Interesting Automobile Technologies That Can Improve Safety And Save Your Life

Interesting Automobile Technologies

April 5th, 2018   |   Updated on May 3rd, 2018

When purchasing a car, the factors that are considered should go deeper than performance or the purely aesthetic. Something most people consider, especially those with families, is safety. When it comes to something as inherently dangerous as driving a car, safety is of the utmost concern.

“Will this car be able to keep me and my passengers safe in the event of an accident?” is certainly a question worth asking yourself at the dealership. Here are some relatively new safety features and technological advancements that go beyond expectations.

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1. Lane Departure and Blind Spot Cameras

With these advanced safety features, your car assists you when your driving capabilities may be lacking. Lane departure sensors prevent your vehicle from merging into other lanes of the road unintentionally. This can prove to be very useful for those long road trips when you have to power through hours of non-stop driving. Blind spot cameras are utilized when objects are behind you or enter your blind spots, which prevents accidents that you may have not have seen coming. What’s the best gun safe for your car and why?


2. Emergency Brake Assist

When the driver comes to an abrupt halt, the vehicle’s computer analyzes the driver’s braking motion and determines if it was made in a panic. The emergency brake assist will then apply more pressure in a smaller amount of time. This has the potential to prevent crashes or reduce the damage.


4. Electronic Stability Control

This incredible feature is one that keeps your vehicle on the right path and detects when the car isn’t going in the direction it’s supposed to be. This amazing technology maintains stability and direction for the driver when straying too far from the road.

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5. Collision Warning and Automatic Braking

If the driver is to approach too quickly into dead-stop traffic, whether they’re not paying attention as they should or not, the vehicle will first prompt the driver with a warning. If the warning is not followed appropriately, the car will then activate the brakes and stop on its own. This useful feature prevents accidents that would be caused by distracted driving such as texting or eating, as people tend to do more often than they should.


6. Smart Airbag Systems

Interesting Automobile Technologies

Airbags, while proven to be life saversin most situations, can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances. Airbags have been known to cause excessive damage to the passenger when deployment wasn’t necessary. Smart Airbags analyze the velocity and weight of the passenger to determine if airbag deployment is required to ensure the safety of that individual. This ensures that no additional injury is inflicted in the event of an accident.

Technological advancements in automobile technology have great potential to save countless lives that would have otherwise been lost due to a lack of safety features. Safety is key in a vehicle when so much weight is being propelled at such high speeds. When deciding on what car to choose, be sure to pick one with an appropriate amount of safety add-ons. It could save your life.