How To Use Lightning Detector And Data To Protect Against Harsh Weather Conditions

real time lightning

February 1st, 2018   |   Updated on March 7th, 2018

It is critical that you know how you should go about protecting yourself against harsh weather conditions and the danger they bring with them. Whether you are a business owner and have the responsibility of protecting teams outside the location, or you’re just a concerned citizen, having a weather safety plan in place is critical.

There are several ways you can go about protecting yourself and your business when dangers weather is at the forefront. Take a look at some of the options to help you stay updated and how lightning detectors can help.

Lightning Can Strike Early

Some people have the mind frame that lightning only strikes when the storm has arrived. That is not true. It can start to strike before the dark clouds and rain arrive. That’s why it is important to have real time lightning data on hand with a monitoring system like the one Earth Networks provides.

If you have an outdoor business location, run a fair, or have events outside, it is vital that you’re getting real-time information on where the lightning is at. This can mean the difference in someone’s life when it comes to dealing with the dangerous cloud to ground lightning conditions.

Monitoring Systems In Place

Working with a company such as Earth Networks, you can have live lightning detector monitors in place to make sure your clients and employees are safe. This will give you a warning of up to 50% faster than other systems so your weather safety protocols can be put into place.

Monitoring the weather is simple when you have access to the detectors on a mobile device and a full team of weather experts behind you.

You have a responsibility as a business owner to make sure everyone under your care is safe. Lightning detectors can help you do that by securing your employees and clients in a safe location.