How To Create An Effective Promotion Strategy On YouTube, To Attract New Subscribers

Promotion Strategy On YouTube

May 14th, 2022   |   Updated on May 19th, 2022

Social networking has become our most beloved pastime today. However, it’s not only about leisure; platforms are performing many other functions too. You can communicate with friends and make new acquaintances, show your talents to the world, and run an online business.

Why You Should Use Youtube To Promote Your Business

If your variant of spending time online is advertising your brand or service, then YouTube is a perfect place for you. Being the most popular video-hosting platform in the world, it is a breeding ground for all kinds of promotions and advertising. Here’s top reasons why YT is the best platform for marketing:

  • It’s really huge – 2.6B of users are registered on the platform and actively use it.
  • You can target a specific audience and country. But it’s also an opportunity to reach an audience worldwide.
  • There are many helpful analytical tools you can take advantage of.
  • You can receive priceless feedback from potential and real customers by reading their comments in the specific section.
  • There’s room for your creativity in making videos!
  • You can advertise your other social networks via YT.
  • If you optimize your SEO, you will rank better in search engines.

But there’s one challenge that may keep you from starting your promotion way – a huge level of competition. Thousands of videos are posted every day. How to stand out from them? Look at our best tips to find a suitable strategy!

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How To Create An Effective Promotion Strategy On YouTube?

There is no magic formula that will make you popular in one second. But there are some hints and methods that you can apply to succeed. All of them are tried and true, so read thoroughly, and later, you’ll see that they work!

Research Your Target Audience

Finding the right audience is the key to success. If you fail to find and address your potential follower and customer base, your promotion won’t work out at all. How to do it?

First of all, you need to define who is not your target audience. You should determine it by relying on gender, age, and location characteristics. Then, with the help of analytical tools, you will define who your target audience is. With this method, you will boost your engagement and sales in no time.

Find The Right Keywords, Titles, And Descriptions

As we mentioned previously, optimizing SEO metrics is a key to search engine success. The most important ones are keywords, titles, and descriptions. Let’s consider each one in detail:

Keywords. What do you need them for? When people are looking for something, they write specific words to find the needed information. Your task is to find the keywords relatable to your channel content and business as a whole.

This Way, You Will Range Better On Yt And Even Google.

Titles. A good title is also very effective in terms of SEO. Firstly, an ideal title contains the needed keywords. Secondly, it should interest your potential audience. So make sure that each title for your video is both SEO-effective, intriguing, and informative.

Descriptions These are pieces of information you put under your videos so that viewers can have a short introduction to your content. Your task is to make sure that your synopsis is effective in terms of SEO as well.

It will serve you in two ways: helping the potential viewers to find your video and urging them to watch it in order to find out more information.

Create Engaging Content

This is a golden rule for any social media promotion. If the content is king, then good content is God. People are very demanding these days. It is not enough just to post something.

These should be interesting and high-quality videos to engage your audience and retain it. Your products and services should be presented in such a way that people think that they can’t leave without them. Literally.

Use Effective Calls To Action

Calls to action is an important method that helps to increase engagement and grow a following on any social media. These are specific phrases that urge people to take some action.

Here is a list of good calls to action:

  • Subscribe to our channel to find out more
  • Like this video if you find *something* relatable or if you agree with the ideas
  • Share this video with your friends if you find it useful

Try some of these calls, and you will see that people really listen to you! Of course, if your content is good enough.

Monitor Your Results

Again, it’s all about analytics. Never ignore this aspect. Monitoring results will help you to improve yourself and see what you are doing right or wrong. You can track your audience activity, see what videos they like more, what engages them, or vice versa, averse from your channel.

Observe Your Competitors

Just as you do a market search, you should look at your competitors’ results on YouTube. Let’s presume that you are an interior designer, who seeks to promote their service on YT. What can you do in this case?

Google the top channels in your industry and visit them. Watch a couple of videos and take notes. What do you like/dislike about their content? Also, read their customers’ feedback, you will definitely get some useful insights.

Post Consistently

Last but not least – staying consistent is critical when you want to promote yourself on YouTube. If you post too little, your audience will forget about you. In this highly competitive environment, it is vital to remind yourself all the time.

However, there is a slippery slope here – if you post too many videos each day, people may get bored with your content and brand. The best thing you can do in this case is upload great videos 2-3 times a week. This way, your audience will really wait for them!


One way or another, YouTube is a perfect platform for promotion. Even though it’s not easy to run it effectively in the shortest amount of time, it’s still worth trying. Just focus on the process, not the immediate result, and success will come your way!