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5 Ultimate Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

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Published on July 21st, 2018

In today’s world everyone wants to stay fit. Lemon water is one of the best detoxifying agents for our body .It also helps in fastening our body’s metabolism to help us quickly burn that extra chunk of body fat.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Stay tuned to find out some more health benefits of lemon water.

How to intake? In what quantity? It’s health benefits?

We have answer to all your queries and curiosities.

Benefits of Lemon Water

1. Aids in digestion and detoxification

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  • Composition of lemon juice is almost similar to that of the digestive juices present in our digestive system.
  • It makes the liver produce an enzyme known as bile, which helps food in moving through your body and gastrointestinal tract smoothly.
  • Lemon water also helps to relieve indigestion and thus ease an upset stomach.
  • The acid found in lemon juice also encourages your body to process the globules of food more slowly. This implies that the insulin levels remain steady and you get more nutrients out of the foods you consume.
  • Better nutrient absorption leads to reduced bloating.
  • Lemon water aids the enzyme function more properly in your body by stimulating the liver and flushing out all the toxins. Drinking adequate amount of lemon water helps the urinary tract in getting rid of any unwanted element present in our body.


2. Boosts up the vitamin C quotient

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  • It is important to get enough of Vitamin C from the food and drinks that we intake. Thankfully, lemons are full of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production, vital for your immune system to function properly.
  • As an antioxidant, Vitamin C also protects cells from oxidative damage.
  • Getting enough vitamin C helps the immune system keep cold and flu far away. Drinking lemon water daily ensures your body gets an adequate amount of Vitamin C daily.


3. Rejuvenates skin and heals the body

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  • The antioxidants found in Vitamin C fights the damage caused by free radicals that helps in making your skin looking fresh.
  • Drinking adequate amount of lemon water also helps our body to produce collagen that is essential in smoothing out fine lines on our face and makes us look younger.


4. Helps you shed pounds

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  • Regularly drinking lemon water especially in the morning, can help you lose that hard to shed pounds. Lemons contain pectin, a type of fibre that helps you feel full for a longer time.
  • Not only this, but lemon juice also keeps you mildly dehydrated throughout the day that makes you more prone to uneasy feelings like headaches, fatigue and an overall bad mood?


5. Boosts energy and mood

Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water_2

  • Replacing the morning cup of tea with lemon water can boost energy levels without the caffeine crash.
  • Let’s understand how it works: Our bodies get energy from the atoms and molecules in foods. When negative-charged ions, like those found in lemons, enter your digestive tract, the result is an increase in energy levels as natural.

Additionally, just the spray of a lemon or even a few droplets of it has been found to reduce stress levels and improve mood as it changes the whole aura of the place.

So, what are you waiting for, now? Just squeeze that slice of lemon into your glass of water and explore its unlimited health benefits, right now.


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