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10 Romantic Bollywood Dialogues That Don’t Mean What You Think They Do

Romantic Bollywood Dialogues

January 18th, 2019   |   Updated on March 21st, 2020

Bollywood is a religion in India. People follow the lives of their favourite stars as if they are god’s blessing in disguise.

It is this craziness of movie buffs which allows the filmmakers to play around with the psyche of such gullible individuals.

Love which has so far been flaunted many times in Bollywood has led to creation of such silly dialogues which if thought upon would leave you shell shocked.

Let’s have a look at 10 such romantic Bollywood dialogues which are actually total nonsense.

1. “Hum Ek Baar Jeete Hain, Ek Baar Marte Hain, Shaadi Bhi Ek Baar Hoti Hain… Aur Pyaar Bhi Ek Baar Hi Hota Hai.”

Someone needs to remind this guy that he himself has already fallen in love twice in the movie. He might be actually insane to mouth a dialogue which is totally irrelevant in today’s times.

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2. “Pyaar Dosti Hai. Agar Woh Meri Sab Se Achchi Dost Nahin Ban Sakti, To Main Usse Kabhi Pyar Kar Hi Nahi Sakta.”

One minute he is saying this in the class and in the next he is proposing to a girl who has just joined the college two days back. Talk about maintaining double standards and showing them off too.

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3. “Jab Koi Pyaar Mein Hota Hai Toh Koi Sahi Galat Nahi Hota.”

This dialogue from Jab we met actually is trying to justify that you can stalk, harass and force a girl to say yes to you just because you feel you are in love with her. In present day environment this does not seem right at all.

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4. “Kahin Naa Kahin, Koi Naa Koi Mere Liye Banaya Gaya Hai.”

Another piece of crap coming from the Yash Chopra banner. Keep waiting maybe when you are way past your prime you might find the love of your life. Because supposedly he would come looking out for you.

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5. “Agar Woh Mujhse Pyaar Karti Hai Toh Paltegi.”

I mean like what if she doesn’t or does turn but she is not in love with you. How can this be a guarantee of someone’s feelings for you leaves us flabbergasted.

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6. “Main Tumhe Bhool Jaon Yeh Ho Nahi Sakta… Aur Tum Mujhe Bhool Jao Yeh Main Hone Nahi Doonga.”

This man is actually trying to justify poking a nose into the life of his ex -girlfriend by mouthing a dialogue like this. Is it even fair to do so in the times that we are living in?

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7. “Mohabbat Ka Naam Aaj Bhi Mohabbat Hai, Yeh Na Kabhi Badli Hai Aur Na Kabhi Badlegi.”

It’s a no brainer dialogue which actually has no relevance to the actual content. Coming in a film like DDLJ which is an iconic love story it seriously lets you down.

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8. “Tumhare Jaisi Ladkiyan Flirting Ke Liye Nahi, Ishq Ke Liye Bani Hai.”

Categorizing girls in this manner is very shoddy thinking. Means that other girls should not be taken seriously as they are not in the falling in love category.

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9. “Sachchi Mohabbat Zindagi Mein Sirf Ek Baar Hoti Hai… Aur Jab Hoti Hai… Toh Koi Bhagwan Yah Khuda Usse Nakamyab Nahi Hone Deta.”

If this holds true then probably there would not be any broken marriages or heartbreaks affecting any. But since this is not happening the above also sounds like some crap.

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10. “Mujhe Yakeen Hai Ki Mein Sirf Isliye Janma Hoon Ki Tumse Pyar Kar Sakun. Tum Sirf Isliye, Ki Ek Din Meri Ban Jaaon.”

Let the whole world collapse or better still die we both are made for each other and would remain so. Talk about literally occupying all the thoughts and ideas of the person who has fallen in love with you.

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