4 Situations Where Remote Access Saves The Day

Remote Access Saves The Day_1

December 27th, 2018   |   Updated on December 31st, 2018

Computer technology is wonderful – until it doesn’t work. Then what? You throw your whole bag of troubleshooting tricks at the problem, but the machine still refuses to cooperate. The thought of packing up your device and going to see a computer repairman is depressing: you know how much time and money it’s going to cost you.

But no need to despair. This is just the sort of situation for which remote administration and remote desktop software were designed. Remote access software offers numerous powerful features that often enables a quick, effective fix to a nagging computer issue.

Here are 4 situations where remote desktop software can come to the rescue like a tech-world “superhero:”

1. Quickly Overcome Glitches


When Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems suddenly fail and you get “stuck”, unable to complete a desired task, you don’t have to always choose between relying on your own resources and losing the day by visiting or calling in an IT expert. The IT expert can “come” to you virtually instead of physically and be no less effective at fixing the bug.

Remote IT support services can quickly connect to your computer and (with your permission of course) take control of it. It’s basically the same principle that hackers operate on, but this time it’s to fix problems instead of cause them.

The expert can chat with you throughout the process, take screenshots of your computer in order to see what you’re seeing, and diagnose and fix the problem from a distance. On the other hand, if you invest in some remote access software, you can do the same for your non-tech-savvy friends or for your employees if you run a small business.


2. Get New Software Fast

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Sometimes, the problem you’re experiencing with your computer turns out to be for the lack of the right software or the need for a software patch or update. Remote IT support can transfer any software you need to your device.

If you need only one or two small apps or if you need a whole “new desktop,” either way, it can be handled remotely at your convenience.

It may be your automatic updates and downloads have failed, without your knowledge, and are stopping you from tackling your daily tasks. Many people rely on computers, apps, and software programs to work from home and can’t go a day without them. Using remote support can solve a problem in minutes instead of hours or days.


3. Allow Repairs While You’re Away

Remote Access Saves The Day

With the right remote access software and support team, you can have your computer woes taken care of while you’re not even present at your device. Even if your device is in sleep mode or shut down, remote administration tools can be used to wake it up or power it up.

For businesses, this kind of software system can be used to fix problems with remote employees’ devices at any time regardless of their availability. For individuals, you can set it up so you first have to give permission to the system administrator before any changes can be made on your device.


4. Forgot Your Computer At Home

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Let’s say you have just finished an amazingly impressive powerpoint presentation which you will show off at work today. Alas, just before “show time” you realize you’ve left your laptop at home. With remote access software, you can connect to your device long distance and still do the presentation.

Or, if you need to work on a still unfinished project or transfer files from a remote device to one you have with you, remote desktop can handle those tasks as well.

For small business owners, work-at-home entrepreneurs, and anyone else for whom constant access to their device and immediate IT support for it are important, investing in remote desktop software or connecting to a remote IT support service makes a world of sense.