How To Use Instagram In Promote Your Products 2019

Instagram Marketing Tips

May 18th, 2018   |   Updated on June 4th, 2018

How can you use Instagram for business? Is it really possible to boost your business by using Instagram? The answer is yes. We’ll take a look at 8 tips to boost your Instagram business.

First, the most attractive thing about Instagram to new entrepreneurs is the ease with which you can use it. Many newcomers find it easy to use compared to setting up a WordPress website.

Second, Instagram gives you great market research. When you click on the number of followers you have, you can see the age groups, gender and other boards these people are following.

You can learn plenty from these statistics and it will help you improve your boards and strategy for improving your business.

Third, there’s an old football strategy to go vertical with your passing game. This is true of Instagram as well. Create your pins vertically rather tan horizontally because you will take up more real estate.

Fourth, you need to use infographics primarily because it is the most popular format used on Instagram today. Plus, you can pack a lot of great information into an infographic.

It may seem a little daunting at first to determine which software program works best. Your best bet is to try the free trials the companies offer. You may find one you like better than the others.

Fifth, you need to decide if this social media format is right for your business. If you are pinning items you plan to sell then Instagram is for you. Women love to shop and buy stuff. If you have visually appealing ads you will increase your business.

Sixth, can Instagram be used to grow your email list? Provide value to your email list by offering an irresistible freebie with a subscription to your email list. This can be easily advertised on your boards.

Seventh, unless you have a crystal ball, you won’t know how long your information will be shared or how far it will spread. But, you can find people who have pinned your information a year ago and you can re-Post it. This will help spread your Post all over again.

Eighth, and most important, use Instagram as a way to build authority for your website, YouTube channel, videos and boards. This is the 35th most visited domain in the world.


When you combine the power of YouTube marketing with Instagram, you are creating some very important back links for your business.

You can use Instagram for business very strategically. If you map out a plan that speaks to your audience, you can boost your Instagram business and continue to have fun pinning things your audience wants.

Marketing can take on so many forms and it can make you dizzy trying to figure out which strategies to use. Video marketing has become such a big player in the marketing world that you literally cannot ignore it. When you Vist, you’ll get an opportunity to see how to use the authority of YouTube, Google and Instagram to improve your business.

Instagram is huge when it comes to e-commerce. Recent statistics published online reveal the platform has 41% of the total shares for e-commerce products. This statistic on its own is enough to encourage a business to use the platform to promote its products.

This article shares how you can effectively use Instagram to get your products seen by a large and receptive audience. Millions of businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits of this platform. If your company is not already on Instagram, then maybe this article will help you get started.

Studies indicate that the users of Instagram are easy to attract because of the behaviour the platform allows them to demonstrate – they share images of items they either have, or want. In that respect, it is a shoppers’ paradise. Every time a Post an item they want or have, they are buying in to that brand and acting as an advocate for it.

Just like Twitter, each pin can potentially be seen by every other user on Instagram, not just that individual’s followers. So, if you have a user who comes along and likes your product and re-pins it, then potentially they are promoting it on your behalf to millions of users. The most popular pins can be re-pinned thousands of times over, spreading the word very quickly about a certain item.

Products that have had great success from Instagram are fashion items, particularly shoes, bags, and ladies and gents clothing. In addition household and interior goods and all manner of luxury goods, including foods and beverages, art, photography, holiday destinations, drafts and more, are all being Post. Instagram is like a huge scrapbook for the consumer age, and as a result the brands are reaping the rewards.

The audience on Instagram is mostly female. They are generally aged 21 up, and have great aspirations when it comes to their material lifestyle. The majority of them, particularly the 28 – 55 age range, have a healthy disposable income too.

The best way to share your products on Instagram is to look at how it is listed online and make sure it is Instagram friendly and Buy Instagram Followers UK. This is not a difficult process and should not involve a great deal of additional work. In fact for most e-commerce companies, there will be very little additional work that needs done.

The first step is to create your Instagram account. Start by building a collection of boards with various themes that are in alignment with your brand and the type of products you sell. Spend a little time looking at what is being pinned and start to re-pin as much as possible. This will build up your collection of pins. In addition you should start to Post your own content, and make your content easily pinable by others.

First and foremost, you need good photography. Have a look at the Instagram help pages to see the dimensions of photo that can be pinned. On your website or e-commerce site, make sure your have a Post image available on every relevant page. If you already sell products online, the photos you need will already be there. However, remember that Instagram users are most attracted to gorgeous photography, and that show lifestyles and brands in a fantastic way.


For every Pictures that you post, make sure you add a description which includes an appropriate search term or keyword, and add a hashtag too. Each pin you post, if it is an item you are selling, should link straight back to the relevant page on your website. Don’t put the price of the article on the pin, this looks too much like a sales pitch. If the pinner wants to know, they will click through to your website.

Add the Pinterest button to your website too, so that any item can be pinned by your customers or a visitor to the site. This will encourage others to pin your content and make it easy for them to do so.

The wonderful thing about Instagram is that it is a free way to create literally hundreds of allowable back links that lead straight to your website! And for now, the service is free, so it is a great time to build your following, create some innovative and eye-catching boards and get busy pinning – it’s one of the easiest, best, and free, ways to promote your products and encourage people to look at your website.

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