Three Methods You Can Use To Recover Lost Contacts From Your iPhone

May 7th, 2018   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2018

How to recover my contacts deleted on iPhone? How can I recover the lost contacts in my iPhone damaged by water? Is it possible to backup my contacts on the computer? Read this post and find the answer.

Loss of data including contacts is a common problem commonly faced by most iPhone users. This article will try to help you to solve this classic problem.

There are at least three methods that can be done to phone data recovery software. These three methods are highly recommended because they can address almost any situation that may occur. They are:

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1. Restore contacts stored without backup

recover lost contacts from your iPhone

This is the first method recommended. To perform this method we need a special application designed for it. Our experience teaches that drfone is the best. Install the program into your computer and run it. You’ll see a window like the one shown below.

Previously you would need to connect your iPhone device with a computer. Click ‘Contacts’ and once you find the saved contacts, choose which contacts you want to recover. This method is effective as long as you still have contacts stored in your device (but not displayed for a reason).

2. Restore contacts from iTunes

recover lost contacts from your iPhone_1

This is the second method we will discuss. You may have iTunes backups therefore, restoring your saved contacts is possible. You can run this method in two ways; restore all contacts or restore them selectively. If you do not have much time to select, the first way can be done but if you do not need only part of contact, the second way is more recommended.

The first way can be run with: Run iTunes, go to <iTunes <Preferences … <Devices.

The second way is run by running the drfone program. You will see a window like below:

To note, with drfone you only need a few seconds to complete the scanning process. Once the process is complete, you just tick off every contact you want. The final step is to click ‘Recover’. All recovered contacts can be stored in these formats: .csv, .html and .xlsx.

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3. Restore contacts from iCloud backups

recover lost contacts from your iPhone_2

iCloud has proven to be a very effective data storage medium, completely eliminating the functionality of conventional storage. If you have contacts stored in iCloud backup then you are lucky. You can recover them in two ways like you did with iTunes; restoring the contacts as a whole and restoring them selectively to your liking. To restore them as a whole you need to delete all the data stored in your iPhone. The trick is: “Settings” <“General” <“Reset” <“Erase All Content and Settings”.

After data is deleted, you can proceed with: “Set up your device” <“iCloud Sign In” <“Choose backup”. This method is less recommended as it is too excessive to recover some contacts only.

The second way is more recommended since it is very efficient. You just need to restore the contacts you want. First you need to sign in to your iCloud. Run the program and select ‘Recover from iCloud Backup File’ on the left side of the window as shown below:

Select ‘Contacts’ and you will see the contacts that can be recovered. Choose those you really need by checking each one of them. The exported contacts can be stored in several of these formats; .csv, .xlsx and .html.

These are the three methods that can be used to ios data recovery. We recognize that everyone has their own needs and the choice of methods can be different. One definite application help, in this case drfone, is quite important.

You can also try out this iPhone transfer software to 1-click back up your iPhone contacts in case of data loss.