Goa During Monsoon : Most Wonderful Greenery

Goa During Monsoon

Published on February 17th, 2023

Monsoons might not seem like the best season to visit Goa, but wait till you know all about it. Yes, for most passionate travellers, this is the best time to visit Goa.

The crowds are lesser, the alcohol is cheaper, and the weather is more pleasant than ever. To top it all, it’s the best time to go swimming around the beautiful greenery and go white water rafting too.

Remember that July might not be the ideal time to visit Goa. This is for those who want to bask in the Sun and go sightseeing for a whole day.

But if you don’t mind staying indoors, enjoying a movie night, or even planning a day out, getting soaked in the rain, monsoons in Goa are to die for. To get in immersive experience, you can book your homestay in Goa near beach around the same time too.

1. The Sao Joao Festival

Monsoons in Goa are famous for the Sao Joao Festival. During this festival, North Goa is brimming with colorful lighting, good music, and positive vibes. The whole city looks like a carnival where Sao Joao pays tribute to Saint John, who was responsible for baptizing Jesus Christ.

During this time, all the youngsters in Goa get drunk and sing ‘Viva San Joao.’ In this festival, young boys and men go from door to door to ask for liquor and fruits.

2. Explore Spice Gardens

If you are a fan of aromatherapy, the Spice plantations are exactly where you need to be this Monsoon season.

Amidst the cool breeze, aromatherapy obtained from all the spices in this garden can be a massive stress reliever.

In fact, you will be compelled to grab the flavors and take them straight to your kitchen to cook your favorite meals.

The spice plantations may be far, hence we recommend that you book your transportation conveniently from your villas in Goa near beach.

3. Enjoy The Beach

Goa is swarmed with beautiful beaches. Candolim, Calangute, Anjuna and Baga beaches are some of the most exotic beaches to visit. During the monsoon season, visiting these beaches cannot get any better. Imagine getting drenched in the rain against a serene beach.

Won’t that be an enlivening experience? It is highly suggested that you book a homestay in Goa near beach to enjoy the waters and the sands to the fullest!

4. Night Clubs And Bars

If you visit Goa during the monsoon season and get lost amidst what to do during this time, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the best bars and nightclubs here without worrying about getting soaked in the rain.

Have the best time of your life among young people, good music, and delicious food at the best nightclubs in Goa. Since this state is loaded with the most famous nightclubs, you are sure to have the best nightlife experience here.

The Bottom Line

If you have booked a private villa in Goa, you can enjoy a serene vacation there as well during the monsoons. But if you do not just want to be in your element, we definitely recommend breaking out into the open and exploring the places we mentioned above.

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