How To Play GameCube Games On Your Computer

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January 22nd, 2019   |   Updated on March 23rd, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, the GameCube, a representative of the sixth generation of Nintendo’s video game consoles, is not that difficult to emulate on third-party devices.

So, there’s no need to get upset if you don’t have a physical console but are itching to play your favorite GameCube titles.

There’s such a thing as the Dolphin emulator that can help avid retro gamers run old school games on their PCs and relive the happy moments.

Why Dolphin?

How To Play GameCube Games

As you know, Nintendo released the GameCube in 2001. In those days, it was impossible to run console games at a resolution higher than 480p. Fortunately, through the magic of Dolphin you can now run your favorite titles at 1080p. Moreover, Dolphin users may forget about default 3:4 aspect ratio and play GameCube ROMs at HD and even 4K.

It’s also possible to run the games in widescreen mode. If you don’t shy away from utilizing hacks you’ll be able to find some cool cheats on the Internet which will allow running GameCube titles at 60 frames per second. You can also make your games more eye-pleasing and spectacular with the help of numerous shaders that work pretty well on Dolphin.

Another reason to use Dolphin is that it enables you to store all the games, also known as ROMs, in a special folder. You’ll be able to access and load them very fast.

Dolphin is rightly considered one of the most stable emulators currently available on the market, which means that it won’t crash during operation and won’t let you down.

True connoisseurs of old school gaming will be pleased to know that Dolphin has gamepad support. It’ possible to connect your favorite joystick to a PC and start playing games the way you played in your childhood. Still, note that you’ll need a USB adapter for this purpose.

The Dolphin emulator is perfectly compatible with Windows and Mac. Recently, a new Dolphin’s version for Linux has been developed which allows more users to run GameCube games on their modern machines.

Any Shortcomings?

As we have noted, Dolphin, as a rule, don’t give its users any troubles. No noticeable bugs or freezes should distract you from an exciting gameplay. Still, there are some issues that need to be mentioned.

There are some games (usually those less popular among GameCube fans) that do not run properly and have glitches.

If you happen to download a game that won’t run properly on your Dolphin, don’t hesitate to visit Dolphin official website and contact community support. Developers provide regular updates for their product, which increases your chances to play the troublesome game when a new release comes out.

How To Get Dolphin?

First thing, go to Dolphin official website. Locate the download page there and select the latest Dolphin version, which is 5.0 at the present time.

As a rule, we recommend downloading the latest available version. This time is no exception. 5.0 is the most stable version, as developers have managed to fix the major issues inherent in the previous versions.

Still, if your comp is far from being powerful you may want to refrain from installing the 5.0 version to avoid crashes. Note that all the existing versions can support the vast majority of GameCube games. So, the earlier versions are very likely to suffice for you.

Prior to playing games on your new emulator, look at the “Graphics” button on the main menu.

Don’t hesitate to tweak graphic settings to get maximum pleasure from your games.

Using A Controller


Connecting a controller is another important step you should complete to start enjoying GameCube games on Dolphin.

Dolphin allows connecting any controller to your comp. You can either connect you’re your old GameCube joystick or opt for some third-party gamepad. If you’re not into that old-fashioned playing you can control your games with your keyboard and computer mouse.

When you finish connecting your gamepad select the “Controllers” option in your emulator to make sure your gamepad is connected and functioning properly.

You can easily remap your controls very easily: just click on any button in the menu and then hit the button on your controller that you want to use. Once you’re done, select the game you want to play right now and immerse yourself into the atmosphere of unrestrained fun.