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Top 10 Things To Know About The Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra

Published on September 9th, 2022

On September 7th, 2022, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Ultra with breakthrough capabilities. Designed for exploration and endurance, Apple built the watch for new and extreme environments.

Inspired by athletes and adventurers, the Apple Watch Ultra is a versatile tool and a fitness partner that measures your health stats. Whether you’re standing or moving, the Apple Watch will track all the ways you’re active.

With that, let’s dive into the top 10 things to know about The Apple Watch Ultra.

1. Wayfinder Watch Face With Night Finder

The Wayfinder watch face is specifically designed for the Apple Ultra Watch’s larger display. It includes a compass built into the dial with space for several complications. By turning the Digital Crown, the interface turns red.

This improves visibility in the dark. The Night Mode glows red against black background making it easy to interact with your watch.

2. Corrosion-Resistant Material

Made from aerospace-grade titanium, the Apple Watch Ultra is corrosion-resistant and durable.

Not only that, it ensures the perfect balance of weight on your wrist. Rated water resistant up to 50 metres, it’s perfect for surfing, swimming and water balloon fights.

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3. Action Button

The new Apple Watch Ultra comes with a new Action Button in high contrast orange. Designed for glove usage, the Action Button provides instant access to amazing features.

They include Backtrack, Compass Waypoints, Workouts and many more. With access to the Workout app and others, you can train in new ways while keeping an eye on your pace.

4. Increased Display Size

Apple increased the display size of the new Apple Watch Ultra to 49mm from 41 mm to 45 mm available on the Apple Watch Series 8 and SE.

What does this mean for users? First, they can now compose messages with ease by using Scribble, dictation and emojis all at once.

Second, with a tap, users can make calls and listen to music with ease. Basically, you can do it all without your phone.

5. Dual Frequency GPS

The Apple Watch Ultra makes use of dual frequency GPS. This makes the GPS location data more accurate.

This comes in handy when exploring the outdoors, especially in areas where you’re sometimes frustrated by the GPS coverage.

The Apple Watch Ultra

6. Multi-Day Battery Life

The All day LTE battery boasts 36 hours of standard battery life and up to 60 hours if using low power mode.

For a workout with music playback, the battery lasts 60 minutes, 45 minutes of app use, and 90 notifications.

For cellular and GPS usage, the multi-day battery lasts a total of 18 hours under an LTE connection.

7. Redesigned Compass App

Powered by watchOS 9, the Apple Watch Ultra comes with a redesigned compass app that offers three different views. They include the analog compass dial, digital view and a new hybrid view.

When you turn the Digital Crown, the compass app reveals an additional view that includes latitude and longitude. It also displays orienteering views showing Backtrack and Compass Waypoints.

8. Powered by watchOS 9

As aforementioned, the Apple Watch Ultra is powered by watchOS 9 which brings new features.

It has new advanced running metrics that measure performance such as Running Power, Stride Length, and more. With these new features and more, users can take training to the next level.

9. Oceanic+ App

Designed for water sports, including wakeboarding and kite surfing, the Apple Watch Ultra comes with the new Oceanic+ app.

Certified to WR100 and EN 13319, the watch can be relied upon for underwater adventures. Whether you’re into drift diving, cave diving, or deep diving, this is the perfect companion for you.

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10. Emergency Siren

If you’re in an emergency when hiking and exploring the outdoors and want to draw attention to your location, use the Emergency Siren.

The 86-decibel siren has a unique sound signature that repeats for several hours. The first pattern sends a distress signal, while the second mimics the SOS pattern. To activate the siren, simply hold the Action button.

The Apple Watch Ultra - Ultra large screen design

Final Words

We’re thrilled about the Apple Watch Ultra thanks to all its new connectivity, health and activity features.

From heart monitoring to Activity rings, the watch measures all your vitals and provides useful health insights.

Utilizing these new capabilities, users can be able to track their health as well as uncover symptoms of any under health condition. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Apple Watch Ultra today!