How To Make Quality Video With Android Device

Make Quality Video With Android Device -1

October 30th, 2017   |   Updated on March 26th, 2024

Ten to fifteen years back from now people need significant capacity and big lance video camera to capture quality video.

But due to the invention of the smartphone and Android device video making become just a piece of cake for us. Now we can record different video in the different place by using our smartphone camera with ease.

Due to the popularity of varying video streaming site like YouTube, Metacafe people become more interested in capturing video using their smartphone.

Make Quality Video With Android Device

But there is a huge difference to make an average quality video and high-quality video. Because if you are making your video to upload it on YouTube, then the video duality is the must.

Now in this article, we are going to discuss how to make a quality video using your smartphone and android device.

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How to Make Quality Video with Android Device

1. Mention a proper lighting for your video

Make Quality Video With Android Device -1

Adequate light is always the critical factor to make a quality video. In most of the case, the smartphone has a tiny image sensor and lenses.

So, it’s still impotent create your video in a brighter area. But it does not mean that you have to expose your smartphone lance in a direct sunlight area. Overlighting also can damage your video quality.


2. Maintain the sound quality

Make Quality Video With Android Device 1

If you are a pro YouTuber or a video marketer your audio quality is equally important to your video quality. In fact, some of the marketers believe that the success of a quality video is much more depended on its sound quality.

But in most of the case, the built-in microphone that is available in the smartphone is not good enough to provide a quality sound. All you need is a karaoke microphone to have a lot of fun.

That’s why different external microphone for YouTube is available on the market.

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3. Stay Steady when making your video

Make Quality Video With Android Device -2

Use your both hand to hold your smartphone camera when you are making a video. Frequently moving while making a video can affect your video quality. Different stand and tripod are also available in the market. You can also use them.


4. Get Close to your subject and use digital zoom

Make Quality Video With Android Device -3

When making the video, it’s always important to get close to your question, as much as possible. It also improves the video quality a lot. Even try to use digital zooming option rather than the traditional optical zoom to enhance your video quality.

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5. Always try to avoid vertical video syndrome

Make Quality Video With Android Device -5

In a simple word vertical video syndrome means holding your smartphone camera vertically when making a video.

This mistake is widespread when you are using your smartphone to make a video. It’s always better to hold your smartphone horizontally so that when your video play in another device its look fine.

It is undeniable that now a day video making becomes so much relaxed after the introduction of the smartphone in the market.

But still making a quality video using a smartphone is a daunting task if you don’t follow the proper guideline. So hopefully if you follow the above mention point you will able to make a quality video with your smartphone.