Why Is Instagram A Suitable Platform For Online Promotion And Branding?


October 27th, 2018   |   Updated on March 16th, 2024

Online marketing and SEO are not the only reasons Instagram is used for in digital marketing. Instagram is used for another big reason, and that is branding. Branding through Instagram is actually a great way to popularize your website or service or product.

Also, it’s a great way to create a name, create the market, make a reputation, get recognition and more. And more than other social media platforms Instagram works better in branding for certain reasons.

1. Branding Is Done Better With Storytelling


Telling stories is one great way to do branding. There are success stories, and stories of failures, and again many stories of struggles behind the making of every brand. And people love knowing such stories. It’s in fact through the sharing of such stories that you create a human connection with the minds and eyes that see you.

And hence storytelling is a vital part of effective branding. If you are branding by showing only the good side and tell only the flashy stories, and polished getup and all, then people will never be able to relate with your brand more humanely.

For this to happen, you must give the common man the glimpse of the inside story which is worth sharing for connecting emotionally.

The touch of emotion, the hard work, the struggle, the many dreams making and breaking are all related and absorbed by every watching mind, along with the spice and seasoning of their personal experiences and understandings of life.

Hence storytelling always makes an impact and makes you different from your rivals who are straightway doing the marketing without thinking deeper. Instagram can help you in this storytelling by giving you that rich and ripe platform of picture sharing with captions, filters, hashtags, etc.

Storytelling through pictures is the most effective way of communication which attacks senses fastest and brings out emotions highly.


2. Branding Is Done Better With Using The Brand Name And Logo Everywhere

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When a brand is talked about, then the most important things which come to view are the brand name, brand logo, any special color associated with the brand, and the brand name font, or specific style.

Altogether these things or any one thing makes the brand noticeable. When a brand name is mentioned, then the first thing which comes to notice is how the name is written.

What the background color is, what the brand name word color, the font style, and size, the letter spacing, the other objects in the image like the logo, or the word turned into a logo, any special symbol, image frame, etc.

These things combine together to make one image of the brand name, which is used everywhere in that particular style to make this noticeable and is repeated everywhere.

Instagram helps in showing that brand image through images everywhere. If you are attempting branding, then you may embed this image of the brand name or logo at the corner of every image you upload or may embed it as a watermark on every image.

There are many such creative ways to embed the brand name or logo on an image without disturbing the theme of the image, and without distracting the eyes to tour deeper inside the image.


3. Branding Is Done Better By Targeting People Who Are Searching For Things You Promote


Targeting people is a lot easier on Instagram. Instagram has a feature to add hashtags with every post, and the highest numbers of hashtags you may attach are 30. This means you can attach hashtags and denote or tag an image for a particular niche.

This is equivalent to targeting people. That’s because when you tag an image with a particular style, cause, sentiment, brand, product, choice, preference, age range, sex, domain, profession, class, religion, group, or any such thing, then people who are likeminded and are searching for stuff related to that tag, finds your image too in the list of images in their search results.

This is how you can target certain groups, connect to more people, and attract people to view your images, become your followers, share and like your posts, and so on. And Instagram supports highly in targeting and branding more effectively.


4. Branding Is Done Better When You Make Your Own Brand Hashtag


A beautiful and much effective way to do branding is to make a unique hashtag for your own brand. It will take time for people to notice this. Initially, no one will search for it, as this will be completely new and unique.

But other popular tags will fetch attention to your posts. This way people will get to see the new hashtag, and gradually it will be noticed, recognized, and slowly the brand identity will get established.

It will take time, and will depend on many factors like how many posts you are doing, how effective and attractive they are in spreading the messaging and establishing the image, how many views they are getting, likes they are getting, shares and comments the posts are getting, etc.

Recognition builds slowly and gradually, and you must keep that patience while branding. For faster results, you may try initially gathering some really likes and shares through services like


5. Finally – Branding Is The Gameplay Of Visual Stimulation


Branding demands quite a lot of visual stimulation. And Instagram is the right platform to bring that stimulation for you.

On IG you show off your image, identity, your style, work, history, stories, struggles, events, happenings, future plans, infrastructure, goals, objectives which got success, social work, collaboration with nonprofits and noble organizations, and many such things with the brand image or logo.

You use your high quality thoughtful and interesting posts to get reactions. These reactions are the result of the visual stimulation that the images are bringing.

This stir in the senses of the viewers will establish your brand’s identity, as each time the images will be viewed this will make the brand logo or sign noticeable to the eyes of the viewers.

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