10 Best Google Analytics Alternatives For Business Owners 2019

Google Analytics Alternatives

Published on October 28th, 2019

For your marketing campaign to be successful Google analytics proves to be the guiding force you need.

If you have no idea how users are interacting with the website, you would not be able to eliminate the glitches and bring improvements.

There are more than one reason why Google analytics are preferred by marketers in analyzing their business marketing plan.

However, Google Analytics is not just about everything nice and the fact that Google can have access to all your information can be a reason why people may not prefer it.

For that reason, we have brought together a list of 10 best Google Analytics alternatives for business owners.

You can go through the same and find options that suit your budget and give you the optimal results you require.

1. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you and what they’re interested in.

Leadfeeder is a web app that increases your sales intelligence by integrating your sales and marketing data.

Leadfeeder is packed with many useful features to make lead generation as simple as possible.


  • Leadfeeder offers access to a robust database of contacts for you, as well as our LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration. Now you can start a conversation with less effort.
  • Your hottest leads are automatically placed at the top of your lead list so you know where to focus your attention next.
  • Once you set up Booster, you’ll have more data pushed daily at 12 times per-day! This gives you leads more frequently to work with than ever before.
  • When specific companies visit your website you will be alerted by email which means you can follow up with perfect timing.
  • Once you’ve connected one of our many CRM integrations, or Slack, to your Leadfeeder, sit back as we automatically send new visits to your sales pipeline.
  • Add as many users as you like and use Leadfeeder’s lead management tools together so your company never misses another online lead.
  • Search for any company in Leadfeeder and view their complete browsing history so you get a full picture of what interests them.
  • Create and save all kinds of powerful feeds like companies from a certain country, an AdWords campaign or to a certain web page.

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2. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics focuses on detailed website visitor behavior to help you better understand your customers and leads.

The tool includes social integrations and email campaigns with the ability to personalize emails based on individual visitor and user behavior.

You get data-driven insights with powerful segmentation and precision targeting all in one place, so you can better understand and engage your customers throughout their purchasing journeys.


  • Create dynamic, automated Facebook Audiences with a single click, for better targeting and higher ad ROI.
  • Get channel alerts when someone joins a Population and notify your team when it matters most.
  • Import shopping history, segment customers and follow them from first visit to purchase and beyond—no coding necessary.
  • Deliver behavior-based, automated emails that keep customers engaged every step of the way.
  • Target the right customer segments with beautiful, precise emails for one-off and ongoing campaigns.
  • Measure campaign impact beyond opens and clicks to truly understand what initiatives drive sales.
  • Define and track your key customer segments based on behavior and understand their growth over time.
  • Get curated data and reports about your key segments, so you don’t have to spend time digging for insights.
  • Understand which Populations need attention and launch new initiatives so you always hit your targets.
  • See the entire journey across devices, so you know what customers are doing, what’s working and what’s not.
  • Leverage ready-to-go reports with the analytics and insights you need to make better marketing decisions.
  • Don’t get stuck in the dark—access all your data anytime, without sampling or history limits.
  • Explore the onboarding or implementation services you need to get up and running.
  • Don’t start from scratch–integrate Kissmetrics for eCommerce with the tools you already use.
  • Get all the resources you need to install, implement and make the most of Kissmetrics.

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3. Woopra

Woopra provide you End-to-End customer journey analytics repor. Optimize Every Touchpoint in the Customer Experience.

Analytics to answer any business question. The tool is set up to guide users through the customer journey via data-driven analytics full-funnel attribution, onboarding optimization, feature usage trends, subscription growth, cohort analysis and more.

Know exactly what users are doing across touchpoints to increase acquisition, drive engagement and improve retention.


  • Customer profiles
  • Real-time analytics and data
  • Track all customer activity
  • Website and mobile app data
  • Data from email, help desk and live chat
  • Build customer segments
  • automatic real-time segment updating
  • Create custom reports
  • Funnel reports
  • User retention reports
  • Live KPI dashboards
  • Deliver triggered actions
  • 3rd party app integrations through AppConnect
  • Real-time notifications
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Track new and unidentified web & mobile users
  • Trigger JavaScript or Webhooks actions
  • Integrations with Zendesk, Marketo, Salesforce and many more

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4. Go Squared

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GoSquared tracks visitors on your site and campaign data points in real-time. It can show visitors’ traffic source and what pages they’re viewing. Get the key website metrics you check every day, without the complexity and learning curve of tools like Google Analytics.

