The 100 Funniest Christmas Puns Of All Time

The 100 Funniest Christmas Puns of All Time1

Published on November 26th, 2019

Christmas is the most pun-derful time of the year. There’s just so much material to work with, from toy making elves to flying reindeer to a certain chimney-traversing fat man.

Looking for the perfect Christmas puns to help make your holiday cards stand apart from the rest? If so, we’re here to help. Along with the right Christmas card wording, the following puns are a great way to spread the holiday cheer.

We’ve made a list of some of our favorite jokes below. And they’re guaranteed to sleigh it. Just pick your favorite below or use them as inspiration when creating your own Christmas cards.

1. She Has High Elf-Esteem.


2. How Rude-Olf Of You.


3. What Do You Call Santa When He Accidentally Falls In A Fireplace? Krisp Kringle.


4. You’re My Soul Santa.


5. Time To Spruce Things Up.


6. It Takes One To Snow One.


7. Birch, Please.


8. Why Do People Assume Sheep Hate Christmas? They Always Say Bah Humbug.


9. Don’t Be Elfish.


10. Fir Sure.


11. Elves Are Always Defending The Shape Of Their Ears. They Make Some Good Points.

Elves Are Always Defending The Shape Of Their Ears

12. Hold On For Deer Life.


13. When In Doubt, Wear An Ugly Sweater.


14. Sleigh My Name, Sleigh My Name.


15. Why Does Rudolph The Reindeer Constantly Interrupt People? He’s Rude-Olph.


16. What Do You Call Someone Who Is Afraid Of Santa? Claus-Trophobic.


17. Up To Snow Good.


18. Icy What You Did There.


19. How Does Santa Capture Christmas Memories? His North Pole-Oroid.


20.Why Was The Candy Cane So Expensive? It Was In Mint Condition.


21. Did You Hear About The Group Of Reindeer Who Got Into Trouble? Yeah, I Herd.

Yeah, I Herd.

22. Hope You Have A Purr-Fect Holiday Season!


23.Your Presents Is Requested.


24. You Snow The Drill.


25. What Is Snoop Dog’s Favorite Part Of The Holiday Season? The Rapping Paper.

26. Why Was The Candy Cane So Expensive? It Was In Mint Condition.

It Was In Mint Condition.

27. Why Does Santa Spend All Summer Gardening? so He Can Ho-ho-ho.


28. What Do Baby Elfs Learn In Kindergarten At The North Pole? the Elf-abet.


29. All I Want For Christmas Is Ewe.


30. Why Did The Elf Hoard All The Christmas Presents? he Was Elfish.


31. Make It Rein.

Make It Rein

32. You Sleigh Me.


33. If You Don’t Like My Christmas Puns, You’re Rude-Olph.


34.It’s Snow Joke.


35. What Do You Give A Depressed Elf? An Elf-Help Book.


36. What Kind Of Music Do Elves Love The Most? Wrap.


37. What Did Adam Say On The Very First Christmas? It’s Christmas, Eve.


38. I’m Claus-Trophobic.


39. You’re Sleigh-In’ It.


40. Yule Be Sorry.


41. Don We Now Our Ugly Sweaters.

Don We Now Our Ugly Sweaters

42. Why Does Everyone Love Frosty The Snowman? He’s Cool.


43. That Look Soots You.


44. What Did Santa Say To Mrs. Claus When He Saw Their Christmas Tree? It Looks Okay, But You Could Spruce It Up A Bit.


45. What Is Santa’s Favorite Kind Of Candy? Jolly Ranchers.


46. Snow Thank You.

Snow Thank You

47. Sleigh Queen, Sleigh.


48. Let’s Get Elf-Ed Up.


49. How Do The Elves Clean Santa’s Sleigh On The Day After Christmas? They Use Santa-Tizer!


50. It’s Snow Joke.


51. The Turkey Wasn’t Hungry At Christmas Because He Was Already Stuffed.

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52. What Is The Least Trustworthy Christmas Dessert? Mince Spies.


53. Have Your Elf A Merry Little Christmas.


54. Up To Snow Good.


55. What Does Rudolph Do When Santa Drives Too Fast? Hold On For Deer Life.


56. He’s An Elf-Made Man.


57. I’ll Never Fir-Get.

58. You’re Sleigh-In’ It.


59. It’s The Most Wine-Derful Time Of The Year.


60. All I Want For Christmas Is Mew.


61. He Came, He Thawed, He Conquered.

Beautiful Sounding Elf

62. Feliz Navi-Dog!


63. He Came, He Thawed, He Conquered.


64. How Does Darth Vader Know What Everyone Is Getting For Christmas? He’s Felt Their Presents.


65. Children Who Don’t Learn To Tie Their Shoes Properly Are Bound To Wind Up On The Knotty List.


66. What Should You Do If Your Car Stalls On Christmas Eve? You Get A Mistletow.

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67. It’s The Most Wine-Derful Time Of The Year.


68. Cute Fades But An Ugly Sweater Is Eternal.


69. Snow On And Snow Forth.


70. What’s The Most Popular Breakfast Cereal At The North Pole? Snowflakes.


71. Some People Love Eggnog, While Others Find It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be.

Christmas Songs

72. Someone’s Barking Up The Wrong Christmas Tree.


73. It Takes One To Snow One.


74. Your Presents Is Requested.


75. You Snow The Drill.

76. What Do You Say When You Give Someone A Set Of Spices For Christmas? Season’s Greetings.


77. What Do You Call Someone Who Can’t Stop Thinking About Christmas? Santa-Mental.


78. Why Did The Elf Win The Argument About His Ears? He Had Some Good Points.


79. Let’s Take An Elfie.


80. What Did The English Teacher Call Santa’s Helpers? Subordinate Clauses.


81. Merry Christ-Mouse

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82. Best In Snow.


83. Why Did They Ask The Turkey To Join The Band? He Had The Drum Sticks.


84. You’re Sleigh-in’ It.


85. Why Does Santa Claus Go Down The Chimney On Christmas Eve? Because It Soots Him.


86. Look Out For Santa Paws!


87. What Do Snowmen Eat For Breakfast? Snowflakes.


88. You’re My Soul Santa.


89. What Is Rudolph’s Occupation During The Summer? Pole Dancer.


90. The Snuggle Is Real.


91. What Would You Get If You Ate All The Christmas Tree Decorations? Tinselitis.


92. What’s The Difference Between A Normal Alphabet And The North Pole Alphabet? The North Pole Has No L.


93. Don’t Be Elfish.


94. Shake It Like A Pole-Oriod Picture.


95. Do Christmas Lights Work Over The Holidays? Off And On.


96. I’m Feelin’ Pine


97. I’m Snow Bored


98. I’m Elf-Taught.


99. Love At Frost Sight!


100. What Does Santa Use To Keep From Getting Sick? Santa-Tizer.