How Software Development Has Changed Over The Last 10 Years

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November 2nd, 2018   |   Updated on January 17th, 2023

A long journey starts with a single step. This is quite relatable in software development. There has been a gradual but consistent change in the way technology is working nowadays.

Most of the software created a few years ago have a very little comparison to their modern concepts. Modern software is not only interactive but also vividly secure, easy to learn and utilize.

In this case, we are witnesses to the fact that technology has moved a notch higher. Software developers have open source projects where they outsource what is needed to create an IT-product. Still, on these platforms, they can sell or share their software for public consumption.

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At the same time, software speeds and utilization has also improved significantly in comparison to how it was a few years ago. In today’s world, customer needs are put first as creation and development processes continue.

From this insight, software development has undergone immense changes over the last couple of years. Let’s look at some major transformations.

1. Popularity in Android-based and Apple-based software


About twenty years ago, the thought of mobile phones as we know them today was extremely far-fetched. Phones weren’t smart in anyway.

They were simply dial-pads and did little more than making a call and send a text. How is the scene today? It is a totally different story altogether.

These days, phones that run on the Android operating system or the iOS for iPhones are way too common. Why? Because they can support a large array of software.

In addition, they are affordable and available on demand. In addition, applications created to run on phones so offer solutions to the problems the users have.

For example, a mobile phone user can easily buy or sell products using a mobile app, request a ride to wherever the user wants, borrow money, choose a restaurant, among others.

This development of mobile phones has also given people a possibility to access games from mobile apps.

There are popular games like Candy Crush and others that can be installed to the phone at any time. This app development has changed the way people perceive things. As has been observed, mobile app consumption is likely to grow more rapidly in the next few years.


2. Cloud computing

India is one of only three countries that makes supercomputers

The era when people used to store their data and files on their hard drives and SD cards is fast changing.

Cloud computing services are taking over. People are storing as well as accessing their data and programs by use of the internet. Cloud computing is a field that is in great demand.

The safety of your files is very important; cloud computing provides security to data and files. The presence of a software that powers the applications of cloud storage that has been developed by cloud computing developers has made them more popular. Among them are GitHub, OneDrive and Amazon Web Services.


3. Evolvement of the Windows operating system

Windows have been the most user-friendly operating system ever. This operating system launched by Microsoft has dominated the market for a long time nowadays. With various changes in its technology, the most popular OS has enabled easier work solutions.


4. Sprouting of Chromebooks and tablets

Google Pixelbook Chrome OS Laptop

A decade ago, there were many computers which were low-powered, portable, affordable and easily accessible to people all over the world: the netbooks.

Over time, the netbooks caused many frustrations because they performed poorly. For this reason, the developers had to provide a way out.

Chromebooks and tablets were born. These devices are cheap and portable, a characteristic that has made them very popular over the world.


5. Growth and development of tech-based startups

One of the changes that have immensely changed the software development world is the emergence of startups that respond to the various needs in society.

Today, there are more collaborations as well as funding and exchange programs that facilitate the growth of software developments.

Whereas this was an area left for huge corporations with enough dollars to pay the best engineers, now the platform has shifted, and projects are being made from very unlikely places.

Think of social media apps such as Facebook founded in a college dormitory. This has been replicated over and over, affirming the changing landscape in software development.


6. Virtual Networking and outsourcing

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The situation today is so different, that individuals, large, medium and even small businesses outsource software development apps to people they only meet virtually over the web.

At outsourcing platforms, people get an income through custom software development, giving advice and guidance in one way or the other. These are, of course, fruits of the hard work, that has made software creation easier.



Software developers are constantly looking for what is missing on the market and they rush to fill out that gap. This made it possible to access most of the things that could not be accessed a few years ago. This became a driving force for software development all over the world.

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