With GoSquared, data from your website visitors is anonymised by default, and is only used to provide you with your key website metrics.


  • Real-time web analytics dashboard to answer the question “What’s happening on your website right now?”
  • The world’s most accurate measure of how many people are currently on your website.
  • See how the number of concurrent visitors is changing throughout the day or week, and compare it to a previous timeframe.
  • A beautiful display of the location of each of your visitors in real-time, including a daylight line that adapts throughout the day.
  • Industry-leading visitor engagement metrics to understand how people are reading and using your website.
  • Instantly discover the websites, search engines, and social channels driving visitors to your website right now.
  • See the content that’s performing best based on the number of visitors currently engaged with each of your top pages.
  • Discover how much of your audience is on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device right now.
  • Instantly receive a notification via email and other tools such as Slack when your website is receiving abnormally high levels of traffic.
  • When your website has a drop in traffic, GoSquared can notify you to spot potential downtime and other problems early.
  • Using industry standard campaign URL parameters, GoSquared Analytics shows you how each of your campaigns are performing in real-time.
  • GoSquared Analytics shows you when visitors are referred from a specific Tweet, so you can reach out and engage in the moment.
  • Go beyond the pageviews to see a list of individual visitors currently on your website.
  • View the browsing session for any visitor currently browsing to understand more about how they navigate your website.
  • GoSquared Analytics can look up the IP address of your visitors to give you extra information about the organisations they may be browsing from.
  • See the languages in use by the visitors currently on your website.
  • Understand more about your website visitors with a breakdown of the browsers they’re using to view your website.
  • See the operating systems in use by visitors currently on your website.
  • Prevent the collection of personally identifiable information from your visitors. We believe the best web analytics service should be easy-to-use and helpful for businesses, and respect the privacy of visitors.
  • When you can see the visitors currently on your website, you naturally want to reach out to chat with them. That’s why GoSquared Analytics integrates seamlessly with Live Chat.
  • We work tirelessly to ensure GoSquared Analytics respects the privacy of your visitors, and we’ve been independently accredited as GDPR compliant.
  • Our robust, elegant, and well documented Analytics API enables you to make use of GoSquared Analytics in your own tools and projects.
  • See your web analytics information on any device – from your mobile phone to your big screen TV. GoSquared Analytics looks beautiful across all your devices.

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5. Fox Metrics

FoxMetrics is a marketing and personalization analytics platform that specializes in segmentation.

FoxMetrics collects, enriches and delivers real-time granular data from your website and applications into a data warehouse that you and your team fully control.


  • Collect data from all your digital platforms including your web analytics data from your website.
  • Using the power of SQL you and your data teams will be able to run powerful queries against your raw data in your dedicated warehouse.
  • Your data teams can create custom reports for the non-tech savvy users, so that they may gain insights into the data that is stored in your warehouse.
  • Reports can be created with custom parameters such as date ranges and organized into groups such as by department or team.
  • The data that you send into FoxMetrics can be enriched by adding metadata using several methods that are available to you.
  • Enrichment values can come from derived values, 3rd party vendors or imported data by using data tables.

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6. Mixpanel

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Analyze user behavior across your sites and apps. Then send messages and run experiments from what you learned–all in Mixpanel. Marketing and sales teams use Mixpanel to improve their sales funnel with a mix of A/B testing, event-tracking and user behavior analytics.

Mixpanel helps companies use data to grow their business. Out-of-the-box reports make it easy for teams to build reports that monitor KPIs and go deep in analyzing user behavior, so you can build better campaigns and products.


