20 Fundamental Elements Of Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships

December 8th, 2020   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Making a proper balance between the heart and the mind has always been tough. There could be many reasons why we fall in love with someone.

It may be good looks, physical attraction, charm, presence of mind etc. In the beginning, you don’t have any problems in moving forward, as you are captivated by those first feelings.

However, one thing you should never forget is that being in a relationship is much more than just having fun. Here we have listed 20 fundamental elements of healthy relationships.

1. Love And Commitment To Marriage

2. Intimacy


3. ¾ Cup Of Honesty


4. A Sprinkle Of Romance

5. Two Tablespoons Of Forgiveness

6. One Cup Of True Love

7. The Zest Of Loyalty

8. Patience

9. Physical Chemistry

10. Understanding In A Loving Relationship

11. Positive Eye Contact

12. Attention

13. Effective Communication

14. Successful Conflict Resolution And Fair Fighting

15. Three Teaspoons Of Laughter

16. Medium-to-high Heat For A Lifetime

17. Communication

18. Personal Space

19. Humor

20. Friendship And Enjoying Each Other, Spending Time Together