20 Great List Of Health Resources For Learning About Health And Fitness

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November 3rd, 2018   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Previously, to learn about fitness, one had to do one of these; either attend a fitness training institution or hire a private instructor.

With the advent of the world wide web now the internet is full of wellness information that can be accessed freely.

Many sites are in existence with multiple being atrocious, notwithstanding there are competent sites that offer timely and cultured information on wholeness.

20 Great List of Health Resources Websites Worth Visiting

Bayesian Bodybuilding

Here are twenty great list of health resources you should consider visiting today

1. Bayesian Bodybuilding

Founded by Menno Henselmanns a statistician and bodybuilding coach, it is Considered one of the best sites. Bayesian bodybuilding offers the best bodybuilding and nutritional resource online established on clear, accurate findings.

2. Roman Fitness Systems

Combining many factors, the founder John “Roman” Romaniello brings together cutting-edge bioscience, comic book references, and exciting fitness reading material.

3. 12 Minute Athlete

For short workouts that can be done outside of a gym setting, you may want to go for this website and mobile sister app, The 12-minute athlete. Created by former gym teacher Krista Stryker, it offers many short body weight and minimal equipment use.

4. The Regimen

Mike Vacanti provides many life skills on fat loss and overall motivation.

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5. Syatt Fitness Systems

For advice on how to be lean and strong by babel training, you can log on to this website created by strength coach and power weightlifter Jordan Syatt.

6. Summer Tomato

To some women trying to follow a specific diet can lead to anxiety and eating disorders, this site by neuroscientist Darya Rose gives advice based on mindful eating as opposed to following strict diets and exercise.

7. Bach Performance

For an all-around experience visit Eric Bach’s site. He is one of the best coaches for muscle gain, fat loss, and athletic performance.

8. Girls Gone Strong

The site offers women of different caliber solutions for health and strength. Seven strength coaches give the lessons.

9. Fat Burning Man

Based on short forms of exercise and paleo-ish diet, the site owner Abel James was able to lose 20 pounds in 40 days, using a podcast, he gives interviews to some of the best health experts and fitness coaches.

10. Muscle For Life

Mike Mathews, a bodybuilder, coach men and women to have great bodies by employing basic training techniques which include; lift weights 3-5 times a week, proper diet, allow enough time for rest and recovery.

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11. Fit Bottom Girls

This site caters for the modest woman who wants to strike a balance in her life while at the same time remaining healthy. It is garnered towards reducing gym time ensuring long working hours enough time raising kids and eating sumptuously.

12. Strength Sensei

This site belongs to the famous strength coach Charles Poliquin who gives solutions on a range of topics like insulin detection, secretion boost, undulating loading and supplement dispensation.

13. The Four Hour Workweek Podcast

On this platform health and gainful coach, Tim Ferris highlights accounts of the worlds most skilled people, it’s not health-based entirely, and many have given accounts along with some who didn’t make it.

14. Look Great Naked

Scientific know-how and actuality are what Muscle improvement guru Brad Schoenfield uses to teach his audience to increase muscle size.

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15. Mark’s Daily Apple

Despite being 63 years old, Mark Sisson displays a physique that rivals most guys in their twenties. He bases these gains on his primordial diet and ways which he aspires to share with 100 million people.

16. Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf was instrumental in my learning about the paleo diet and the theory of leaky gut syndrome. The website remains key to me in the delivery of information on the circadian cycle and digestion.

17. Ketogains

Based on a ketogenic diet that is low on carbs and seeks to ensure fast fat loss while concurrently gaining muscle.


The site occupies an integral part in the fitness outfit giving unbiased composite and breakdown of the scientific analysis on known dietary additives.

19. Masala Body

By consuming appetizing, delectable home-made dishes ex-trade expert Nagina Abdullah was able to get rid of 40ponds in 9 months, Her website coaches the working woman on how to prepare robust dishes that gain from the cholesterol eliminating spice.

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20. Ben Greenfield Fitness

Former triathletes coach Ben Greenfield now puts down some of the fundamental advice on fat loss, do-it-yourself techniques and reversal of cognitive decline.


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