Top SEO Services Help You From Using Bad Backlinks That Are Detrimental To Your Business


October 2nd, 2018   |   Updated on May 22nd, 2019

In the event, that you are a business owner, then you must already know that to get maximum success for your business, it is vital that you have a business website that is up and running. However, by merely having a business website, you will not be able to get any success.

It is vital that you should also try and make your business website easily visible to people. This can be done by doing a proper search engine optimization. One of the most effective tactics of search engine optimization is getting backlinks.

However, you must be careful that you do not use bad backlinks. You must know how to identify backlinks that are suitable for your business. In this article, you will learn why you should avoid using bad backlinks and how you must do it.

When Do Bad Backlinks Come Into The Play?


There are plenty of business owners who use different backlinks on their websites. In times of urgency, some business owners are forced to use many backlinks from different not trustworthy and unreliable sources with their posts on their business web pages.

These business owners tend to feel that it is the quantity of the links which is more important that the quality of the links. However, this is misguiding for you. It is true that backlinks are vital in providing your website with more organic traffic.

However, it is also crucial that you take the links from reputed sites in your field. If you use links from unreliable sources than you will be promoting web sources which are not trustworthy.

This will result in you getting wholly banned from all search engines as a form of penalty.


How Can Good Backlinks Be Useful?


The good backlinks are useful as these can make your business website look to be more reliable. While bad backlinks degrade your business website’s quality, good backlinks will provide credibility.

Bad backlinks will be creating a horrible impression on the visitors who do not like your content. As a result of this, people will stop coming to your page and visiting your website entirely. Besides this, the bad pots will also be consuming a lot of your bandwidth.

This will result in making your server become slower with time. It can also result in getting your content stolen away and can also make the server extremely vulnerable. You should have to ensure that this does not happen.

The bad bots will all tend to be following the directions given by the Robot.txt file in the websites. This text file shall be containing many different bots.

You can quickly identify these bots also by cross-checking them with the user agent field. By using the text file, you will be able to block plenty of traffic from many bad websites, and you can also deny them from getting any access to your individual directories.

Thus, as a result, you will be able to stop the access of different pages of your business website by the “Hum” bot with the robot text file by doing this

User-agent: HumBot

Disallow :/

However, the bad bots shall always try to come and crawl inside your web pages. It is vital that you identify them first and then block them all.

You can identify these bad bots by doing the following:

You will have to create one text file that will be able to write down the different logs in your server. You must save this file in your CGI-Directory.

You should then provide the much-needed permissions for executing that specific text file. After this, you should start the browser up again and then come to this page.

You can then read the User Agent Strings in your browser, with the IP addresses and the referred pages. By doing this, you will be able to notice the exact server time that took to process the request.

If you see the time taken is more than expected, then you know that there is bot traffic and you can quickly identify them again from the process mentioned above.


Option 1:

Using a .htaccess is also a good option. A .htaccess can be used to block bad bots, provided that you are using an Apache HTTP server.

When you find certain Bad bots using a specific User-Agent string continuously, it will be easy to block these bots based only on that specific string:

SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent “^ Wget” bad_user

SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent “^ Riddler” bad_user

Lastly, you need to deny the env = bad_user

If you are looking to get the top SEO services in Houston, then it is vital that you do a thorough search on the internet and find the best SEO companies in your local area.

By following some easy and essential tactics, you will be able to find a good SEO company and do a proper optimization of your business website.


So What Must You Do?

It is commonly known and accepted that it is vital to get as many backlinks as possible for getting more success for your business website.

Backlinks are an essential force in helping you more and more organic traffic. However, you must also look to get the links from sources which are credible, reliable and trustworthy. You should try to get links from websites which have a good reputation.



The search engines shall always analyze the backlinks which you have. If these websites are found to be of a fraudulent nature, then you will have your rankings for your business website get depleted and considerably degraded. You can also find your business website get banned completely.

These will be extremely detrimental and will make your business suffer. Thus you need to avoid this from happening at all cost.

Hopefully, the information which has been mentioned in the article shall be helpful to you. You will be able to block all bad bots from getting any traffic on your website and instead use only the best links instead.