9 Outstanding Features That Makes IOTransfer 3 A Great Software

Overview Of IOTransfer Benefits

August 8th, 2018   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2022

As we all know that iPhone is a gadget that everybody desires to have. In any case, merely iPhone users are aware of the issue regarding the exchange of any sort of documents to and from the gadget. But now, one need not stress about this problem as a solution for this has come now. IOTransfer software is the most ideal solution for the same.

IOTransfer is stunning software that can be used by the iPhone users to share the documents of any kind with other iOS devices. The software not only works as a sharing medium but also as an iPhone manager. You can manage all sort of files such as photos, music, contacts, recording, webcasts, eBooks and many more.

This software has numerous cool highlights of which you can take the advantage of. Some astounding highlights of the IOTransfer software are discussed below:

Highlights Of IOTransfer 3 Software


1. In IOTransfer software, there is a perfect tool that has been incorporated recently. This tool filters the gadget that you are currently utilizing and detect all the garbage record that is present in your device and clean them out. Hence, it opens up space in your gadget by removing all the junk files.

2. A very amazing highlight of the software is when it gets propelled in your devices; it demonstrates the whole insights of your running device. Therefore, with this software, you can see the measurements and name on your phone.

3. One of the best components of this software is it supports and works with everything without exception.

4. The software also accompanies a propelled video converter that converts various types of videos in a format that your PC demands it to be compatible with it. The video converter bolsters different video converters from YouTube to MP3 iPhone (MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, MOV etc.) and after that, it exchanges them straightforwardly to your iPhone or iPad device.

5. With this software, iPhone users can download any video directly in their device and they can keep it right on their phone when they needed.

6. Another amazing highlight of this software is its data backup feature. If you want to back up the data in your device, then this software enables you to do the same. You can backup all the IOS data in your computer right away.

7. The software also allows copying any document that its user wants from the catalogs directly into the apple gadget without any hassle. Therefore, to transfer the documents to a device is just a single click process if you are using IOTransfer software.

8. Additionally, there is a new feature known as Airtrans in the software that allows you to transfer any type of file wirelessly. You just need to ensure that you’re PC and iPhone is connected to the same wifi at that time being.

9. IOTransfer 3 software has incorporated 14 different dialects to the software so that one can search for the program in its own or local language.

Note: One can download the software directly and conveniently from the link present on the browsers.

IOTransfer 3 Minimum Requirements

Install IOTransfer

In order to utilize this software, it demands two minimum requirements that are mentioned below. These requirements must be fulfilled if you want to enjoy the benefits of this software.

Computer OS:

This software is completely compatible with all the versions of windows. It works with every window such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 and so on. You just need to make sure that your device C: partition has at least 1 GB of RAM, 1GHz Processor, and 1GB free space.


IOTransfer 3 software merely works for the iDevice such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, it does not bolster on Mac and Linux devices. Therefore, make sure that these devices are there if you want to use the software.

IOTransfer Software Pricing

 iOS cleaner _IOTransfer 3

The software comes with an annual plan i.e. of 1 year and price of that is $39.99. With that, you can install the software in your PC one time and enjoy its benefits. In case you want to try the pro version of the software, then you can choose it as well.

As we all are aware that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, IOTransfer 3 software has its own pros and cons. Here we are discussing the experienced pros and cons of the software. You can have a look over this:


In case one needs to adjust the OC with the IOS gadget, then this software works extraordinarily for the same purpose.

The user interface of the software is extremely easy and normal to use and this is the great pro of this software.

One can easily establish or install this software in its device. Makers of the software have made it keeping in mind the psychology of beginners. They made the usage of the software extremely simple and it is possible for everyone to use.

The component of document exchange is really quick, dependable and convenient.

One of the best things about the software is that one need not be a perfect technician for utilizing this app. There is no technical knowledge need to run the software.

Also, a help alternative is available in the software if one finds any difficulty regarding usage of IOTransfer 3 software.


One of the disadvantage or demerit of the software is one cannot change the application theme as there is no alternative for that.

Also, if one needs to enjoy the auto updates of the software, he/she needs to use the PRO version of the software and for that; he needs to pay the required amount.


• AirTrans- Transfer file over Wi-Fi _IOTransfer 3

Therefore, the best IOTransfer 3 software review has been discussed above. We hope that it will help you to make your choice regarding the usage of the software. We definitely recommend you all too at least try the IOTransfer 3 software at least once and we are sure that you will get mesmerized with its stunning highlights and performance. You can also purchase the PRO version of the software if you want to get all the auto updates of the same.