Top 15 Recruiting Software Tools Of 2019


March 7th, 2019   |   Updated on July 31st, 2020

Technology has expanded its foothold and there is not even one single field which has been left untouched by its potential. HR so far had always been considered as a redundant field where any kind of updates takes a long time to get implemented.

However, times are definitely changing and recruiting software is slowly making a deep impact on the way HR operates. This has definitely led to many startups offering recruiting software to make the purpose of finding talent extremely easy.

No longer is it difficult for an HR professional to scour around websites trying to find out places from where they can find employees which suit their requirements.

Most of the recruiting software’s can be divided into multiple categories. While some act as job boards others offer the facility to assess the candidates on the basis of certain required parameters.

Apart from that, there are software’s which make it easy for you to trace the status of each applicant and match them to the needs that you have posted along with the location.

Video interviewing and discussions has become a common facet of HR professional’s interaction with the candidates and there is quite a few recruiting software which help you do just that.

To help you decide which recruiting software to trust we bring together a list of top recruiting software which is ruling the HR field. The basis of your need and scope you can choose those which you feel are suitable. Most of them have been divided as per the task and easy to demarcate.


1. SmashFly


SmashFly’s platform combines CRM, career site, events and analytics solutions to create a smarter, seamless experience for talent – and your team.

Your team needs to work smarter, not harder. With SmashFly’s Smart CRM, your team can discover, match and nurture candidates based on skills, behavior and fit.

People build relationships with brands, not jobs. Tell your story and create demand for your roles with tailored, valuable experiences – on and off your career site, across devices.

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Review: G2Crowd

What Do You Like Best?

The ease of use with the platform has been amazing. The Talent Acquisition team finds it extremely easy to post a job on various jobs sites. The reporting feature is great for all team members as it lets them know how a particular post is performing. The training of the system was very clear and concise.

What Do You Dislike?

The system has gone down a couple of times which has caused some frustrations with the team and applicants.

Recommendations To Others Considering The Product

Ensure you take as many of the training sessions as you can. You can purchase service credits for training. I wish we had purchased more, simply to use as refreshers when needed.

What Business Problems Are You Solving With The Product? What Benefits Have You Realized?

We were experiencing some candidate drop off during the initial engagement. Smashfly sends an automatic email to the applicant within 72 hours reminding them to apply. We are also experiencing tremendous benefits of engaging the Talent Network in more emails, events to attract them to the company and keep them excited about working for us.

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2. Avature


Avature helps identify, attract, hire, develop and retain talented people, define their culture, and ensure that their companies have the human capital to meet their strategic objectives.

Avature has a decade of experience helping companies drive their digital transformation. Expertise that helps forward-thinking managers and IT professionals to cast away legacy software and quickly deploy innovative solutions that support built-in agility and cutting-edge practices.

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Review: Software Advice

Avature ATS is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that can be configured for recruitment firms to manage candidate’s information, training and staffing.

Avature ATS’s Interview scheduling feature helps recruiters to manage workflow by scheduling tasks using the calendar. The feature allows hiring managers to book time slots and share interview details with the respective candidates through email. Recruiters can schedule interviews with hiring managers and candidates from within the user interface, as well as conduct online candidate screenings and assessments.

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3. Beamery


Beamery is Candidate Relationship software for companies that are proactive about engaging the best talent, and don’t just rely on applications.

Build relationships with passive candidates ahead of business demand, reduce hiring cycles and create a single source of truth for all your hiring data.

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Review: Producthunt

Pros: Nothing of note

Cons: Beamery is one of the most inefficient tools out there for recruiters to track and manage communication with prospective candidates.

Aside from having no integration with Linkedin, the design is very limited and not intuitive. As a recruiter, you could spend hours just trying to track a few candidates in a system with multiple repetitive steps. It’s an awful software system that isn’t ready for market.

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4. Jibe


Jibe is used in  building the recruiting platform that offers the world’s leading companies the tools they need to attract and hire the most in-demand talent, and remain committed to reimagining the way organizations build relationships with the talent that will shape the future.

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Review: Capterra

Great company to work with. Very accomodating and forward-thinking.

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5. Talemetry


Talemetry is the winner of two coveted Gold Awards from the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards for Best Advance in Recruitment Marketing Technology and Best Advance in Mobile Talent Acquisition Technology.

Talemetry combines the leading enterprise-grade recruitment marketing platform with cutting-edge tools, training and support to make recruitment organizations and recruitment professionals successful.

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Review: G2Crowd

What Do You Like Best?

Great for CRM with employment marketing. Easy to use. Can be configured for just about any recruiter to useto use.

What Do You Dislike?

The pricing is based on open reqs and not by seat

What Business Problems Are You Solving With The Product? What Benefits Have You Realized?

Needed a CRM for the organization

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6. Bullhorn


Bullhorn is the global leader in CRM and operations software for the recruitment industry. More than 8,000 recruitment companies rely on Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to drive sales, build relationships, and power their recruitment processes from end to end. Headquartered in Boston, with offices around the world, Bullhorn is founder-led and employs more than 700 people globally.

