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Best Smart Fitness Mirrors To Turn Your Home Gym Into A High-Quality Fitness Studio

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May 27th, 2021   |   Updated on October 8th, 2022

We have rounded up the best smart fitness mirrors which can be mounted to the wall or are equipped with their own stand. You can not only access a fitness trainer by turning on these mirrors but some of them can also be used to stream workout classes. All these mirrors help see every move of yours while you are working out.

1. Tonal

Tonal gives you the tools for your most effective workout. Tonal’s workouts are designed to help you achieve optimal results, every time you workout. With more than 170 moves, 200 pounds of resistance, and a range of full-body exercises, you’ll be surprised how quickly you hit your goals.

Whether you’re looking to bulk up, get lean, or anything in between, Tonal has expert-led programs to help you realize and achieve your goals. Our coaches will guide you to being your strongest and most confident self — one rep at a time.

Tonal has 17 sensors that analyze and correct your form, to save you from injuries and make sure you’re always getting the optimum workout.

2. Echelon – Reflect 50″

Take your fitness regimen to the next level with this 50-inch Echelon Reflect touch screen and fitness training system. The Optical Flow technology delivers interactive workout sessions and real-time instructions from expert trainers, while the integrated Heart-Track technology accurately captures your heartbeat. This Echelon Reflect touch screen and fitness training system tracks your personal stats to let you work on areas for improvement.

It is a zero-footprint, smart mirror display that, when idle, looks like a normal decorative mirror. When activated, it transforms into an interactive training system that redefines what it means to get in shape from the comfort of your own home.

  • Live and on-demand workouts: Choose from hundreds of classes in the on-demand library, as well as join one of the many live classes filmed and streamed from the Echelon Studio daily.
  • Reflect app: Offers various types of workouts, such as yoga, pilates, cardio, strength, boxing, zumba, and live, one-on-one classes.
  • Optical Flow technology: Using Optical Flow technology, there’s no guessing about what you need to do. Reflect’s trainers provide real-time instruction so you can get the most out of your workout.
  • Heart-Track technology system: Shows your precise heart rate encouraging you to perform at your best even as your instructor turns up the heat. You will see real-time, personalized statistics on your heart rate, calories burned, abilities, goals and more.

Train competitively with members of Reflect’s community: Working out is always more fun with friends and family, and Reflect allows you to train with community to enhance your experience. It lets you work out the way you want, whenever you want, for the individualized experience.

3. Tempo

Meet your 24/7 personal trainer. 3D sensors capture every nuance of your movements as you work out. Then AI-powered feedback guides you to correct and improve your form—in real-time, right on your Tempo screen, making your workouts safer and more efficient.

The Tempo Studio’s freestanding design maintains a small footprint without complicated installation or holes in your walls. When you’re done working out, your weights and barbells store neatly away on the Studio itself, while clever accessories like the squat rack and bench fold to keep a low profile.

4. Nordic Track

Open the door and discover Vault, a premier home gym that intimately pairs iFit interactive training with innovative reflective technology.

Vault’s crisp 61.5” oversized mirror provides immediate visual feedback, allowing you to match the form of your iFit* trainer for a better workout.

Vault not only stores custom training accessories but also a wide variety of iFit* workouts such as strength training, HIIT, and yoga. And they’re all led by iFit trainers on the 32” Smart HD Touchscreen.

Behind the 61.5” mirror lies more than 400 square inches of touchscreen. Now navigating the iFit library, choosing workouts, and accessing reflective training are at your fingertips.

5. ProForm Vue

Stream an ever-growing variety of fitness classes straight into your home and get a full workout without having to go out. The Vue lets you check your form as it brings you professional on-demand classes from HIIT to yoga, each led by a certified iFit trainer and delivered to you on a crystal-clear 22” HD touchscreen.

Watch your iFit trainer on our largest viewing experience yet. A vertical 22” high-definition touchscreen is perfectly embedded into the Vue and becomes seemingly invisible when turned off, leaving a beautifully clean reflective surface.

Swipe through to the training that fits you and select it with the press of a button. The Vue lets you stream an unlimited library of on-demand iFit workouts so you can attend fitness classes inside your home anytime you want.

6. The Studio By Forme Life

The Studio is a best-in-class body and mind studio that doubles as an elegant full-length mirror.

Content: Library of yoga, barre, pilates, meditation, dance, body weight + free weight strength training.


  • Premium non-slip mat
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Microfiber towel
  • Screen camera covers
  • Screen wall-mount
  • Screen wall-mounting hardware

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