How To Recover Shift + Delete Deleted Data By Using iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

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December 25th, 2018   |   Updated on December 27th, 2018

Sometimes, you think that you don’t need certain data anymore so you decide to delete it. Even, you want to delete it permanently from your PC or computer by using shift + delete command.

The worse thing, you also think that it is unnecessary to create a backup until one day you need the data back! Is there anything you can do to recover the deleted data? Luckily, there is iSkysoft data recovery software now.

This is a software which helps to recover deleted or lost data including deleted data caused by shift + delete command. So, how iSkysoft data recovery software works to handle this problem?


1. The Thing You Should Know about iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

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The thing you need to know is the iSkysoft data recovery software is developed to handle any deleted or lost data caused by a variety of issues. One of the issues is deleted or lost data because the PC or computer owners are using shift + delete to remove the data permanently from the devices.

It is a serious problem because it means you can’t recover the data back by using ordinary ways. The only solution you can use is by applying data recovery software. The iSkysof data recovery software helps to recover any data caused by viruses, Recycle Bin system, accidentally deleted data, lost partition, and many others.


2. The Way To Recover Deleted Data Caused by Shift + Delete

So, what do you have to if you want to recover the lost data because you have removed it by using shift + delete? There are several simple steps you can do to get the data back along with iSkysoft data recovery software.


3. Download The Free or Premium Data Recovery Software

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Since you want to use the iSkysoft data recovery software to take the lost data, it means you need to have the software on your PC or computer. You just need to go to the official website to download the software. You can choose to take the trial first by downloading the free software or use it maximally by using the premium software.


4. Define The Cause Of Deleted or Lost Data

If you have the data recovery software, you have to launch it first. This is the time where you have to define the cause of why the data is lost or deleted. It is an important step since the software is able to recover the data caused by a variety of issues.

Because you are deleting the data with shift + delete it means you have to select the Recycle Bin recovery option. You can select a different option for a different problem or click the all-around recovery option if you don’t know the exact cause.


5. Define The Location

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Besides defining the cause of the deleted or lost data, you also need to define the location of the data. In this case, you don’t need to get confused because the location is on the Recycle Bin. If it is not, you just need to define the location by selecting one of the disks stated on the option.

The list of the disk is followed by information about the storage space. The sign that you have selected the disk is that there is a green round check on the left side. Don’t forget to click the start button to continue the next step.


6. Wait For The Scanning Process

Now, the data recovery software is scanning the disk you have chosen before. You don’t need to worry because the scanning process is fast due to the technology installed on the software. You just need to wait a few minutes until the scanning process is done. During the scanning process, you will see the list of deleted data which you have removed with shift + delete. It is better not to do anything until the scanning is 100% complete.


7. Preview The Data

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In this step, you have the list of the deleted data you are looking for. But the process is not done yet. You still have to recover it first to get the data back. Before that, take a look at the data one by one. Just make sure that all the deleted data are scanned.

This is also the time for you to pick the most important data you want to recover to limit the time instead of recovering all of them. Indeed, you can still recover all the deleted data. The preview is supported by the detail including the size, format, created date, and modified date.


8. Recover The Data

When you are sure that the software got the data, click the recover button. Let the software recover the deleted data for a few minutes. That’s it! The data is back even if you have used shift + delete to remove the data from the PC or computer permanently.


9. Another Function

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iSkysoft is not only designed for PC or computer because it is also able to recover data from computer and any storage device including Android and iPhone. You just need to use iSkysoft toolbox and you can recover data from computer and any storage device.

Summary: This article explains how to recover shift + delete deleted data by using iSkysoft data recovery software.