versatile instrument features a durable carbon fiber body that is complemented by a mahogany and rosewood neck.

Product Review:Wife got this for my Christmas present and love it. Small but the carbon fiber body projects great. Workmanship looks excellent. Came perfectly packed, popped it together, tuned it up and haven’t put it down except to play with my other guitars. Breaks down easily and fits in a overhead carry on. Love the fact it is US made. I would describe the tone as bright. I have no negatives what so ever! Available Here…Price is $731.65


18. Carbon Fiber MacBook Air Skin

Safeguard your precious laptop against scratches by encasing it in the carbon fiber MacBook Air skin. This top quality vinyl skin features a convenient bubble-free application and comes with a simulated weave that resembles the look and feel of actual carbon fiber.

Product Review:This is a great quality skin. It fit my 13″ macbook air perfectly. It doesn’t go all the way to the edges but it looks and feels great. Alignment was pretty easy for the most part. The bottom piece was the most difficult. It took about 20-30 minutes to install with no tools or heat source required. Available Here…Price is $49.99