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The 15 Best Apps To Help You Eat Healthy And Lose Weight This Summer

Lose Weight Apps

February 16th, 2018   |   Updated on April 22nd, 2024

Knowing what food is good for you, and what food is just a waste, is an important part of good nutrition. We’ve rounded up 15 great apps for helping you manage your weight effectively, and work on eating better and more intelligently.

1. MyNetDiary PRO

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MyNetDiary might be the only app here that requires an investment but it’s worth the few bucks. You set a weight goal and the app analyzes your diary, calculating the targets you’ve set yourself and providing you with personalized advice and diet tips. All you need to do is input your eating habits and exercise, and MyNetDiary PRO does the hard work for you.


2. Charity Miles

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Want even more motivation to walk frequently? Charity Miles doesn’t track your calorie intake but it does help the world a little. The app works like a pedometer with each step helping a charity of your choice. You can choose from over 40 different charities, earning them a little cash as you walk. It’s an ideal extra form of encouragement.


3. My Diet Coach

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Set a goal and My Diet Coach helps you work towards it. With a visual weight tracker, you can “see” the weight drop off. It focuses on encouraging you to pursue small but healthy lifestyle changes such as drinking more water. Alongside that, you can use motivational photos to encourage you, and even gain rewards for staying committed.


4. Fooducate

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Fooducate doesn’t just track how many calories you’re consuming, but also the quality of them. Keeping an eye on your sleep, mood and hunger levels, it’ll give you insight into where you can improve things. Analyzing your meal, Fooducate considers any health conditions you may have, as well as if you’re trying to avoid various allergens.


5. Fitbit

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Fitbit is best known for tracking your steps and day to day activity, but it’s also good for tracking other parts of your life. You can use its services to log the food you eat via its barcode scanner, seeing your meal history at a glance. You can also use it in conjunction with the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, ensuring you always know what your weight is. Water intake and sleeping patterns can also be tracked.


6. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

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From the people behind, MyPlate Calorie Tracker hopes to be the most user-friendly option for losing weight. The app helps you find out which foods you eat contain the most calories, allowing you to set personalized daily calorie goals. You can also keep track of your water intake, and create custom goals for your macronutrients and micronutrients. Meal reminders can also be set.


7. Lose It!

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Lose It! wants you to lose weight while also enjoying the process. Simply telling it a little about yourself, it’ll devise a custom weight loss plan, setting you a daily budget and goal to aim for. Its image recognition means it’ll identify the food you’re eating automatically, saving you from entering it yourself. It breaks things down according to every part of nutrition too, giving you plenty of insight.

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YAZIO offers a personal plan for losing weight or building muscles, before allowing you to track the nutritional elements of your meal. You can create meal plans, track your calories and daily steps taken, as well as sync up with other fitness apps. The Pro upgrade provides you with healthy recipes too, along with body fat tracking and even blood pressure and blood sugar.


9. FatSecret

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FatSecret offers an easy to use food diary for you to track as well as plan in advance what you’re going to eat. Image recognition of food and meals make it even easier to add what you’re eating, with a community that’s keen to advise on how best to proceed. A weight tracking tool, along with barcode scanning, rounds off the package.


10. MyFitnessPal

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MyFitnessPal offers a huge food database, listing over 5 million different foods. An effective calorie counter, it can take you less than 5 minutes a day to track your diet and exercise, meaning it’s a quick habit to get into. Working in conjunction with over 50 devices and apps including Apple Health, Fitbit and Garmin devices, it’ll help you keep on top of how well you’re doing.


11. Pact

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Pact is a free app that keeps you on track to work out, eat more veggies or log your food by putting money on the line. You choose how much to put on each Pact that you make. If you perform the tasks you promise to do, you will earn money with the app – from $0.30 to $5 a week.


12. Diet Hero

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You tell Diet Hero what foods you like and what foods you have, and the app will tell you how much to eat and what to eat. If you only have a few things handy at home the app can adjust to that so you don’t need to scramble to find something that may not be as healthy.


13. Nike+ Training Club

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If you don’t know where to start with a new workout that will help you lose weight, you can use the Nike Training Club app. This app helps you chose a workout or a four-week program that will help you get lean. There are over 100 workouts and the app can help beginners, intermediate or advanced users.

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14. iPhone Health App

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Apple includes a free Health App on the iPhone that you can use to track your progress towards a goal weight and activities levels. You can use this app to track steps, stairs walked and more. If you own an iPhone 5s or newer it will track a lot of this information automatically without the need to use another app or a fitness accessory.


15. Google Fit

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Google Fit is a free weight loss and fitness app from Google that helps you track your activity simply by carrying your Android phone. This also works with devices like Android Wear smartwatches. You can also connect apps to the service to extend the tracking and fitness.

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