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Review: SoftwareAdvice

Bullhorn is a cloud-based applicant tracking and customer relationship management solution for small and midsize recruiting and staffing agencies. It offers email integrations, social media integration, reporting tools, mobile recruiting and passive activity tracking, and helps businesses manage contacts, track candidates, post job openings and fill open positions.

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7. SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors Put people at the heart of your HR transformation – and improve the employee experience – with SAP SuccessFactors. This industry-leading cloud human capital management (HCM) suite uses the latest technologies to help you win the war for top talent, connect people to a purpose, and drive results across your business.

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Review: PCMag

Pros: Ideal for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Helpful setup wizards and video tutorials. Fast-growing companies can migrate to the enterprise-level offering.

Cons: Doesn’t offer add-ons that competitors do. More expensive than comparable small business human resources (HR) software.

Bottom Line: SAP SuccessFactors is an excellent, small business-oriented entry into HR software. It has strong expansion capabilities and is good at performance management.

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8. iCIMS


In a tight labor market, you need the right candidate engagement strategies and tools to build effective talent pools for filling future positions quickly. Automation, configuration and personalization are required to efficiently source and engage passive candidates in order to maximize your recruiting investments.

Recruiting is more competitive and complex than ever before, and the pressure to deliver is tremendous. iCIMS’ enterprise recruiting solutions help you support the needs of your team in order to move your business forward.

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Review: Software Advice

The iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform provides cloud-based software that enables users to manage the candidate lifecycle.

The TextRecruit module is a mobile engagement platform with text messaging, live chat and natural language processing. The iCIMS Connect module enables candidate relationship management, pipeline management and provides a candidate-facing communication tool. The iCIMS Recruit module allows users to view the hiring pipeline from a single dashboard. Users can also automate job board postings, connect with job seekers through Google applications and set workflows to move candidates through the hiring process.

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9. SmartRecruiters


Move beyond applicant tracking systems with recruiting software designed for the modern workforce. SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite provides everything you need to attract, select, and hire great talent.

  • Get to know the industry’s first and only native AI-powered recruiting service.
  • Organizations are favoring standalone talent acquisition suites.
  • Hiring the best personal trainers for every fitness club.

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Review: TrustRadius

I use SmartRecruiter as a freelancer to hire candidates for a specific job I want done. At some point I get hired by companies to run this software and help them in hiring applicants and managing users too. The way it integrates with Google Calendar is amazing as it gives us notifications on when the set interview is available and on which day for preparations on both the candidates and the hiring managers.

Pros and Cons

SmartRecruiter has a great support in customer care team who are available to provide support on any issues that arises.

  • It has a clean user interface and is easy to navigate.
  • It has great features that provide a smooth workflow when hiring applicants.
  • It has some bugs which makes it slow when managing a large number of employees at the same time.
  • Likelihood to Recommend

It well suited for freelancers who always have a lot of workload and would like to assign work to different people depending on their skills. It becomes easy to assign jobs using SmartRecruiter, and it will enable one to choose the right applicant for each work posted.

Usability For Hiring Managers

Collaboration improves between the recruiter and the hiring team. Recruiters are able to create their own company career website using SmartRecruiter as it has features such as the drag and drop interface for adding images and texts.

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10. Breezy HR

 Breezy HR

Building a great team is hard. Using a hiring tool shouldn’t be. Breezy gives you & your team the power to build & optimize your hiring process, whatever the size.

Get actionable insight into every facet of your recruiting process so you can improve your process and make better, more informed hiring decisions in less time.

Get a bird’s eye view of your candidate pipeline our visual drop & drop interface. Customize pipelines for different roles, automate communication, tasks, scheduling and follow-ups.

Create the perfect job description once and advertise it on over 50 job boards with a single click. Choose from dozens of premium boards to attract harder to reach candidate.

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Review: TrustRadius

Use Cases and Deployment Scope

Breezy HR really helps simplify the onboarding process of hires for our owners. Breezy HR makes it possible to complete the entire interview process online with online messaging, electronic contracts, and live video interviews. Our owners use Breezy HR to hire employees and it gives our owners a nice back-end system to use for the entire process rather than relying on going to multiple Craigslist and Indeed ads.

Pros and Cons

Breezy HR really simplifies the entire hiring and onboarding process. It’s great to be able to manage everything from a single dashboard.

It easily allows to conduct interviews remotely with its video system. This is great for making hires in a different state or if you are just out of town temporarily.

It’s easy to track the hiring process and see what steps still need to be completed by you or the potential hire to move to the next step in the timeline.

One of the biggest issues we’ve had is a limited contract space. Breezy HR allows use to upload a contract in the system so you don’t also have to use a third-party like DocuSign. Which is great, however, it only allows one contract. This can make it difficult if you want to hire for different positions within the company. But, other than that, the system is great.

Likelihood to Recommend

Breezy HR is great for small to medium-sized businesses that don’t want to spend a lot of time managing the recruitment process. With its drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy for anyone to use and learn the system. If you are looking to hire for a lot of different positions that each need their own recruitment process and contracts, then Breezy HR may not be the right choice for you. However, it is priced well and easy to use.

