10 Best GPS Tracker For Kids Minus All The Distractions

Best GPS Tracker For Kids 2023

June 1st, 2021   |   Updated on May 9th, 2023

Our pick for the best GPS tracker for kids has the 10 best trackers that will help you stay connected with your little ones all the time. These trackers are minus any distraction camera, internet, social media, and games. Some of these trackers even warn you about your child’s surroundings if they are in danger or in the wrong company.

1. Jiobit (2021) – Smallest Real-Time GPS Location Tracker for Personal Safety

Jiobit is a tiny, long-lasting, real-time GPS tracker for kids, pets, seniors & more. Features next-gen low-power 5G-compatible network & progressive beaconing technology that uses a combination of cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth to track your loved one’s location, inside & outdoors, from anywhere.

  • Next-gen low-power 5G-compatible network with multiple connection methods (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, GPS)
  • Up to 20 day battery life
  • Tiny & lightweight with versatile wearing options for people & pets
  • Waterproof & durable
  • Government-level encryption for maximum privacy & security

The Jiobit app (available on iOS & Android) is designed to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Keep tabs on the location of your loved one with custom geofencing, real-time tracking & alerts, multiple users (perfect for nannies or pet-sitters), SOS alerts, & more

Jiobit is protected by a dedicated security chip & government-level encryption at every touchpoint. Certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program – 1/29/18.

Jiobit is built on a next-gen low-power 5G-compatible network that’s faster & more available in rural & previously low-coverage & dead-zone areas.

2. New Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm)

Apple has added a Family Setup feature to set up and manage the watch for another person. This feature can be used for a child elderly. Second, Apple released the Apple Watch SE. This is far cheaper than its top-end Apple Watch 6 smartwatch.

You can get directions on your iPhone and a tap on your wrist to turn. Track your workout on your watch and your progress over time on iPhone. Together, Apple Watch and iPhone add up to so much more.


Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS, S5 with 64-bit dual-core processor, W3 Apple wireless chip, Barometric altimeter, Capacity 32GB, Optical heart sensor, Electrical heart sensor, Improved accelerometer up to 32 g‑forces, Improved gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, LTPO OLED Always-On Retina display with Force Touch (1000 nits), Digital Crown with haptic feedback, Louder speaker, Ion-X strengthened glass, Sapphire crystal and ceramic back, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Up to 18 hours of battery life, Water resistant 50 meters, watchOS 5.

3. Efolen 4G Smart Watch for Kids

  • It works as regular smart phone . Make and answer the call more smoothly.
  • Parents can send pictures, voice and words to kids in the Setracker 2 App.

Built in GPS make Positioning faster and accurate. Children‘s location can be tracked in the SeTracker 2 app . You can set a safe area in the app, there will be an alarm when the watch leaves out of the safe area.
Pressing the SOS button for 3 seconds in an emergency, they watch will dials 3 numbers cyclically. You can set 3 emergency contact numbers in advance in the Setracker 2 App.

4. AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker

A proven safety device with assistive speakerphone to protect your loved one & give you peace of mind. AngelSense is the only GPS tracking solution that was designed specifically for those with autism to provide:

  • Protection from Wandering & Bullying
  • Increased Levels of Inclusions
  • Greater Independence & Confidence
  • Peace of Mind to Parents & Caregiver
  • Non-Removable Wearing
  • Designed for children with sensory sensitivities, can only be removed with a special parent key


  • School Bus Monitoring: See live tracking map, updated ETA, speed, and detailed history for each and every ride
  • Assistive Speakerphone: Auto-Answer Speakerphone on your child’s device to talk to them during an emergency
  • SOS Call Request: Know right away if your child needs you with the simple & non-intrusive SOS button
  • Emergency Detection Alerts: Get immediate alerts for emergencies: Elopement, unfamiliar places, late arrivals and more.
  • Share Live Location: At a click of a button, temporarily share a real-time map with search & rescue teams.

5. Verizon GizmoWatch 2

GizmoWatch 2 is a kid-friendly smartwatch designed with your child’s safety in mind. GizmoWatch 2 is chock-full of features parents will love, like a GPS locator, reminders and easy-to-use parental controls. This is one smart watch that fosters independence while helping to provide parents a little peace of mind.

It includes interactive features like a step tracker to encourage healthy habits and to-do lists with rewards. Set up to 10 trusted contacts that kids can send voice notes to, call, or text.2 Waterproof3, durable and easy to use, the new GizmoWatch 2 connects to 4G LTE from Verizon, the nation’s most awarded network.

6. Relay Screenless Smartphones

Upon receiving an SOS alert, parents can immediately escalate to call 911. 911 will receive real-time location of your child’s Relay and can send the appropriate emergency services to that location.

GPS: See real-time location and location history from the Relay smartphone app.

GEOFENCING: Set up safe zones on the smartphone app and get notified when your Relay enters and leaves.

SOS: Kids can send emergency alerts from the device and your smartphone is notified immediately. Parents can talk, locate and contact 911 in the event of an emergency.

7. Geozilla GPS Location Tracker for Kids

GeoZilla is the first of its kind location tracking app that works across platforms, to bring together location of your entire family and your valuables within one app. Unlike similar trackers, GeoZilla relies on GPS and global GSM networks, which means it offers worldwide coverage and PRECISE tracking.

Reliable Alerts

Geozilla allows you set up alerts to suit your needs and lifestyle. Create geofencing to notify you when a loved one or pet leaves a designated area. Get notified when your child deviates from their normal school day path. Set-up an SOS button to notify a designated person when you activate it. Feel secure knowing you can find your family when you need to.

Easily track

  • Kids
  • Seniors
  • Dogs and cats
  • Cars
  • Luggage and more

8. KiDSnav

KiDSnav GPS watches for their children have a lot of useful functions, giving the parent peace of mind when their child is out playing.

KiDSnav watches have a lot of additional features, including the ability to press the SOS button, instantly sending a signal to parents, a child’s movement tracking function, and even an integrated phone. You will always be in touch with your children.

The main function of this device should be recognized as a built-in GPS tracker that allows parents to find out the location of their child at any time. This function is useful even if children are close to you – for example, at a train station, at an airport, a shopping center, etc. A child can slip away somewhere at any time, and instead of having to look for him for hours, you can look at the exact location and pick up your child.

This innovative model is a real revolution in the field of parenting. In addition, there is no need to force your child to wear what he does not like.

9. Gator

My Gator is a smart, wearable phone watch and GPS tracker for kids. It has no internet, games or social media, so kids will be more active. A smart way to stay connected. Pre-installed SIM and a Free parental app for iOS and Android devices.

A smart watch minus the distractions of camera, internet, social media and games. The smart way to stay connected.

10. Find My Kids

You’ll receive notifications when your child comes home, goes to school, or visits any set location. You’ll know where they are and won’t have to check it as often.

See the exact history of locations for the day so that you know where they walk and what route they take to school.
When they do not answer your calls or are in bad company. This app will help you hear your child’s surroundings.

If your child is in danger and cannot call you.

You’ll receive their exact location and your child’s phone will begin to record its surroundings.