How To Solve Problems In Relations Without Ending With Your Boyfriend

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Published on November 23rd, 2018

Fights and problems in relationships are things that every couple faces. But instead of cutting that person out of your life, you can make the relationship work. No one enters into a new relationship thinking that separation is a possibility. No woman enters into a new relationship thinking she’ll break up with him.

You’re super excited to have this incredible new man in your life. He is fun, funny, cute, smart and kisses very well. You and your hormones are basically on fire 24 hours a day and you just want to know how to spend every moment awake with it.

Life is perfect and it seems that nothing and no one is able to ruin this happiness and romance. And to note, giving quotes for him can help your relationship.

Boyfriend watching frustrated girlfriend on sofa

Finally (you think) you found love!

So … something happens.

A small risk on the surface of your relationship.

You ignore this detail, thinking it will pass, but it keeps bugging you … and the problem gets bigger. Soon you do not believe what happened to you and your boyfriend.

How did you get to that point?

Relationship problems are part of any union. But you do not have to let things fall apart completely. You really can change things for the better!

Keep reading to find out how to solve relationship problems with your boyfriend without having to break up with him. The following points are the core of law attraction.

1. Think Broadly. Have Perspective.

Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Yes, you are angry at your boyfriend because he has betrayed you … or he has thought of betraying … or he is making you feel bad emotionally for a long time. Maybe it was you who did the same thing and your boyfriend is in crisis with it. Whatever the problem, you have to put things in perspective.

This is absolutely necessary. If you focus on what’s right in front of you, you may miss the opportunity for a long-term relationship, and if you really like him and he really likes you, ending the relationship would be a great pity. What is more important: being right and being stubborn, or staying together with him?


2. Blame The Two For The Problem.

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Of course, people always say that you should never play the game of guilt when it comes to relationship issues. They think that if you blame the other person, you will only make her angry and hurt more than she already is. However, you must actually blame yourself … and your boyfriend too.

If you can blame the two for the situation that has come, this will help you sort things out. This is because you will be on the battlefield in a balanced way.

If you thought or risked staying with another man because your boyfriend is not paying much attention to you or is not talking about the most serious emotional issues you want, you know you should have talked to him about what’s going on in your head there long time.


3. Search for New Normal.

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Obviously, you want things to change so that you two can continue to have that happy life you had before. You do not want to separate. But to achieve this and solve the relationship problems without finishing, you need to have a new normal. Things are not going to be the way it was before, either for better or for worse.

There are no reasons to be. The two went through some difficulties and that changed the two, just like any other experience in life. If your normal means committing to it even more – ex: move in together or move apartment if you already live together, or aim to try new things as a couple – then this is great for solving problems.


4. Talk To A Professional If It’s Necessary.

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Honestly, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help to resolve conflicts between couples. After all, it is your relationship that is at stake here.

If you truly believe that you and your boyfriend were meant to be together for the rest of your life, and that conflict is only a small detail on the journey to marriage, then why not? Talk to a therapist to find out what went wrong in the relationship and how to make things better.

It is very likely that you will be happy to have taken this action, and you will both receive extremely useful tools and advice. The investment of time and money is worth it. We recommend you to take online spiritual advice.


5. Discover The Root Of The Problem.

Long Distance Relationships Quotes

Kissing and fucking after a fight does not mean that the problem in the relationship has been resolved. You can not put Band-aid on the problem and promise never to make the mistake again. You also can not expect to move on and pretend nothing has happened.

Well, technically you can do that … but you’re going to spin and end up in the same place you are now. And that probably (or rather, for sure) is not what you want. If you can figure out the root of the problem in your relationship with your boyfriend, you will be able to solve it. It may be something that you or your boyfriend need to strive to improve.


6. Close The Debate.

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You may want to move on as fast as you can, but even with the two willing to solve problems, you still need to end the debate. This may mean discussing the problem to the point of exhaustion, until you two are completely comfortable with the idea of ​​working on the relationship.

This may mean proving to him that you are working on solving the problem, even when the whole conversation seems extremely draining. If the wound is too deep, you can even take a trip to the beach together, to have a good time and to create good memories and to return to the new phase of the relationship.


7. Reaffirm His Commitment to Him

Maintain Long-Distance Relationship

It’s likely you’re both very unsure of the relationship right now. Yes, you two have agreed to be together and you know that your relationship is stronger because of all the suffering you have gone through. But are you confident you can make it work from now on? To solve your unfinished relationship problems, you need to reaffirm your commitment to him.

Your boyfriend also needs to reaffirm that commitment. You can perhaps schedule a super romantic night (and much more special than usual) or make the promise to stay together forever, but you must reaffirm the commitment in a way that you feel is right.


8. Have More Compassion.


When you first meet someone, you have more compassion for the person because that’s how you learned to be. You know that everyone is fighting a difficult battle, and that you should not judge before you know the whole story. Unfortunately, the more you date a person, the more you have her as something guaranteed. You forget how special the person is to you, you do not celebrate the good little things in the relationship, and it gets easier and easier to get angry with them.

When you are doing your best to let love win and solve all the problems in the relationship, you need to have more compassion for your partner. Give him more space and time to breathe and stop all the complaints and criticisms. It does not matter if it came a little late … or if he’s very undecided about which movie to watch on Netflix after a long day at work. These things are not going to be relevant in a month or a year.


9. Do not Expect Everything to Be Perfect.

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The last secret to solving your unfinished relationship problems is to stop thinking that things have to be perfect. You already know that life and love are not at all perfect. This is already obvious enough that you and your boyfriend have all this difficulty.

Let him be who he is, give yourself a break and things will be better than before because your expectations will get more in line with reality. There is always the possibility he will be the perfect husband.

After all, love is the energy that moves the world, and you do not have to give it up because things are not 100% perfect all the time.