7 Ways Of Promoting Your Fitness Business After The Pandemic

Promoting Your Fitness Business

July 14th, 2020   |   Updated on October 8th, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has affected most businesses around the world, and the fitness business is no exception.

Most of the non-essential businesses such as cinemas, gyms, and leisure centres were ordered to close during the lockdown, meaning some of the customers may have lost their interest in the activities.

Now that countries are slowly reopening, fitness businesses must come up with new ways to attract their customers back to avoid falling out of business.

One way of keeping the customers engaged while still at home is by embracing more digital and virtual training through online platforms and apps. Let’s see some of the ways you can promote your business during this pandemic time.

7 Ways Of Promoting Your Fitness Business

1. Social Media Marketing

The use of social media has turned out to be one of the most effective marketing strategies in recent years. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have millions of users who frequently visit to connect with friends.

Here you can promote your fitness website or through a dance class booking software. You can find potential clients in fitness groups or use fitness hashtag on Instagram.

2. Corporate Offers

If your gym is large enough, you can come up with an offer for a group of people who sign up for your fitness sessions at once. Such an offer will make it easier to approach corporates and convince them to invest in a fitness program for their staff.

Many companies will see this as an opportunity to improve their employee’s welfare as it will reduce the boredom of working in the office the whole day. Ensure that you illustrate how the company will benefit from such a program.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, most consumers start their search online before they settle on the best seller or service provider.

Search engine optimization is an effective way to tap these potential customers and send them to your website. You can use tools such as Google trends to identify the best keywords for your content.

SEO will help you attract local fitness enthusiasts to both your online classes and gym lessons. The secret here is to look for keywords that your potential customers would be searching and to place them in your articles naturally.

4. Make Use Of The Available Data

Fitness businesses must come up with ways to encourage the use of their fitness software and online classes, as most users may not be willing to attend physical classes for fear of the coronavirus.

Online classes with an online booking system can attract people who would wish to continue with their fitness lessons at home, but you must.

Fitness business with Fitness management software and scheduling software like gymcatch can make use of the available data to effectively reach out to their customers. Individual instructors can make use of fitness instructor software to keep their clients engaged.

5. Video Content Marketing

With internet users increasing their video content consumption, it is the best time to promote your fitness business using short videos.

You can come up with a creative video about how your gym is operating differently to avoid the spread of the coronavirus during fitness sessions.

Make use of platforms such as Facebook lives to show your potential clients what is going on in both your physical and online fitness sessions during the pandemic.

6. Collaborate With Related Businesses

Some of the fitness-related businesses such as fitness equipment stores are now at their peak as people look for equipment to help them work out at home.

You can collaborate with such businesses to help you advertise your online lessons in both their online and physical stores.

You can also negotiate for deals that mutually benefit both businesses like discounts for online lessons registration for customers who purchase their fitness equipment at that store.

7. Referral Programs

The best marketers of your business are satisfied customers. Your clients can recommend their friends and family if they feel that you have done whatever it takes to keep your fitness sessions coronavirus free.

If you have an online fitness program, you can come up with a way to reward the clients who refer their friends and family members to your sessions. Rewards can be discounts in registration fees for both the client and the new client.

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