6 Body Fitness Myths Debunked

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June 28th, 2018   |   Updated on October 8th, 2022

In this fast moving world where internet is taking over us we definitely encounter some articles on the web, magazines etc.

which tell us things about body fitness and health that seems to be a miracle and “it won’t be possible” type statements and that’s true as not every article you read tell you truth about your body fitness and good health.

That’s why we have come up with some of the common fitness myths you must have heard or read somewhere right below to make you aware about their truth and increase your information about your fitness for better health in long run.

1. Spot Training Is Best For Weight Loss

Fitness Myths About Debunked

Spot training means focusing on just one body part to get rid of extra fat from that part but when you work out to reduce fat and get in shape it doesn’t work like spot training.

First you tend to lose weight from across the body and then you can spot train to get in shape like doing lot of crunches won’t reduce fat from stomach but will make your ab muscles toned and powerful.

To lose weight you need to do cardio and wear best waist trainer for unwanted fat reduction from your waist and to get in shape you can spot train for some desirable results.

2. Aerobics Is Best Solution For Weight Loss

Fitness Myths About Debunked

Aerobics is good for body workout but it burns less calories than you anticipate it to burn. Your body production of fat burning enzymes gets reduced but it becomes much more efficient for workout as overall body endurance increases.

To get more benefits you do little aerobics for warm up and then do interval training workout to get best benefits for weight loss.

3. You Get Obese With Age

Fitness Myths About Debunked

No it doesn’t happen if you keep up your body active due to which your metabolism remains active and prevents to accumulate unwanted body fat.

So always do exercises and eat healthy food in young and old age with proper lifestyle choices to prevent obesity from your life.

4. Training Without Food Can Get You Good Results

Fitness Myths About Debunked

No without food you can’t do anything, you need to eat healthy food daily to get good results while on training for better body fitness.

Good nutrient rich food act as a fuel to body and without any fuel you won’t be able to work out and get the desired results. To make your muscles stronger you need to eat protein and carbs rich diet daily.

5. Excess Workout Is Better For Fast Results

Fitness Myths About Debunked

Too much of anything is harmful for our body so when you try to over train and work for long hours without any breaks you will start having joint pains, insomnia, leg cramps, and muscles soreness across the body.

So keep the workout session condensed with regular breaks in them for effective workout and good results.

6. Body Building Programs Are Good For Fat Loss

Fitness Myths About Debunked

Body building programs are made to train your muscles to become fit and chiselled which is why they are only meant for body builders and won’t be of any use for your weight loss until you are on some kind of weight loss pills etc. which is not recommended at all.

So keep away from these and go for normal regular exercise routine with junk free diet over long period of time to see some great results.

You can wear waist trimmer belts if you really won’t to lose weight without any intense workout sessions as it works even with low impact workout to get rid of extra body fat.

Hope you like our small collection fitness myths and their truth shared above to provide you with right knowledge to take your fitness to next level with proper diet and exercise. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family to help them get aware about these myths too.

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