  • Quickly segment and visualize your data
  • Zoom in on a single user’s profile and activity feed, to understand who they are, and where they’re hitting roadblocks in your product.
  • Understand how groups of users that matter to you differ in terms of behavior, retention, churn, and more so that you can drive them to optimal action.
  • Visualize how users explore your products and websites
  • Identify opportunities to increase conversion rates, by pinpointing where and when users drop off in your product or marketing campaign.
  • See if new users who try your product each day, week, or month are coming back after you add or improve features.
  • Custom Alerts give you peace of mind that you won’t miss any important movement in your metrics, like a sudden drop or spike in your KPI’s.
  • Go beyond analyzing individual user behaviors by grouping data by account, device—or any other way you want to assess your business. Measure account health, calculate the lifetime value of your assets, drive adoption, and more.
  • Keep a pulse on your most important metrics with Mixpanel’s easy-to-build Dashboards. Share them with your team through email digests, and let Mixpanel notify you when your metrics hit a certain number, or change by a certain amount.

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7. Heap

Heap automatically captures every web, mobile, and cloud interaction: clicks, submits, transactions, emails, and more. Retroactively analyze your data without writing code.

Heap auto-captures a complete view of the customer from web, mobile, and 20+ cloud tools: clicks, submits, taps, swipes, emails from Marketo, transactions from Shopify, user fields from Salesforce, and much more.


  • Automatically capture every click, tap, swipe, form change, and more from your website or mobile app without any tracking code. Eliminate the delays in waiting for behavioral data.
  • Eliminate holes in your dataset. Autocapture ensures your underlying data is complete. Every piece of user interaction is retroactive, so you have answers when new questions arise.
  • Capture the complete customer journey with data from 3rd-party apps like Optimizely, Marketo, and Salesforce using our one-click integrations. Or enrich your data with our robust APIs.
  • Avoid developer bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency. Heap automatically captures every interaction from your website or mobile app, with no extra code.
  • Increase reliability by eliminating incomplete, broken, or missing data.
  • Our lightweight mobile SDKs capture every tap, swipe, and screen view across native iOS and Android apps.
  • Retroactively get data on any interaction and never worry about answering new questions.
  • Eliminate gaps in data due to tracking code breaking product changes.
  • Ensure high-quality data and minimal maintenance with a clean underlying schema.
  • Snapshots enable you to codelessly capture relevant data from a page and attach additional context to events.
  • Add context to your events with metadata from your data layer without API calls.
  • Enrich your dataset by adding custom properties without committing to your codebase Attach custom properties to any pageview, as well as all events that occur on that pageview.
  • Enrich user-level properties and event data seamlessly from your database or 3rd-party apps including CRMs, marketing automation tools, A/B testing tools, payment processors, and more.
  • Robust APIs allow you to capture server-side events or attach custom properties to user profiles such as account-level info from your database, demographic info, or other SaaS apps.
  • Seamlessly integrate 3rd-party apps into a user-centric schema with Heap’s identity resolution.

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8. Statcounter

Statcounter provide you how your visitors find your site, where they are located, what content resonates with them and which products or services they are considering is a crucial starting point for that conversation and opens up a wealth of opportunities to attract, engage and convert those anonymous visitors into loyal customers.

Statistically, less than 2% of your website visitors get in touch with you while 98% remain anonymous.

Considering the significant investment you’ve made in building and marketing your website, wouldn’t it be great if you had the opportunity to convert everyone who has shown interest? Identify and track anonymous businesses visiting your site so you can reach out to them before they reach out to your competitors.


  • Track how your key metrics are performing over time by comparing pageviews, sessions, visitors and new visitors for any date range. Spot negative trends so you can react quickly and turn things around and positive trends so you can see the results of your efforts.
  • Monitor how your paid traffic is performing on ad networks such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. Detect click fraud and see how much of your budget is being eaten up by click farms. Monitor and reduce the waste with our Paid Traffic report.
  • Set alerts to be notified when an individual visitor returns to your website so you never have to miss an important visitor again. Chose to be alerted by email or on your mobile device via the Statcounter mobile app.
  • Sync your Google keyword data with Statcounter and unlock the search terms and phrases visitors are using to find your website.
  • Identify the most heavily visited pages, and optimise them for maximum impact by viewing the pages of your website ranked by popularity.
  • See the percentage of your visitors coming from search, referring websites, social media and direct traffic. Drill down further to see individual referring websites and keywords.
  • Get a clear picture of where your visitors are when they browse your website. From Country down to IP Address level, our comprehensive visitor location data maps out your audience.
  • Monitor your visitor’s returning visits, visit lengths and file downloads to see how engaged they are with your website.
  • View aggregate information about your visitors’ browsers, platforms, screen resolutions and operating systems so you can make informed decisions on building and testing your website.
  • See how many times your banner ads and links to other websites are being clicked by your visitors.
  • Visitor Labels enable you to add descriptive information about your visitors to help you track them as they visit, leave, and return to your site. Store notes, business names, customer IDs, and more.
  • Create email reports that deliver basic summary stats so you can quickly see how your site is doing or configure detailed reports that include all of the key metrics you are tracking for your projects. Our mobile-friendly email reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • See the percentage of single page visits broken down by page. Bounce rate shows you where to focus on improving content, speeding up page load time and improving usability.

