Top Tips For Finding Support As A Student Nurse

Finding Support As A Student Nurse

Published on October 22nd, 2022

You may have always dreamed of becoming a nurse, or perhaps you have realized that this is your true calling at a later stage in life.

No matter when you have decided to pursue a nursing career, this can still be an exciting next chapter that you might be keen to start.

Although studying to be a nurse can be very interesting and a great experience in a lot of ways, it can also come with a lot of pressure and challenges that may be overwhelming at times.

This is why it’s important to make sure you have the right support in place as a student nurse, and below are some tips on how you can find this.

1. Reach Out to Friends and Family

It might be hard to admit when you’re struggling with the people you love sometimes, but it’s important to remember that they will be there for you and it’s OK, to be honest with them.

It’s much better to get things off your chest if you are feeling stressed out or anxious about anything, and your friends and relatives might be able to offer you useful advice or simply act as a sounding board so you can vent your frustrations.

They might also be able to provide some fun distractions from the things that are bothering you so that you can blow off some steam in a healthy way.

2. Make the Most of the College Mental Health Team

Most colleges and educational establishments do have mental health services in place for their students. This could be things like group therapy sessions, one-to-one therapy, or assistance in finding more long-term help if necessary.

If you are finding that the pressures of studying at nursing school at getting a bit too heavy for you, then do make the most of these services. It could help you see things from a different perspective and even give you the chance to learn healthier coping mechanisms moving forward.

3. Seek Nursing Mentorships

You might also want to consider getting involved in mentorship schemes as a student nurse, as this can be greatly beneficial for your professional growth.

Your mentor can give you personalized feedback on your performance, as well as other tips and advice on how to thrive in your nursing career and survive your nursing degree.

They may also be able to give you references for future job applications or perhaps even let you know when career opportunities might become available at their place of work. Read more about nursing mentors at Texas Woman’s University.

4. Join a Study Group

Sometimes studying solo can be easier than with other people, but don’t underestimate the power of a good study group when you’re getting your nursing degree.

These groups will not only help you get to grips with the more challenging modules throughout your degree, but it’s also a great chance to make new friends.

If you are looking for ways to make getting through your nursing degree easier, consider the suggestions above so that you can find all the important support you need during this time.

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