Top 45+ Most Watched Hollywood Movies! – How Many Have You Seen?

After all, there are most watched movie lists. Lots and lots of others. So many lists, you couldn’t list them all. This list is from IMDB, these are the films we still argue over, quote endlessly and return to again and again.

Whether you agree with their choices or not, there’s lots to enjoy on these pages.


Five medical students, hoping to gain insight into the mystery of what lies beyond the confines of life, embark on a daring and dangerous experiment. By stopping their hearts for short periods of time, each triggers a near-death experience. As the investigation becomes more and more perilous, they are forced to confront the sins of their pasts, as well as contend with the paranormal consequences of trespassing to the other side. Purchase Here…

Movie Review :  A fright-free fiasco. This update of a silly 1990 Julia Roberts thriller is even more witless and stupefyingly dull than the original. Flatliners isn’t a total washout. After watching endless, repetitive scenes of actors simulating death, sleepy audiences will experience a nerve-deadening helplessness very close to coma. At least it ends the agony of listening to flatliners preach about the need to forgive ourselves. Note to the makers of this film: you’re unforgiven. ~ Rolling Stone  

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