How To Block A YouTube Channel

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Published on September 9th, 2020

YouTube is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Today there are many common people as well as celebrity use this platform to get acknowledged.

It is a great medium to become popular and showing your talent. Not only talent showcasing but you can communicate through the channel.

When you are exploring YouTube with a particular reason then it will track your interest and preference.

Let’s understand this with a simple example. If you are interested in watching health-related YouTube channels then it means that you like to know and gather such type of information.

Whenever you try to browse the YouTube channel, you will see YouTube recommendations.

These recommendations help you to find new videos and channels you might want to subscribe to.

But sometimes due to recommendations if a YouTube channel you don’t want to see or you are not interested then it becomes irritating.

Luckily you can obstruct that channel easily. One of the alternatives is to unsubscribe YouTube recommendations. Another alternative is to get the help of a web browser extension that allows you to block a particular channel or category.

How To Block Channels In YouTube Recommendations

You need to install the browser extension Video Blocker (Chrome, Firefox) so that you can block YouTube channels, comments, and topic comes out while exploring YouTube.

Moreover, in reference to blocking channels from recommendations, they won’t appear in your search result either after installation of the video blocker extension, you can start blocking YouTube channels.

1. Find a channel that you don’t want to see in your recommendations

2. Now you need to right-click on that video thumbnail or a channel thumbnail appearing in your search results and tick on block videos from this channel

If videos from other channels come to as recommendations or you are seeing them in your search results then, you can easily block them by doing a right-click on the thumbnail

If you want to manage the list of blocked channels then you need to click the extension option in Chrome. In this option, you can also remove channels from your block list and you can also add channels, keywords, search terms yourself that you want to block.

For example, if you don’t want to see a specific channel, topic or celebrity in a YouTube channel, then you just need to submit that as a keyword and it will not appear on YouTube

However, whatever channel you have blocked in your extension is limited to your web browser. If you explore YouTube on another platform such as phone, smart TV, tablet, then you will see the same recommendations on those platforms

If you utilize more than one PC then you have an option to export your block list and import that list into the other computer extension.