Why You Need Enterprise Email Security And Hosting To Protect Your Company

Avoid signing-in to your net-banking account via mailers

September 25th, 2018   |   Updated on October 2nd, 2018

A virus or malware enters into a business system via emails, that the most common source for the attacker’s to send malware programs to corrupt the system.

Before you understand the need to have Email Security in 2018, you must know the repercussions of malware.

Unlike any system virus, a malware attacks the integrity of your business; Risking the company of its intellectual property, reputation, productivity, and money.

Still Read Snail Mail

In the USA alone, a data breach through malware cost an average $6.5 million, and there are 250,000 variants of malware detected on a daily basis.

These statistics alone are indicative of the impending need for enterprise email security and relative measures needed in this area.

Why do you need to secure your emails?

Google Beefing Up Gmail’s Security

Malware is software’s that are designed to cause damage to your business, big or small. The threat to business depends on the type of malware like Spyware, Trojan horses, Worms, Phishing, Ransomware or viruses.

It was recently when the news of a Ransomware the Worst 2018 Enterprise Hacks was threatening global businesses. Access to business data was denied unless the demand for a certain sum of money was met. And when the culprits got their money only then did, they removed the restriction.

The sole cause of all these troubles is unprotected emails. Most of these malwares are sent using an email to the enterprise and when an attachment or link in the given email is opened the malware attacks the system.

Only the right methods for Data security and secure enterprise email can protect the business, and this is why the need for reliable measures are a must.

How can enterprise email protection be achieved using hosting?

Avoid signing-in to your net-banking account via mailers

Hosting has come out to be a great proactive measure towards enterprises email security. Hosting uses cloud services to store your email data.

All such data of the enterprise are securely stored over cloud storage space separate from businesses hardware or other software storages.

Any enterprises emails can be linked to the cloud using hosting services provided by a third party, or the business can lease its own cloud space. Hosting is an excellent way of protecting enterprise data, securing its integrity against malware.

Using hosting services and enterprise email security gateway following can be achieved:

  1.    Hosting provides a very secure channel and a protected gateway to store enterprise data like emails.
  2.    It provides enough storage space to conducts day to day business functions smoothly.
  3.    Very high-security firewalls and other secure channels to protect data from malware.
  4.    Since Data is stored remotely, chances of malware reaching to business systems are rare.
  5.    Provided secure connectivity and mobility and tons of other benefits to business management.
  6.    Aesthetically designed to allow collaboration, sharing and working on the data by multiple users at the same time.

Well, in light of the facts mentioned above, the threat of malwares to corrupt the business data through email breach continues to linger until every business organization works towards building a defense enterprise email strategy and provide a secure work environment that authenticates and secures data and the business.