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11. Workable


Workable is flexible, global, easy-to-use hiring software. Available on desktop and mobile, and with 24/7 support worldwide, it’s the modern way to hire.

Workable is trusted by over 6000 companies to streamline their recruiting. With its intuitive interface,
Workable helps hiring teams through every step of the process.

Accelerate your hiring process by replacing spreadsheets and emails with Workable’s all-in-one recruiting software. From your laptop or an app on your phone, speed up hiring and reduce cost-per-hire.

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Review: Capterra

Comments: It’s a good company and a good platform that is easy to use. If you are looking for a more cost effective option and are okay with losing some of the features you would get with a bigger ATS, Workable is a good choice. They do focus on rolling out new features and I am excited to see what happens next with them.

Pros: Very easy to use system, and the interfaces are intuitive for admins, users, and applicants. Each job goes out to 12 free job boards and candidates find it very easy to apply. Also allows candidates to apply with LinkedIn. Tracking of candidates through each job process is very easy with the “Bins” that peoples can flow through. Email templates, interview templates help keep the process simple and effective. Workable allows for each integration with HRIS, screening tools, and other interfaces.

Cons: Not much customization available depending on the price point you are willing to pay. More of an out-of-box software and does not allow the flexibility you would see with some other bigger ATS’s.

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12. Workday


Workday is helping enterprises around the world solve their biggest challenges.

“The data is in one place. It’s accurate. It’s timely. It’s super easy to use. People love it because it takes all complication out of their day.”

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Review: indeed

Workday is a fun company to begin with. The core workday products are truly a top notch tech product. However the business technology has incompetent management and managers who promote discrimination, harassment and most importantly encourage withholding information. If a project has red flags instead of going to the drawing board and mitigating they try to stick to the timeline and deliver a poor quality. No culture and respect for human beings and only who lack competency at all levels can survive at business technology. One of the most incompetent CIO with no vision and a decision maker based on emotions.


13. HireHive

HireHive is recruiting software that helps you find and hire the best candidates for your company. Connect HireHive with your website and post jobs automatically to job boards or to your social channels.

Interview and assess the best candidates for your jobs and create a database of candidates for future requirements. If you need more flexibility, you can customise and create your own careers site and use our API to fully integrate your jobs on your website.

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Review: Capterra


During the 14 days free trial I was amazed at the number of applicants we had to apply. We had our first hire before we’d even decided to use HireHive as our full-time ATS. Now that we use it everyday, it’s become essential to our business. I find it intuitive to use and the job integration on our website is seamless. Its functionality has grown with our business. Every time we’ve thought of a feature that would be helpful we were pleased to see it was already available or that it was under construction, soon to be ready with the next update. Customer service is excellent.


I wish there was a quick search feature / look up that allowed us to see ‘new’ applicants – regardless of the job they’ve applied for. I’d like to be able to see who newly applied to various jobs overnight.

I’d also like a checkbox – a flexible ‘to do list’ – attached to each candidate to help track applicants progress through the screening, interviewing and hiring process. Something with reminders that nudges you to follow up or even nudges the candidate to follow up.


It’s been great. The team at HireHive has been so accommodating and supportive. They have taught us so much about how to attract and hire great candidates. I can strongly recommend HireHive to any business, regardless of the size or sector to try HireHive’s free trial today. It will transform how you hire!

14. JobAdder


JobAdder is a CRM and ATS in one and is well known for its range of mobile apps that let you access the platform from any device.

Experience a better way of managing police checks, online document signing, psychometric testing, reference checks, timesheets, payroll, email marketing and much more.

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Review: Software Advice

JobAdder is a cloud-based recruitment management platform for staffing agencies and in-house corporate hiring teams. The solution can be accessed using a web browser on any internet-enabled device.

JobAdder allows recruiters to manage job orders, match applications to jobs and track candidates’ progress. Users can post job ads to a variety of job boards and social media websites. The tool records candidates’ performance and manages candidate communication via email, phone and SMS. The solution also offers task management features to schedule, manage and prioritize tasks and set task completion reminders.


15. Lever


Considered one of the top recruiting tools, Lever has features such as one-click sourcing, two-way email sync, and @-mentions that you will not find in many of their competitors.

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Review: Capterra


This is a pro and a con – When processing a candidate for a role, it’s good to be able to have visibility of what stages they’re at with other roles they’ve applied to. But then it becomes a bit annoying when trying to process them for one role, but having to either decline or progress them for any other roles they’ve applied for, even if they aren’t your roles.


I like the way Lever processes candidates (pipeline). It’s straightforward to use. – Great visibility of candidate notes. – It’s fast at updating across the system, good synchronisation. – I like the way the feedback works between Outlook/hiring managers email. – New interview feature to show if hiring managers have accepted their interview invitations. – We like that it integrates with DocuSign and Outlook, and the chrome extension for LinkedIn. – It’s cloud-based so we can log in from anywhere.


We can’t use bullet points in Offer forms because they don’t format correctly in the final contract. – Formatting of job description (can’t do bullet points) – It’s challenging for hiring managers to find the ‘approve’ button when offer approval emails come through (it’s at the bottom of the email and then it’s not clear when they open the candidate’s profile. – Could have more use of colour coding.