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35 APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes That Will Inspire You For Life

APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes

June 29th, 2017   |   Updated on March 1st, 2024

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.

He left the young India some amazing quotes and thoughts. Late APJ Abdul Kalam continues to inspire us even after he is gone. He never really is gone.

Here are 35 amazing quotes made by Dr APJ on life, success and dreams.

1. My Hair Grows And Grows; You Cannot Stop It – That Fellow Grows, It Grows Wild.

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2. The Bay Of Bengal Is Hit Frequently By Cyclones. The Months Of November And May, In Particular, Are Dangerous In This Regard.

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3. We Must Think And Act Like A Nation Of A Billion People And Not Like That Of A Million People. Dream, Dream, Dream!

apj abdul kalam quotes


4. Dream, Dream,dream Dream Transforms In To Thoughts.and Thoughts Result In Action

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5. Nations Consist Of People. And With Their Effort, A Nation Can Accomplish All It Could Ever Want.

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6. You Have To Dream Before Your Dreams Can Come True.

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7. To Succeed In Your Mission, You Must Have Single-minded Devotion To Your Goal.

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8. Look At The Sky. We Are Not Alone. The Whole Universe Is Friendly To Us And Conspires Only To Give The Best To Those Who Dream And Work.

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9. Great Dreams Of Great Dreamers Are Always Transcended.

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10. To Succeed In Your Mission, You Must Have Single-minded Devotion To Your Goal.

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11. Excellence Is A Continuous Process And Not An Accident.

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12. Educationists Should Build The Capacities Of The Spirit Of Inquiry, Creativity, Entrepreneurial And Moral Leadership Among Students And Become Their Role Model.

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13. Those Who Cannot Work With Their Hearts Achieve But A Hollow, Half-hearted Success That Breeds Bitterness All Around.

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14. Creativity Is The Key To Success In The Future, And Primary Education Is Where Teachers Can Bring Creativity In Children At That Level.

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15. We Should Not Give Up And We Should Not Allow The Problem To Defeat Us.

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16. One Of The Very Important Characteristics Of A Student Is To Question. Let The Students Ask Questions.

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17. The Bird Is Powered By Its Own Life And By Its Motivation.

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18. You See, God Helps Only People Who Work Hard. That Principle Is Very Clear.

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19. Climbing To The Top Demands Strength, Whether It Is To The Top Of Mount Everest Or To The Top Of Your Career.

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20. War Is Never A Lasting Solution For Any Problem.

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21. We Should Remember That There Are Nations Which Meet More Than 30 To 60% Of Their Power Requirements Through The Nuclear Power System.

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22. Life Is A Difficult Game. You Can Win It Only By Retaining Your Birthright To Be A Person.

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23. If  We Are Not Free, No One Will Respect Us.

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24. Let Us Sacrifice Our Today So That Our Children Can Have A Better Tomorrow.

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25. Man Needs His Difficulties Because They Are Necessary To Enjoy Success.

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26. Excellence Is A Continuous Process And Not An Accident.

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27. While Children Are Struggling To Be Unique, The World Around Them Is Trying All Means To Make Them Look Like Everybody Else.

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28. Do We Not Realize That Self Respect Comes With Self Reliance?

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29. My View Is That At A Younger Age Your Optimism Is More And You Have More Imagination Etc. You Have Less Bias.

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30. A Teacher Should Have A Creative Mind.

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31. Building Capacity Dissolves Differences. It Irons Out Inequalities.

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32. For Me, There Is No Such Thing As A Negative Experience.

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33. The Government, Whether State Or Central, Is Elected. That Means We Have A Responsibility To Elect The Right Kind Of Leaders.

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34. I Was Willing To Accept What I Couldn’t Change.

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35. No Sanction Can Stand Against Ignited Minds.

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