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When The Right Time Is To Say, ‘I Love You’

Right Time Is To Say I Love You

July 28th, 2017   |   Updated on March 2nd, 2024

The three little words that apparently have a huge meaning, I. Love. You. So how do you know when the right time is to say it? Saying ‘I love you‘ can make or break a relationship. How soon is too soon? And do you really love someone?

They’re the three most significant words in the English language. Deliver them at the right time to the right person and the first time they’re said out loud calls for celebration. On the contrary, blurt them out at the wrong time to the wrong person, and it proves to be the ultimate embarrassment.

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Timing is everything. Say ‘I love you’ too soon and you not only look desperate, you instantly lose power and dignity.

say i love you

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Leave it too late and you risk missing that magic moment which could launch you both onto the next relationship stage. So how do you judge when it’s appropriate to let the cat out of the bag and someone into your heart?

i love you i know

Only you can truly answer that one, but these are some things you might like to think about:

  • Make sure you both speak the same language
  • Wait until you’re absolutely bursting
  • You don’t love someone after three dates
  • You don’t really love someone after three months

Some men are suggesting the appropriate timing to say the three little words that apparently have a huge meaning, I. Love. You.

10 Men Give Their Advice On When The Right Time Is To Say, ‘I Love You’

1. There’s no ‘right’ time.

the time i loved you

I say it when I am in love with them. You just know. There’s no it happens after 3 months 5 days and 2 hours or anything, it just happens when it happens.


2. You can’t not say it.

to say i love you

When it hurts not to.


3. It’s not sudden, it takes time.

i love you to

Only when I absolutely mean it. If I tell a woman I love her, I’m not fucking around. It wasn’t sudden, there was a long process of me spending time with her and caring for her more and more until I loved her. Once you know, however you figure it out, you just know.


4. It’s okay if they don’t say it back right away.

you know i love you

I said it when I felt it. She didn’t say it for two or three weeks later.


5. Say it when you feel it.

i want to say i love you

When it happens it happens. As soon as I realise it, I’ll say it. That could be a month in, it could be 4 months in. Really depends. I’m terrible at explaining the underlying reasons for it though.

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6. It’s like a volcanic eruption.

i loved you first

When it builds up inside you so much that the words erupt out of your mouth. Like a volcano.


7. Don’t say it too often.

say love

Rarely. That’s some powerful shit. People say it all the time and diminish it’s power. When I say it, I mean it, and she knows it. She’d like to hear it more often, but I’ll hold some of that back. I think that makes me an ass, but that’s the way I feel.


8. Say it when you know she’ll say it back.

saying i love you first

After she says it first. I’d like to say ‘I say it when I feel it because I’m so secure in myself’Nah, I say it when I know it won’t backfire.


9. When you want to say it every time you look at her.

too soon to say i love you

When it’s the first thing I want to say every time I look at her. That’s when I knew. With my current girlfriend it happened after a couple months, which is definitely the quickest I’ve ever said it. But a year later and we still couldn’t be happier.


10. When you reach the point where you’d do anything to make them happy.

when's the right time to say i love you

When you think about them, care about them and you’d do most anything to make them happy, you’ll know.

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This is tough. I appreciate the idea of, “Say it when you feel it,” but it really isn’t that simple. Saying those words may push away a partner who is not ready. Read more here… Michael Ricker

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You are ready to say it when you are ready for the phrase to NOT be returned. I don’t love a person because they confess their love to me, I love her for who she IS. So if she doesn’t say it back, I’m perfectly happy that I’ve expressed and been heard, and if she does say it back, I’m ecstatic. Read more here… David Svoboda

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