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9. Matomo

Take back control with Matomo Analytics – a powerful web analytics platform that gives you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

Some of the features include common site analytics, such as goals and campaigns, as well as video and audio analytics, keyword tracking, A/B testing, and online form audits.

You can choose between on-premise hosting for free or a paid Cloud-based subscription service. Matomo has revolutionised what a premium web analytics platform should be where you stay in complete control of your data.


  • Media analytics
  • Content interactions
  • Transitions
  • Row evolution and many more
  • Conversion optimization features (see below)
  • Visitor profiles (see below)
  • Enhanced SEO (see below)
  • Ecommerce
  • Custom reporting
  • Campaign tracking
  • Roll up reporting combine reporting from multiple websites
  • White label bring in your branding across your interface and reports
  • All the standard metrics you’d expect from a quality web analytics tool!

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10. Serpstat

Serpstat provides keywords research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, site audit, and competitors keywords analysis for digital marketers.

Serpstat has tools keyword clustering and text analytics based on artificial intelligence. Serpstat provides an all in one SEO platform that offers a complete solution for all your SEO needs.

Serpstat Includes Five Tools:

  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Site audit
  • Competitor analysis


  • Get a list of proven and profitable keywords that your competitors and niche leaders use to make it to the top positions in search results.
  • Compare your keywords to different performance indicators, such as search volume, cost-per-click, competition level or number of search results.
  • The combined impact of creating high-quality, relevant content and using the appropriate keywords will bump your domain and its particular pages to the top positions in search. Enrich your web content with tested keyword variations to successfully optimize your pages.
  • Don’t miss traffic that you may get from low-volume search queries related to your product or services. Tons of potential customers query low-volume keywords. These keywords are called long-tail keywords, and they drive a significant amount of traffic on the Web.
  • Adapt keywords to target countries. Keyword research is available in all major languages spoken in the countries included in our database.
  • Determine which pages are most relevant to specific search queries. Measure a page’s relevance compared to competing pages. Discover missing keywords you might want to add to your page.
  • Get a better view of any keyword’s popularity. An easy-to-understand graph shows how users’ interest in a keyword has been fluctuating over the last year. Plan your ad campaigns according to seasonality and trends.
  • Serpstat shows a full list of search results for a keyword along with additional data such as: organic keywords, the number of Facebook shares, and the potential traffic score for each individual page.
  • Identify your direct competitors. Serpstat’s proprietary algorithms process data on your competitors and display them on the Competitors Graph.
  • Investigate traffic drops and visibility changes for the domain you are interested in. See if your campaign is going in the right direction
  • The Search Queries section shows every keyword your competitors are ranking for in the top 100 Google search results.
  • Add a domain to the monitored projects in the Dashboard section and get regular email updates on the domain’s rankings. Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of particular optimization efforts.
  • Use advanced filtering to get a much better view of your SEO progress by monitoring your best performing universal search content: images, videos, news, etc.
  • Discover a domain’s most popular and trending pages. Tracks competitors’ posts and discover what content generates the most traffic.
  • Track your domains` and keywords` positions. Get automated email notifications for any change in your keywords` and domains rankings. Immediately know which campaigns are improving and which need your attention.
  • Using diagrams and charts to visualize large amounts of data is an effective way to convey complex concepts in a format that is easy to understand even for users who are inexperienced in digital marketing and analytics.

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