India Shines Bright: 2023 ODI Glory

India Shines Bright

Published on January 2nd, 2024

5 Takeaways: India Shines Bright

  • India’s 2023 ODI Success
  • Dominance in Setting Targets
  • Efficiency in Run Chases
  • World Cup Final Disappointment
  • Limited ODIs in 2024

In 2023, India experienced a mix of successes and challenges in ODIs. Despite the overarching focus on the World Cup, where they faced disappointment in the finals against Australia, the year showcased remarkable achievements.

India’s ODI journey began with victories against Sri Lanka and New Zealand at home, followed by a series triumph in the Caribbean.

The team continued its winning streak with a dominant performance in the Asia Cup held in Sri Lanka, culminating in a convincing victory in the final.

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However, the pinnacle of the year was the home World Cup, where India excelled during the group stage but faced their toughest day in the finals against Australia.

Australia, having earlier handed India a rare bilateral series defeat at home, emerged victorious in the World Cup final. Notably, this marked India’s first bilateral series defeat at home in four years across formats.

Despite this setback, the year highlighted India’s overall success, particularly in series wins against South Africa and the Caribbean.

Looking ahead, the ODI landscape faces uncertainty, with India scheduled to play only three ODIs in 2024 according to the Future Tours Programme (FTP).

The challenges and triumphs of 2023 make replicating such numbers a daunting task for any team.

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India’s Golden 2023 In ODI’s In Numbers

In the calendar year 2023, India’s ODI performance was remarkable, securing 27 victories out of 35 matches.

This achievement positions them as the second-most successful team in a single year in the ODI format, trailing only behind Australia’s impressive record of 30 wins in 35 games during 2003.

A significant aspect of India’s success was their proficiency in setting targets.

They won 14 matches when batting first, showcasing a remarkable average margin of 143 runs.

This figure represents the highest average margin achieved by any team that won at least ten ODIs while setting a target in a calendar year.

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This statistic underscores India’s dominance in establishing formidable totals and successfully defending them.

Furthermore, India exhibited strength in run chases as well. They secured victories in 13 matches when chasing, and on average, they finished these chases with 96 balls to spare.

This places India as the third-most efficient team in terms of balls remaining when winning at least ten ODIs chasing in a calendar year.

The ability to consistently finish run chases with such a substantial margin indicates the team’s confidence, skill, and efficiency in pursuit of targets.

Overall, India’s performance in 2023 showcased their prowess in both setting and chasing targets, contributing to their highly successful ODI campaign.

Feature Image Source: Eustaquio Santimano