How Can You Live The Healthiest Life?

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March 9th, 2019   |   Updated on March 4th, 2020

The health and fitness industry is experiencing a historic boom. The demand for healthier foods, increased amount of affordable gyms, and wearable tech has inspired consumers and brands alike to jump-in on the health and fitness trend.

And while having lots of choices is usually a good thing, this saturated market can lead to some difficult decision making.

Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight

How can I simplify meal tracking? Where can I find trusted supplements and vitamins? From apps that give you the tools to log your meals and track your goals to online companies that offer lab-tested and trusted dietary supplements, here is where you can find what you need to maximize your healthy lifestyle.


1. Meal Tracking, Simplified


Where to find it: MyFitnessPal

Tracking your macros is simplified with MyFitnessPal. With an index that includes more than 6 million different food items you’ll never have to guess what the calorie count of your lunch again.

The food-tracking app is great for goal setting whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or lower your BMI.

Experts say that keeping a food diary can help you understand your eating habits and tracking what you eat on a daily basis can boost the likelihood that you meet your goals.


2. Book Fitness Classes at Popular Studios


Where to find it: ClassPass

Booking your next workout has never been easier. With the ClassPass app you have access to the top studios around your city ranging from high-intensity cardio kickboxing sessions to peaceful and zen yoga classes.

And, you’re getting a discounted price, too. When you book your workout through the app you can get over 30 percent off the studio drop-in rate.

The app operates in 2,500 cities worldwide and you can even stream popular workouts at home directly from your devices.


3. Stock Up On Supplements And Vitamins

Where to find it: Amway

Sometimes our diets can lack the vital nutrients we need to stay healthy. Specialty or restrictive diets and even vegan and vegetarian diets can sometimes lack the vital nutrients our bodies need.

That’s where supplements and vitamins come in. Luckily, Amway offers a vast selection of Nutrilite dietary supplements. What is Amway? It is a world-wide leader in health and beauty products, and it offers a wide assortment of vitamins and supplements that help with everything from antioxidant health to digestive health.

The Nutrilite brand uses plant concentrates and a combination of high-quality minerals and vitamins from across the globe to meet the company’s high standards, all of which have been extensively researched and tested.

Plus, many of the plant concentrates come from plants that are grown on their own certified organic farms.


4. Get New Workout Clothes Delivered

Where to find it: Fabletics

Subscription boxes are everywhere. From healthy, chef-prepared meals to the latest cosmetics trends, it can all be delivered directly to you. Fitness junkies can even have active wear items delivered via a subscription box.

Fabletics offers complete outfits, tops, bottoms including shorts and leggings, sports bras, and even plus size items in their online store.

As a subscription member you can shop from a selection of curated items that are personalized just for you. A monthly delivery of new workout gear can keep you stylish and on trend at the gym and everywhere you workout.

Staying fit is right at your fingertips. From apps that connect you to popular workout studios and help you track meals and set goals to online-based businesses that deliver workout gear and trusted supplements, the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle are right in your pocket.

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