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50+ Inspirational Quotes By Famous Personalities And Inspiring Figures

Inspirational Quotes By Famous Personalities

April 22nd, 2019   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time. Inspiration is everywhere. Rather you can get inspiration from anywhere. From the words of a novelist to the blooms and leaves in the nature, you can inspire yourself just by looking at things around.

Having said that, inspirational quotes are one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself and to boost your positivity.

Inspirational quotes can be found not just in libraries and books but often the best quotes are to be found on bill boards, bumper stickers, and T-shirts.

Inspirational quotes can be quite helpful in de-stressing your mind and body. They can activate an emotional pulse point in your hearts and minds. If you bump into a right quote, it could inspire you with enormous energy and extra-burst of emotion to drive you to your goal.

An inspirational quote may possibly help you see light at the end of the tunnel. We hope these inspirational quotes from some of the most successful people will  motivate you to cross off everything on your to-do list.

Wishing you a very inspirational reading!

1. “And, When You Want Something, All The Universe Conspires In Helping You To Achieve It.”- Paulo Coelho


2. “It Is No Use Going Back To Yesterday, Because I Was A Different Person Then.”-Lewis Carroll


3. “It’s The Possibility Of Having A Dream Come True That Makes Life Interesting.”-Paulo Coelho


4. “Well-behaved Women Seldom Make History.”-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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5. “For Attractive Lips, Speak Words Of Kindness. For Lovely Eyes, Seek Out The Good In People. For A Slim Figure, Share Your Food With The Hungry. For Beautiful Hair, Let A Child Run His Fingers Through It Once A Day. For Poise, Walk With The Knowledge You’ll Never Walk Alone. We Leave You A Tradition With A Future. The Tender Loving Care Of Human Beings Will Never Become Obsolete.People Even More Than Things Have To Be Restored, Renewed, Revived, Reclaimed And Redeemed And Redeemed And Redeemed.Never Throw Out Anybody.Remember,If You Ever Need A Helping Hand, You’ll Find One At The End Of Your Arm.As You Grow Older, You Will Discover That You Have Two Hands: One For Helping Yourself, The Other For Helping Others.Yours Good Old Days Are Still Ahead Of You, May You Have Many Of Them.”-Sam Levenson

6. “ What Lies Behind Us And What Lies Before Us Are Tiny Matters Compared To What Lies Within Us.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson


7. “ I Believe That Imagination Is Stronger Than Knowledge. That Myth Is More Potent Than History. That Dreams Are More Powerful Than Facts. That Hope Always Triumphs Over Experience. That Laughter Is The Only Cure For Grief. And I Believe That Love Is Stronger Than Death.”-Robert Fulghum


8. “May You Live Every Day Of Your Life.”-Jonathan Swift


9. “Isn’t It Nice To Think That Tomorrow Is A New Day With No Mistakes In It Yet?”-L.M. Montgomery

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10. “If My Life Is Going To Mean Anything, I Have To Live It Myself.”-Rick Riordan


11. “I Have No Special Talents. I Am Only Passionately Curious.”-Albert Einstein


12. “Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson


13. “There Is Neither Happiness Nor Misery In The World; There Is Only The Comparison Of One State With Another, Nothing More. He Who Has Felt The Deepest Grief Is Best Able To Experience Supreme Happiness. We Must Have Felt What It Is To Die, Morrel, That We May Appreciate The Enjoyments Of Life.” Live, Then, And Be Happy, Beloved Children Of My Heart, And Never Forget, That Until The Day God Will Deign To Reveal The Future To Man, All Human Wisdom Is Contained In These Two Words, ‘wait And Hope.”-Alexandre Dumas


14. “Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.”-Lloyd Alexander

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15. “Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

16. “Don’t Judge Each Day By The Harvest You Reap But By The Seeds That You Plant.”-Robert Louis Stevenson


17. “Sometimes Our Light Goes Out, But Is Blown Again Into Instant Flame By An Encounter With Another Human Being.”-Albert Schweitzer


18. “Pain Is Temporary. Quitting Lasts Forever.”-Lance Armstrong


19. “Clouds Come Floating Into My Life, No Longer To Carry Rain Or Usher Storm, But To Add Color To My Sunset Sky.”-Rabindranath Tagore


20. “Simplicity, Patience, Compassion. These Three Are Your Greatest Treasures. Simple In Actions And Thoughts, You Return To The Source Of Being Patient With Both Friends And Enemies,You Accord With The Way Things Are.Compassionate Toward Yourself,You Reconcile All Beings In The World.”-Lao Tzu


21. “The Things You Do For Yourself Are Gone When You Are Gone, But The Things You Do For Others Remain As Your Legacy.”-Kalu Ndukwe Kalu


22. “I Was Smiling Yesterday,i Am Smiling Today And I Will Smile Tomorrow.simply Because Life Is Too Short To Cry For Anything.”-Santosh Kalwar
23. “You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying.”-Albert Einstein

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24. “Start Writing, No Matter What. The Water Does Not Flow Until The Faucet Is Turned On.”-Louis L-Amour


25. “Why Didn’t I Learn To Treat Everything Like It Was The Last Time. My Greatest Regret Was How Much I Believed In The Future.”-Jonathan Safran Foer


