7 Top Marketplaces To Buy And Sell Ecommerce Sites

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Published on April 12th, 2019

In this post, we have listed major marketplaces to buy and sell websites. These sites provide range of services, from vetting the parties, degerming market value to ensuring secure transactions.

Have a look at the list give below.

1. Shopify Exchange

On this new marketplace, you will find new or established ecommerce sites up for sale. Powered by Shopify, Exchange Marketplace is an ideal platform for those who want to buy or sell websites.

It has many features that make buying a secure and safe experience.


2. Flippa

Flippa  is one of the most dominant marketplaces for buyers and sellers of online businesses as a new business lists and sells on its site every hour.

It has around 800,000 registered members. It is an ideal place for those who want to sell their business faster. It has integrated with Quickbooks  to help buyers easily verify the data published by the business owners.


3. Side Projectors

Want to sell websites, desktop programs and apps that you are not using anymore. Side Projectors is not just a marketplace for side projects.t also helps you find partners to expand your business.


4. Sedo

Sedo provides extensive services to buyers and sellers. Domain parking and appraisals, marketing of domains, brokerage etc are some of the services provided by Sedo. A professional brokerage team assists you in marketing your domains. No wonder why it is trusted by more than 2 million customers.

It takes no fees or commissions for domain purchases. Funds are also not released to the seller until the domain is transferred.


5. WeSellYourSite 

This Toronto-based brokerage service specializes in selling reputable websites. Here you will find websites whose price range vary from $100,000 to $10 million. However, you have to give more access to this premium web-based business so that it could understand you better and set you up for maximum success.



This simple and straightforward platform takes commission only on successful sales. It also claims to take the lowest commission in the industry. Receive payment from buyers first, only then transfer ownership.



It does not provide full brokerage services. It is suitable only for those looking for a low-cost marketplace. For sellers, it is enough to pay initial listing fee. It takes no separate fee from sellers when they transfer ownership of their websites.