Scary Board Games – Get Ready For A Spine Chilling Experience

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January 27th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

The history of board games dates back to ancient times and during those times, it was played in almost every societies and cultures. But it was mainly famous in Egypt and even the first game named Jiroft Civilization belongs to Egypt and some of them came from Persia 5000 years ago.

Now are you thinking whether board games could be scary or not? These days the game designers are trying to render a scary experience indoors. The game design is of utmost importance; the talented designers try to create a spine chilling ambiance during gameplay.

A lot of teenagers take a special interest in these games during the Halloween season. It’s that time of the year when scary kinds of stuff and horrifying things are common and fun. We, humans, love to take thrill in terror scenes.


What Is A Board Game?

Scary Witches Door Decoration

It is basically a tabletop game that has pieces or counters placed on a board that is pre-marked. The game has a set of rules and the board is arranged accordingly and majority games are based on hardcore strategy. Some games also have ‘chance elements’ without any skill and some are purely based on skill.

While playing these games, the players mainly proceed with a goal in mind and he aims to achieve that. Modern board games are based on defeating the opponent relying on points and position. These are various types of board games and sometimes there are no themes at all like the Cluedo and Chinese Checker.

The time needed to master the game varies from one game to another, the more you play the more you can overcome complexities. These games can be played really well when you can visualize the scenario really well. Among many other themes, scary is one of them and this is why scary board games exist.


Horror Board Games

So, when horror is so interesting then why take interest in playing drab board games? Start with those creepy ones and you will start having an affinity towards scary board games. If you are not playing these, you are wasting time.

Playing board games must be fast-paced and addictive, something that is absolutely brainstorming. The sense of fear and dread will keep on haunting you at the back of the mind and if this happens you can term it as a good board game. These games have challenges, hurdles, you must feel contended after playing and it must be spooky enough.


The Top Scary Board Games

Scary Treasure Hunt

The internet now captures ghosts and zombies, gives you a chance to shiver when you are relaxing at home. Now, you need to gather all your guts to play, to keep on and to be the winner of the game. Now, here is a list of the best scary board games:

1. Mansions of madness
2. Mysterium
3. Betrayal at House on the Hill
4. Dead of Winter – A crossroad game
5. Ghost Stories
6. Zombicide Season
7. Arkham Horror
8. Fury of Dracula
9. The Others

All of these games are so interesting that they can hook players, all games are of very high quality, very challenging and are also decision making. The length of the game depends, sometimes it’s short and at times long.

The Board Game Market

The board game market is smaller than the video game market but with each passing year, board games have made significant development and the market value kept on increasing and now these are very famous and people are very much willing to purchase. Again these days more and more gamers are taking interest in horror board games.


There are so many board games from the premium game designers and these are mainly review websites that offer details of the top scary board games, you can take a look at the features the games offer, each and every detail of the game, vivid description and also the pricing.

There are websites that have been designed with a mission of helping the users to choose the best board game among so many of them. A horror theme game that does not ignite much fear is useless therefore it’s important to research and then subscribe.

The world of gaming has now reached great heights, for the ones who desire to experience spookiness; there is a lot on your plate. Are you up for a scary game tonight?