What Are The Major Mistakes Which Lead To SD Cards Data Loss?

Published on November 12th, 2018

Memory cards are easy to use and portable devices that offer storage facilities to its users. Also called as SD cards, these cards work with DSLRs and other types of electronics by offering a decent amount of space at an affordable price. It is seen that some photographers making a few mistakes while using memory cards.

These mistakes result in damaged photos or video content that can even disappear from the card. So, to prevent such unfortunate happening, it is very important to understand these mistakes and avoid them in the future.

1. Removing The SD Card When It Is Still Being Used

SD Cards - Mistakes Which Lead To SD Cards Data Loss

This is the commonest mistake that people do when using an SD card. By taking out the memory card present in a camera or card reader in between the ongoing writing process can cause disruption in the file structure.

It is advised, that a user must wait for thirty seconds for the device to finish the task that is being carried out. Free undelete is an important utility that will help you recover your deleted files from the SD card.

It allows users to perform a “deep scan” process to scan the card for known file types. It will then search for file signatures, and use them to recover intact files.


2. Not Protecting Your SD Card From Water, Dust And Heat

Mistakes Which Lead To SD Cards Data Loss -waterproof

SD cards are sensitive to being wet, dust or extreme changes in temperature. It is advised to keep it away from spilled tea or coffee. One should not store DSLR in any hot place and then take it into a cold place immediately.

This is because the contact points of the SD card can get destroyed due to being overly sensitive. Handle this card safely and ensure that it doesn’t get any scratch on it. You can clean the card using isopropyl alcohol and keep it protected in a small plastic case.


3. Editing Or Rotating Photos Present On The Card

waterproof -Mistakes Which Lead To SD Cards Data Loss

Most of the photo enthusiasts have found errors to happen at the time of rotating a picture while the photo is being downloaded. By modifying a photo can cause changes in the file structure.

It can even overwrite any other data present on the card. So, your attempt to rotate one picture can trouble with manipulating other pictures. So, you must let the download process to get completed before you begin to use the rotating and editing functions.


4. How Does Undelete Software Help In Recovering Damaged Memory Cards?

waterproof -Mistakes Which Lead To SD Cards Data Loss

Memory cards get mostly formatted by mistake. These cards become corrupted when they are improperly ejected. This makes them unreadable.

Fortunately, recovering your pictures from memory cards whether the photo got deleted or the card got damaged/ formatted is easy with file recovery software like R-Photo.



DSLR users that wish to protect their data in the best way should learn the right way to use SD cards. When used properly, memory cards offer photographers with fabulous storage capacity without any extra cost or weight.

So, these are the key mistakes that you need to avoid when dealing with memory cards for DSLR devices.

Images: Pixabay