26. “Hope Smiles From The Threshold Of The Year To Come, Whispering ‘It Will Be Happier’…”-Alfred Tennyson


27. “You Is Kind. You Is Smart. You Is Important.”-Kathryn Stockett


28. “Better To Be Strong Than Pretty And Useless.”-Lilith Saintcrow


29. “The Most Common Way People Give Up Their Power Is By Thinking They Don’t Have Any.”-Alice Walker


30. “When People Don’t Express Themselves, They Die One Piece At A Time.”-Laurie Halse Anderson


31. “There Was Another Life That I Might Have Had, But I Am Having This One.”-Kazuo Ishiguro


32. “Reputation Is What Other People Know About You. Honor Is What You Know About Yourself.”-Lois McMaster Bujold


33. “Go On With What Your Heart Tells You, Or You Will Lose All.”-Rick Riordan
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34. “I Kept Always Two Books In My Pocket, One To Read, One To Write In.”-Robert Louis Stevenson


35. “I Will Love You Always. When This Red Hair Is White, I Will Still Love You. When The Smooth Softness Of Youth Is Replaced By The Delicate Softness Of Age, I Will Still Want To Touch Your Skin.


36. When Your Face Is Full Of The Lines Of Every Smile You Have Ever Smiled, Of Every Surprise I Have Seen Flash Through Your Eyes, When Every Tear You Have Ever Cried Has Left Its Mark Upon Your Face,i Will Treasure You All The More, Because I Was There To See It All.I Will Share Your Life With You, Meredith, And I Will Love You Until The Last Breath Leaves Your Body Or Mine.”-Laurell K. Hamilton


37. “Great Heroes Need Great Sorrows And Burdens, Or Half Their Greatness Goes Unnoticed. It Is All Part Of The Fairy Tale.”-Peter S. Beagle



38. “Id Rather Be Hated For Who I Am, Than Loved For Who I Am Not.”-Kurt Cobain


39. “The Brick Walls Are There For A Reason. The Brick Walls Are Not There To Keep Us Out. The Brick Walls Are There To Give Us A Chance To Show How Badly We Want Something. Because The Brick Walls Are There To Stop The People Who Don’t Want It Badly Enough. They’re There To Stop The Other People.”-Randy Pausch


40. “Even Strength Must Bow To Wisdom Sometimes.”-Rick Riordan

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41. “Once You Have Read A Book You Care About, Some Part Of It Is Always With You.”-Louis L-amour


42. “I Must Be A Mermaid, Rango. I Have No Fear Of Depths And A Great Fear Of Shallow Living.”-Anais Nin


43. “We Don’t Need A List Of Rights And Wrongs, Tables Of Dos And Don’ts: We Need Books, Time, And Silence. Thou Shalt Not Is Soon Forgotten, But Once Upon A Time Lasts Forever.”-Philip Pullman


44. “Only People Who Are Capable Of Loving Strongly Can Also Suffer Great Sorrow, But This Same Necessity Of Loving Serves To Counteract Their Grief And Heals Them.”-Leo Tolstoy


45. “If We Listened To Our Intellect We’d Never Have A Love Affair. We’d Never Have A Friendship. We’d Never Go In Business Because We’d Be Cynical: “It’s Gonna Go Wrong.”Or “She’s Going To Hurt Me.” Or,”I’ve Had A Couple Of Bad Love Affairs, So Therefore . ..” Well, That’s Nonsense. You’re Going To Miss Life. You’ve Got To Jump Off The Cliff All The Time And Build Your Wings On The Way Down.”-Ray Bradbury


46. “There Will Be A Few Times In Your Life When All Your Instincts Will Tell You To Do Something, Something That Defies Logic, Upsets Your Plans, And May Seem Crazy To Others. When That Happens, You Do It. Listen To Your Instincts And Ignore Everything Else. Ignore Logic, Ignore The Odds, Ignore The Complications, And Just Go For It.”-Judith McNaught


47. “. . . When It Comes Down To It, That’s What Life Is All About: Showing Up For The People You Love, Again And Again, Until You Can’t Show Up Anymore.”-Rebecca Walker


48. “I Am A Part Of All That I Have Met.”-Alfred Tennyson


49. “If You Want To Be Happy, Be.-Leo Tolstoy

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50. “Whatever You Do, You Need Courage. Whatever Course You Decide Upon, There Is Always Someone To Tell You That You Are Wrong.There Are Always Difficulties Arising That Tempt You To Believe Your Critics Are Right. To Map Out A Course Of Action And Follow It To An End Requires Some Of The Same Courage That A Soldier Needs.Peace Has Its Victories, But It Takes Brave Men And Women To Win Them.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson


51. “ “Success Is Most Often Achieved By Those Who Don’t Know That Failure Is Inevitable.” ”-Coco Chanel


52. “ “Courage Is Grace Under Pressure.” ”-Ernest Hemingway


53. “”If You Are Not Willing To Risk The Usual, You Will Have To Settle For The Ordinary.” ”-Jim Rohn


54. “”You Only Live Once, But If You Do It Right, Once Is Enough.” ”- Mae West


55. “”Try Not To Become A Person Of Success, But Rather Try To Become A Person Of Value.” ”-Albert Einstein