Tricks To Help You Improve Your YouTube Channel

Improve Your YouTube Channel

July 22nd, 2021   |   Updated on April 26th, 2023

Taking the time to make excellent YouTube videos is an essential part of any business that wants to grow online.

Making videos that are engaging and presentable is pretty easy especially with the help of easy-to-use tools that are now available online. However, it takes practice and effort to ensure you are consistently creating videos that capture and retain the interest of your audience.

YouTube can be a fantastic source of traffic that can eventually turn into a source of income and revenue if used properly. With YouTube, anyone can create videos and upload them for the world to see.

Many people have tried creating accounts and uploading videos only to quit after a few failed attempts. This article explains how to take your YouTube channel to the next level by making simple tricks and changes in the way you present your video content.

YouTube Fundamentals You Should Know

Nowadays, it is important to have a strong hold in social media marketing, especially on YouTube. With YouTube being the 2nd most viewed website after Google, it’s important to know how to market on it.

If you want to grow your YouTube channel and attract new customers, there are a few golden rules you can follow:

Stop Creating Random Videos

In order for a YouTube channel to become functional and profitable, it is important to upload videos regularly. However, most people who run YouTube channels don’t have great content.

The reason is that most people post videos they don’t fully understand. Uploading any video does not mean it’s enough.

As a YouTube content creator who just started up and looking to grow his channel, you should first stick into one or two niches during your start-up phase.

This approach will help you stay in focus and will allow you to think about video creation ideas strategically. Once your channel has built its credibility within these niches, then that’s the time you can jump into other niches for broader reach.

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Always Express Creativity And Share Values

Creativity, in the form of video content creation, is at an all-time high. Competition among content creators is very tough especially for beginners and amateur bloggers.

And for you to stay on par with established creators, you should always bring something unique and valuable to the table. Here are some of the practices you should apply when creating your content.

1. Add Text Over Video Footage To Help Viewers Understand Better

Apply some unique branding styles and create videos with subtitles for your channel. Subtitles add so much value that sometimes you don’t realize how much you’re missing out on.

YouTube has a lot of users all over the world and putting subtitles will help in conveying your message effectively.

2. Spice Up Your Videos With A Background Music

Background music is an important element in video and can create a relaxed atmosphere for the viewer.

Research shows that when users view videos with background music, they are more likely to become engaged with the content they are viewing.

3. Use Eye Catching YouTube Thumbnails

The first thing you should do when creating a YouTube channel is to use eye catching thumbnails. An exciting trailer for your new content can get more views than a bland intro.

A YouTube thumbnail that shows up on searches means more potential fans will see it and come back for more. This tip applies to all types of video content.

4. Use Voice-over On Your Videos

Video is quickly becoming the go-to content format for brands and businesses of all sizes. But what does it mean to use voice over on your videos?

Using voice-over in your videos can help build your brand and give your videos more credibility. Research shows that people trust videos with audio more than they trust videos without audio.

As a result, adding voice-over to your videos can help you gain more followers on social media and build your email list.

5. Try Adding BTS (Behind the Scene) Of Videos

There may be no process guidelines released officially that proves adding behind the scenes shots on videos gives an increase in views. However, it is undeniable that behind-the-scenes videos help content creators and businesses show realism.

This could potentially drive trust towards your brand as people will know that what you have created was real. In addition, it is a creative way to show uniqueness in your content.

Adding behind the scenes does not require you to film it using a video camera. Even cameras from mobile phones will do the job. You can simply add and edit the MP4 format and place it on the end of your video content and it will do the trick.

6. Add Special Effects To Express Feelings

Special effects are used to make something look or feel more realistic, stimulating, or entertaining. It is commonly used in vlogs, video games, and animated films.

You can add special effects to almost anything – text, images, sound, and even motion pictures. Many people find that adding special effects makes a content more attractive, persuasive, and more engaging; it inspires people to click through to some extra content.

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Always Keep Videos Simple

When you use a video to convey your message or even when selling your products, always make sure it’s very effective.

You want your viewers to watch the whole thing and learn something from it. That’s why it’s important to make sure your video is clear, concise and without any distracting elements. This applies no matter what kind of content you produce but most applicable for video contents.


No matter what type of niche you are focused into, effective video contents should always possess the main element – Creativity and Value.

Help your audience, show them the benefits, and they’ll come back for more. And enjoy watching your YouTube channel grow.