How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs In 2021

Freelance Writing Jobs

February 18th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

These days we are ruled by the internet age where there are millions of people who are earning by freelance writing jobs online. And the best part about remote freelance writing jobs is that you can choose which type of project you want.

It can be either a writing job or managing an E-commerce website or designing something for the website or paid research or even affiliate marketing. Freelance writing jobs online is a digital economy in itself and it is bigger and bigger every day.

As per a publication in Forbes, there are 57 million Americans who are a part of remote freelance writing jobs.

The number of people working from home is increasing day by day. And there is a much better increase in number of people who are looking for freelancing jobs for a living.

There are millions of freelance writing jobs online and thus more and more people are entering into this industry time and again. While every business house is struggling to survive, they are looking to make it big every day.

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Let’s have a look at some of the best freelance writing jobs online :

1. Social Media Groups/Communities


Twitter and Facebook are known as the perfect place where you can meet and interact with new people.

But gradually, this is emerging as the platform where you can meet new freelancers and clients and earn some money by doing some freelance writing job for beginners.

2. Direct Pitching to website paying writers

There are a number of freelance writing jobs online and you can find the same through Google or Pinterest. This is a one-off contract where you deliver quality work and then get paid accordingly.

3. LinkedIn Freelance jobs

There are a number of LinkedIn freelance jobs as well and you can check that too. You would be amazed to know that here they pay you quite good. And this is like a side earning which you can do along with your regular job.

4. Cold Pitching

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This is somewhat interesting and challenging as well. Here you might have a database ready and then you need to call each and every client and convince the person on the phone to land you up with some freelance writing jobs online.

5. Check Out Job Boards

This is quite regular and sturdy as well. Here there are regular job boards where you can get the information of freelance writing jobs online and on the basis of your requirements you can apply for the job.

This is more like responding to job ads about your writing profiles.

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

6. Referral By Friend, Relatives Or Workmates

Another best way to find a writing job is through referrals. This is one of the best ways to earn money by doing some freelance writing jobs online for beginners.

Since you work in the trusted circles, there is more opportunity to learn, understand and also earn money.

7. Find Jobs Through Your Website


This is one of the sure shot ways of landing an online job opportunity. This is more appropriate for an affiliate kind of an environment.

Here a number of E-commerce stores might be of great help to you because they are looking for freelancers who can market their job as well.

8. Free Guest Posts

There are a number of websites who keep looking for free guest posts. Here you will get the exposure and thus you can earn good amount of money easily. You will also be able to showcase your skills here as well.

And you know an important part here is that even if you are writing for free, then also the kind of exposure you get will help you land with some freelance writing jobs online.

9. Find Gigs Through Networking

even networking can help you a lot in finding jobs online. There are millions of freelancers who are looking to share ideas and the work load too.

Also, there are people who has a number of freelance assignments but they don’t have time in the world. And this is the perfect way to start with freelance writing jobs for beginners.

10. Check Out Freelance Marketplaces

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Here there are millions of job postings every other day. And thus there are even many clients who are looking to collaborate with you on everyday basis.

You can see the job posting here and thus what you must be looking at which profile or the job opening suits you. Start applying and earn some freelance writing jobs online.

Since there are number of freelance writing jobs online, thus keep looking for the best one which will suit your profile. This can be an easy and good way of earning some money online and that too at your own home.

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